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How To Scale Your Business Exponentially - With Krishna Mohan

succeed through speaking tom bailey Oct 26, 2021

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Krishna Mohan.

Krishna Mohan is a Seasoned Executive, Speaker, #1 Best-selling Author, as seen on FOX TV and multiple media outlets. Krishna has deep grasp on the understanding of business through his extensive experience working in Manufacturing, Consumer Durables, Telecom, Information Technology, Energy and Data Center Industries. He is a highly successful Senior Business Leader who also has a background in, among many other things, Business Development, Sales Team Training and Management, Key Account Relationship Management and International Business.
Over the last 24 years he has helped 3 Fortune 500 companies and several start-up organizations focusing on Sales, Business Development and Finance. He has achieved definitive and long-term outcomes in Team Leadership, Information Technology, Data Center Consulting, Client Relations, Strategic Planning, Product Marketing, and Managing Key Account Relationships and has generated millions of dollars in annual profits.
His management style has been described as decisive and motivational, where success comes from a focused commitment to developing new business, cultivating relationships, training salespeople and creating growth strategies. He is involved in several acquisitions and mergers.
Krishna has a Master’s Degree in Marketing Management MMM, an MBA-International Business and an MS in Finance.
Krishna has won Global Visionary Award in 2020 and the Top 100 Tech Innovators & Influencers Award in 2021.
Krishna is an acclaimed speaker and regularly speaks in various corporate events, boot camps and management trainings.

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Tom Bailey  00:07

Hello and welcome to Succeed Through Speaking. The place for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost business results. Hello, I'm Tom Bailey and in today's episode I'll be getting to know Krishna Mohammed who is a seasoned executive, public speaker, number one best selling author, and has been featured on Fox TV as well as other media outlets. He's also won the global visionary award in 2020, and the top 100 tech innovators and influences in 2021. So Krishna, hello, and very warm. Welcome to

Krishna Mohan  00:49

today's episode. Very well, welcome to you as well, thank you so much for this opportunity to, you know, to speak with you a little bit. Thank you 

Tom Bailey  00:59

so much for being here and just have interest whereabouts are you in the world right now?

Krishna Mohan  01:04

Yeah, I'm actually from Washington, DC. You know, things are pretty optimistic over here. How about you our things over there?

Tom Bailey  01:13

Yeah. Excellent. All good. Here in the UK. Thanks so much for asking. And I want to share a little bit more about you before we did get started. So Krishna is a highly successful senior business leader, who also has a background in business development, sales, key account relationship management, and international business. And over the last 24 years, he has helped three fortune 500 companies and several staff organisations to generate millions of dollars in annual profits. The title for today's episode is how to scale your business exponentially. And Krishna is going to show us how to do that in just seven minutes. So question, one for you is nice and simple. Who are your ideal clients or businesses that

Krishna Mohan  01:55

you typically work with? My ideal clients are business owners. These are, you know, growth oriented companies. These are companies who are having some innovative technology or coming up with some great startup idea. And apart from that, we also have some solutions around large organisations, and we do consulting with them on various aspects. Yeah.

Tom Bailey  02:21

Fantastic. And I guess there's a large range of businesses here, but do you find this one typical biggest challenge that they all face?

Krishna Mohan  02:29

Well, I think most business owners constantly faced their growth challenge, basically, revenue is that quick key metric, right? Everybody's after revenues. And I think the second most important aspect, apart from that is, you know, funding and financing for the business. I think these are the two critical areas. We specialise on revenue growth strategies, and then help this business owners to accomplish those those revenue goals. Yeah,

Tom Bailey  02:58

yeah, absolutely important. And I guess, those businesses that are stagnated and struggling to grow their revenue, what does that typically have on either the business owner or in fact to business? Well,

Krishna Mohan  03:09

the impact is significant, right? So it's going to affect their operations, it's going to affect their infrastructure and other investments they would want to do, but they were unable to do because they really are, you know, cast it, you know, the cash flows are are the problem. And, and also, the other thing here is, most business owners are just focused only on the front end of the business, you know, so yeah, revenues are important, but at the same time, I would recommend a lot of this business owner to consider partnering with you know, in a complimentary products, you know, there are several ways to actually get to that revenue goal, need not always be a sale, sale is the end what end outcome right, but in the middle, in the meanwhile, we should start looking for strategic partnerships, you should start looking at great resources, who can become part of your company that can get you what you want, but in but you cannot wait until you make a certain, you know, revenue goal, then then look for this partners and then look for these great resources, I would suggest you should do all of these things simultaneously. Yes, there are other you know, financial, you know, challenges to invest in the business but but it is what it is that the you know, that's that's the nature of business growth. Everybody has to go through. Yeah,

Tom Bailey  04:38

fantastic. So, yes, advice then summary is, you know, it's not just sales and revenue, it's also other opportunities to generate finance, and avenues as well. Fantastic. So if somebody wants to find out more or they want to work with you, and do you have any go to resources or links that you can share today to get there. I

Krishna Mohan  04:56

think they could go to Genius business coach calm, yeah, I could download my books. So they had, you know, several strategies that they could readily implement in their business, you know, to get to their, you know, revenue goals, they can get ideas in terms of generating, you know, traffic. And they could get ideas towards certain versions, and they can get some more ideas in terms of how they can position, how they can come up with their market dominating position, and how they can craft their message. And all of these things are very important, you know, they can download the book and read through all this stuff. It's all out there on my website,

Tom Bailey  05:38

Greg says, genius business coach calm, and I'll put that link into the show notes, people can click on that, and they can dive right in and download that book. And then the next question, then, obviously, you've worked in lots of different industries. And over the time, what would you say is one of your greatest failures or mistakes that you've made? And what did you learn from

Krishna Mohan  05:55

it? Yeah, I mean, a week, we failed many times, not just one time, but I would say most recent, I would say just last couple years back, our ecommerce venture was a was a was a failure that I would say is one of the big one, I would say, just because we were way too optimistic in what we are doing. And so much focus towards investing in marketing, rather than organic growth. And just so you know, you're pumping a lot of money to all these short term conversion strategies. losing track on profitability, yes. Again, keeping an eye on the revenue. So you will do well on revenue, but you're not profitable. Yeah, because you're investing on marketing. Again, losing focus on organic growth. I think those are the two biggest mistakes, I think, which I can attribute towards that fiasco. salutely? Yeah. But then again, you know, we know how to come back. But, you know, we just switched our gifts and just stayed on track to what we are good at.

Tom Bailey  07:12

Yeah. And that organic growth is so important for that foundation of the business and after the investment runs out. So the last question from me today is what is one question that you think I should have asked you today maybe about business growth, that will add some great value to

Krishna Mohan  07:27

our audience? I think the most important question here is, what is your vision? Yes. What are you trying to accomplish? Right? What are you after? Everybody wants to make money? And that's okay, but you're in the business? Or to make money? that's also good. But what's your real vision? What are you really trying to build here? Right? Are you trying to build $100 million company in the next five years? Are you just trying to build a business just to you know, have a safe, secure income that can get you you know, financial freedom, and then get out of your nine to five job? Are you having this job so you can give back to your kids? Yes, you know, so if you have the that clamour Are you launching this so you could go to, you know, public in the next three years? Are you going to exit by selling this to a private equity firm? What is your plan? Yeah, that has everything to do with what you're going to do this year, and then that this quarter, and then then you would, you know, that's how you have to work on your plan. You don't work on your plan based on a this is a great product. You know, people are crushing it, they're making big money that I need to get into this and that that's not the way it's, it's the other way around.

Tom Bailey  08:47

Yeah, I love that. So have that North Star vision that you're heading towards that will drive everything else forward for you. So fantastic, great advice to end on. Krishna, thank you again so much for your time today and bringing such great value to our audience.

Krishna Mohan  08:59

Thanks so much. I'd appreciate this. Have a great day.