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How To Offer Laser Coaching - With Rob Goyette

succeed through speaking tom bailey Nov 03, 2021

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Rob Goyette.

Rob Goyette has been supporting leaders in the coaching space since 2007. He is the creator of the celebrated Fast Revenue Coaching model which coaches and clients love due to the way it's offered and delivered. When Rob first created this model, he used it to get over 50 clients who signed up with him without strategy sessions, while paying a year in advance. In this interview with me, Rob will show you how you can use his 15-minute laser coaching model in your business.

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Tom Bailey  00:07

Hello, and welcome to Succeed Through Speaking. The place for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost business results. Hello, I'm Tom Bailey. And in today's episode, I'll be getting to know Rob Boyd, who is the creator of the celebrated fast revenue coaching model, and has been supporting leaders in the coaching space since 2007. So Rob, hello, and a very warm welcome to today's episode. Thanks, Tom.

Rob Goyette  00:41

It's great to be here.

Tom Bailey  00:42

Awesome. Thank you and just out of interest for the guest, both me and the listeners whereabouts in the world are you right now? 

Rob Goyette  00:48

Yeah, I live on the island of Puerto Rico. It's a US territory. So we spend US dollars here, although the primary language is Spanish, and I don't speak Spanish. So that 

Tom Bailey  01:00

awesome. Thanks for sharing that. And I want to share a little bit more about you before we do get started. So when Rob first created the first revenue coaching model, he used it to get over 50 clients who signed up to work with him without strategy sessions, while paying a year in advance. In this interview with me, Rob will show you how you can use his 15 minute laser coaching model in your business as well. And the title of today's episode is how to offer laser coaching. And Rob is gonna show us how to do it in just seven minutes. So question one today is Who are your ideal clients? 

Rob Goyette  01:35

Yeah, my ideal clients are coaches. 

Tom Bailey  01:39

Fantastic, nice and concise. I love it. And what would you say is typically the biggest challenge that these coaches will face? 

Rob Goyette  01:45

Yeah, the biggest challenge oftentimes is getting clients. And that's why the fast revenue coaching model is so cool, because it's very attractive to clients. And it's also very attracted to coaches, the way all the numbers work, the coaches end up earning about $500 per hour, or offering what clients love, which is unlimited 15 minute laser coaching calls with 

Tom Bailey  02:07

Coach. I love it. And I guess for those coaches that are struggling to get clients who haven't got this model, what impact might that have on either them or their business? Yeah, well, 

Rob Goyette  02:19

the cool thing about it is, it really is a no brainer for clients to sign up for this type of laser coaching. What sells anything is the combination of trust and an irresistible offer. So if people trust us as a person, and then us as the coach who can get them the results they want, then all they need is an irresistible offer to say yes to. And the laser coaching is packaged up at 997 US dollars per year, which works out to less than $84 a month, which is an irresistible price point to clients. 

Tom Bailey  02:52

I love that. And just one quick question on the back of that, then would this work for any coach in any industry or a specific type of coach? 

Rob Goyette  03:00

The only coaches I can think of where it might not work would be sports coaches. Usually they're volunteering or hired by a school or something. But no, but for life coaching, business coaching, EFT, coaching, Relationship Coaching. Yeah, it works in all these niches and more.

Tom Bailey  03:17

But I love it. And for anybody listening that wants to think about getting started, what's that one valuable piece of advice that you might give to them to really help them move forward with this? 

Rob Goyette  03:27

Yeah, so like I mentioned, trust, and an irresistible offer is what sells anything. So if you the coach are very clear on how you get clients results, and you can connect with a prospect and establish that trust and rapport, then it's really just a matter of them hearing your irresistible offer. And again, the way the laser coaching is packaged up, it's $997 for a full year of unlimited 15 minute calls with you. There is a homework rule to keep in mind. And that's that the client must do the homework before they can schedule their next call. What's interesting is the average client has only about seven or eight calls, which results in the coach earning about $500 an hour for their time. 

Tom Bailey  04:09

Incredible. Love it. And would you normally have an overlaid online learning platform with this coaching already just specifically be that one to one coaching relationship, 

Rob Goyette  04:19

just a one to one on one to one coaching, it can be done through zoom, what I like to do is record those calls and then upload them to YouTube as an unlisted video for the client. So the client feels extra value when they can receive a copy of their calls after after each session 

Tom Bailey  04:35

right out of it. And what would you say is one valuable resource that you can offer people today to help them figure out or get started? 

Rob Goyette  04:42

sure I've got a free report that goes into much more detail than we have time to cover in these seven minutes. And that can be found at fast revenue 

Tom Bailey  04:53

right past revenue coaching. com I'll put that link into the show notes to be able to click on that and you can download that report straight way. So, obviously I mentioned that you've been in this space since 2007. So during that time, what would you say is one of your greatest either learnings, mistakes or failures that you've made either in life or business? And what did you learn from it? 

Rob Goyette  05:15

Sure, I guess to stay focused on the laser coaching topic, I could say that when I first offered the coaching, I didn't know what I was doing, right? I, I sort of built the aeroplane as as we were taking off. But one thing I did is, is I reached out to existing clients and past clients and said, Hey, because you've done business with me, instead of 997, you can get a year of coaching with me for 497. And I don't know I consider that something I should have done differently because they would have gladly paid the 997. So, so charging even less than the 997. Maybe we call that a mistake, because it sells really, really well when the clients can connect the dots and see that it's less than $84 a month for a year of unlimited coaching.


Tom Bailey  05:59

Yeah, absolutely. And they'll probably value it more with a higher price point as well. So it's a great transition. And the last question for me today is, what is the one question that I should have asked you today that will also bring some great value to our audience?


Rob Goyette  06:12

Sure, we're with respect to laser coaching, you might think, oh, Rob, you got 50 clients in one year, but that's only $50,000. And you know, that doesn't sound like you're getting rich off of being a laser coach. The cool thing is, is when when a laser coaching client when they hire you, and they work with you, and then they only have their seven or eight sessions on average, you can actually follow up with them and say, Hey, it looks like you're not using the coaching as much as we thought you would. So Tom, what if we took the $997 you spent with me and we apply it toward a higher end programme. That way, it's like you've got the laser coaching for free. And so by upselling, this way, the client loves it because they see $1,000 discount on your higher end programme. And if they get to save face that they didn't use the laser coaching as much as they thought they would, and they got it for free. And I've sold hundreds of 1000s of dollars of higher end programmes from laser coaching clients upgrading.


Tom Bailey  07:07

I love it. Rob, thank you so much for that final piece of advice and everything else you've shared today. Really appreciate you, I think such a value to our audience.


Rob Goyette  07:15

Awesome. Thanks, Tom. I appreciate you having me on.