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How To Use Fitness And Nutrition As Force Multipliers In Your Business And Life - With Nate Palmer

succeed through speaking tom bailey Nov 08, 2021

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Nate Palmer.

Nate is a fitness and nutrition expert, coach, speaker, and writer who believes that being in incredible shape gives a massive advantage in business, focus, and relationships.

He also happens to be a dad, husband, and the #1 bestselling author of The Million Dollar Body Method and Passport Fitness. Nate helps business owners and entrepreneurs improve their physique, finances, and family time using fitness and nutrition as force multipliers.

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Tom Bailey  00:07

Hello and welcome to succeed through speaking the place for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost business results Hello, I'm Tom Bailey and in today's episode, I'll be getting to know Nate Palmer who is a fitness and nutrition expert, coach, speaker and writer. And he helps business owners and entrepreneurs to improve their physic finances and family time using fitness and nutrition as force multipliers. So Nate Hello, and a very warm welcome to today's episode.

Nate Palmer  00:46

Tom, thank you so much. I'm super glad to be here.

Tom Bailey  00:48

Awesome. Appreciate it. And for all of our listeners, whereabouts in the world are you right now.

Nate Palmer  00:53

I'm calling you from Tempe, Arizona.

Tom Bailey  00:56

fantastic and amazing part of the world. I'm sure never been um, but it sounds good to me. So thank you so much again, for coming along, I want to share one last thing about you before we did get started. So Nate also happens to be a dad and a husband and the number one best selling author of the million dollar body method, and passport fitness. And he believes that being in incredible shape gives a massive advantage in business focus and in relationships. The title of today's episode is how to use fitness and nutrition as a force multipliers in your business and life. And that's gonna show us how to do that in just seven minutes. So question one today for you is who are your ideal clients that you typically work with.

Nate Palmer  01:41

So I generally refer with entrepreneurs, business owners and busy dads. And the reason that this is a great demographic is because that they understand the eye, the idea that focus can lead to amplification of all the other things that are important. Most people are not weirdos, they're not like, oh, my gosh, I love doing legs of the gym, I just can't wait to do squats. They're like, you know, like, I will do that if I absolutely have to. But I will skip the gym every single time to sign a new contract, get a new client, I'll skip the gym to be at my daughter's like dance recital or whatever else it is. So my ideal client is someone who actually has other things going on, doesn't love working out, I can show them how to eat in a way and train in a way that does not impact that like that timeframe, important stuff in their life. That actually adds to it amplifies. It

Tom Bailey  02:23

gives them more energy to use lies in their business, for example. 1%. So when you work with new clients, what would you say is the generic average biggest challenge that they all face?

Nate Palmer  02:35

Time management? Yep. And low energy probably. Because at the end of the day, like people are like, oh, I need to lose 2040 pounds, whatever that looks like I need to I'm like, I'm tired of the middle of the day, I'm getting a hunger. I'm getting hungry and tired at 10:30am at 2:30pm at 9pm. But it's not necessarily about like, oh, let's like let's make sure that you're eating enough of this or that or whatever else. And that's a part of it. But it's really like, Hey, how are we? How do we get your calendar dialed in, I want to get your time blocked off in a way that's going to serve you long term because I can tell like anyone can get great results here. Let me give you the secret. And we can spend the rest of the time to talk about whatever like you know, sports, whatever. Yeah, but if you want to eat tilapia and broccoli, every single day, for the next 30 days, you're going to lose weight, you're going to drop pounds, you're going to lose fat. But at the end of it, you're going to hate me. And you're going to want to eat a doughnut so bad. Yeah. So the the goal here is not necessarily just the weight loss, it's setting yourself up with a framework that builds a lifestyle that you actually love and enjoy. Because at the end the day if you can't sustain it, who gives a shit? I

Tom Bailey  03:34

completely, completely agree makes complete sense to me. And you mentioned those two things that time management and energy is the two biggest challenges. If someone is struggling in this, this this area, what impact might that have on either them or their business?

Nate Palmer  03:47

Well, if you don't, if you don't have good energy and focus, how can you show up fully for a client, you're always feeling scattered, if you're feeling resistance at every single step of the process, you're never going to be fully present for your family, for your clients, your kids, anything like that. So you're never gonna be operating at your full potential. So really what this is, is not necessarily some spectacular program where I'm going to turn you into a superhuman, I'm going to allow you to unlock your full potential by giving you the focus the energy, the mental acuity that you need, to be on, to be liked to be turned up to have the energy that you bring to the table and unlock your own superpower. You know, it's I don't know what that is. I'm not gonna necessarily make you a better podcast host. You know, but I can help you have the energy so that when you do show up as a podcast host, you're actually gonna crush it. Love

Tom Bailey  04:30

  1. Fantastic. So what is the one piece of advice that you might give to somebody that really wants a little bit of help in this area,

Nate Palmer  04:37

find a recipe, find a formula don't go don't go at it yourself. Don't start trying to put together pieces of keto and then carnivore and then I'm doing veganism here and I'm doing intermittent fasting. Don't put it together yourself. There's people who have done this before and your time is much better spent, like just implementing a proven system than trying to piecemeal something together. So go like if you if you're looking to implement prove your business. Go find someone who has the business that you want and learn from them. If you're looking to improve your fitness, go find someone as a fitness you want and learn from them. You know, and same with anything else shortcut the process. That's the that's the only true hack.

Tom Bailey  05:11

Absolutely. And for entrepreneurs, you know, they're always looking for those shortcuts and hacks. So yeah, great audience for you to be speaking to, which is our followers, which are all entrepreneurs. So what is the resource that you can offer to our audience to really help them solve this problem?

Nate Palmer  05:26

Two things. Number one, if you want to jump into what I consider the greatest Facebook community on the planet, and I may be a little biased in saying that it's a million dollar body community, it's where I put out all my free trainings, podcast, meal plans, diet, plans, exercise, everything, everything goes in there, because I want to take care of the community. And we all have a great time, it's very positive. So if you go to NH training systems, comm slash group, that'll get you there. We're currently running a five day sugar detox for free in that and then next, what we'll be doing is giving away free copies of my book. So if you want to check out the million dollar body method, and you don't want to buy it on Amazon, you can go to the group and join me there. And I'll just give you a copy. I do not care. And by the way, I feel like a lot of coaches will be like, Hey, here's my book, it's a glorified sales letter for you to work with me. Yeah, no, I give away everything in this book I give you all to you, because I don't care. All I want to do is impact more people, and have more people understand that, by using our fitness and nutrition to get better in our lives, we can give back in a bigger way we can make a bigger impact. And that's what's important. Not necessarily another couple dollars here, they're off to

Tom Bailey  06:29

incredible work, great attitude to have. So that's m eight training forward slash group. I'll put that into the show notes as well. So people can jump in and join that group straightaway. So on your journey, then Nate, what would you say is one of your greatest either failures, learnings or mistakes that you've made either in life or business? Or in fact, in nutrition? And what did you learn from it?

Nate Palmer  06:50

So I'll say this, that like kind of my failures seem to follow a common thread, which is doing stuff and not asking anyone if they want it. So I've had a lot of businesses that I built, started with a website called grab and go workout, which is I was put together and I spent 1000s of hours and dollars on this website. I was like on the iTunes of workouts. And you know what people were like, We don't want that. But I didn't bother to ask ahead of time. So I poured all this energy and time into a website that no, absolutely no one cared about. So that was You think that'd be a learning experience. But then I did it again, two more times. And without even asking people, Hey, do you want this thing. So that's why the million dollar Body program is just a different because I started working with a client who was a roofer here in Phoenix, and he came to me, he said, I got 40 pounds to lose, but I'm not going to exercise and I am going to eat out five times per week, and I am crushing to different energy drinks in the afternoon. Please help me with my energy. So we worked on a program we got him to like God gave him a framework, a recipe that gave him like the energy that he needed. He was like, amazing, I get home and I don't have to watch like 30 minutes of sports, sports TV, in order to like have a good relationship with my family. Afterwards, I get home, I can show up as the best dad possible. I'm like, that's incredible, bro. He goes, Oh, yeah. And I lost 22 pounds in two months.

Tom Bailey  08:01

Incredible. And that's the blueprint. That's the blueprint. That's the emperor of it. And thank you so much for that. And the last question for me today is what is the one question that I should have asked you today that will also bring some great value to our audience?

Nate Palmer  08:13

I think you should have asked me about how I get my beard to be so luxurious.

Tom Bailey  08:17

I'd love to know.

Nate Palmer  08:19

No, I think that like, a great question to ask is why what do you need to be doing exercise? Or did you need be doing nutrition? Or do you need to be doing both? Because for a lot of us, like a lot of us, we think that like okay, I need to get in shape, therefore I need to go running. And that's not necessarily true. In fact, a lot of people get great results with just focusing on the habits, the lifestyle and the nutrition piece. You're never going to have the muscle development and the athleticism and stuff like that if you don't train it all, but you don't need to be running in order to get great results. So if you can't commit to going to the gym, or to exercising or to doing some sort of thing like that, you can still succeed, you can still have everything that you want from your energy from your nutrition from the lean body that you're looking for the competence just by focusing on the habits, nutrition, lifestyle, the recipe.

Tom Bailey  09:05

Incredible night. Thank you so much again for your time today and for sharing such great value with our audience.

Nate Palmer  09:12

You're so welcome. Thanks for having me.