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How To Find Your Life Purpose - With Paul Davis

succeed through speaking tom bailey Oct 23, 2021

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Paul Davis.

Paul Davis is an intuitive personal advisor, an entrepreneur, a best-selling author, and an award-winning business growth consultant and speaker, and is exceptional at identifying what will bring individuals fulfilment and meaning, leading them to their life purpose, and growing their business.

Clients regularly refer to Paul as a “game-changer” and a "life-saver" when it comes to the insights that he shares with them, and the results they achieve.

Paul has worked with countless business leaders from around the world and across all industry sectors.

By combining his extensive experience as a business growth consultant with his innate intuitive gifts, he has empowered clients to achieve extraordinary results, both personally and professionally.

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Tom Bailey  00:07

Hello and welcome to Succeed Through Speaking. The place for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost business results. Hello, I'm Tom Bailey. And in today's episode, I'll be getting to know Paul Davis who is an intuitive personal advisor, an entrepreneur, a best selling author, and an award winning business growth consultant and speaker. So Paul, hello, and a very warm welcome to today's episode.

Paul Davis  00:42

Hi Tom. Good to be here. 

Tom Bailey  00:44

Thanks very much for coming along and just out of interest and for the listeners. whereabouts are you in the world right

Paul Davis  00:49

now? I'm based in Dublin and Ireland. So yeah, you quit quite a different base

Tom Bailey  00:55

existence. Thank you very much for sharing I love I love Ireland and Dublin. And I'll share a little bit more about you as well before we do get started. So Paul has worked with countless business leaders from around the world and across all sectors. His clients regularly refer to him as a game changer. And he empowers his clients to achieve extraordinary results both personally and professionally. The title for today's episode is how to find your life's purpose. And Paul's gonna show us how to do that in just seven minutes. So question one today is Who are your ideal clients.

Paul Davis  01:31

And primarily, they're independent professional service providers. So they're business owners, or activity consultants, but they would generally operate independently and running small, medium sized business owners, but I'm working with the business owners within those companies.

Tom Bailey  01:48

Great. And I guess you've probably seen some trends when you work with them. So do you see any big challenges that tend to come up when you work with these people?

Paul Davis  01:56

The executives that come to me and the business owners that come to me time is they they find that they've either lost their drive or motivation or will use terminal, you know, I've lost my mojo Bs, they're not enjoying the work that they're doing anymore. So they fight and in whatever discipline or whatever profession that they qualified in, whether it be an architect, or an accountant or an engineer, what are we, like, at some point in their life? Where Why should? Why am I doing this far, and they just lost that motivation for for the business that they're doing? Yeah, that's the biggest challenge that we have.

Tom Bailey  02:29

Got it. And I guess when you do lose, your mojo might sound an obvious question, but what impact can that have on either them or their business?

Paul Davis  02:36

It's, it's huge, you actually don't realise that until you get to talk to these people. Because what they have is they have a lack of clarity, they are not really too sure about what direction they're going in, they focus either themselves or their business. So not only does it impact the business from a profitability and a turnover perspective, because if they don't have the motivation for the business will, then they're not going to drive the business forward. But he trickles into their own personal life, their own personal health, their own mental well being, and also relationships as well. And typically, what they've taught me about is, look, I feel like I'm on a hamster wheel, and I'm at a crossroads or, as I said, you know, I've lost my mojo, or my own personal performance has just gone. And as a result and older, most people would measure success by earnings. So therefore, their earnings typically will go down as well, so that it's a big impact. 

Tom Bailey  03:31

So really, it sounds like a downward spiral. And it impacts all parts of their life. Yeah. Okay, great. And I guess anybody who's feeling this and listening to this episode, what's that? One valuable piece of advice that you might give them to really help them solve 

Paul Davis  03:45

this. And a lot of people talk about life purpose. And there is a lot of information, a lot of people and that, as I said, talk about it. And there's a lot of information online about life purpose, because of what I've been able to do since I was a kid, and has reason why I'm intuitive. And a lot of what's out there online and what people talk about imagine life purpose is actually incorrect. It's famously and people that are searching for Okay, what is your what's your own personal purpose? They can't find it because can't find the answers. So what I do on is, how I work with my clients and bring them to methodology that I've built over many, many years. But I'm also using my intuitive side in order to guidance because what I get is, from an intuitive perspective of flight isn't better supposed to be the funniest or personal purpose flusser unique purpose for them because I get the imagery and they get the knowings for those individuals. So if to find out what your your own personal purposes, from my perspective, it's, it's made of four different elements. There's your what I refer to as your genius drivers. That's that's what's going to bring you joy fulfilment. It's what motivates you. It's basically part of that fully, but it's part of what Gets you jumping out of bed in the morning that's your genius drivers and if you can imagine you're driving your drivers are innate within yourself. It's unique and it's unconscious and but it activates your genius intelligence within yourself. And that's one aspect. People talk about why and find your high when it's actually incorrect. And so and I could talk at length about this anyway. So for I call this your genius inspiration, okay, that's it again, it's unique to an individual, you can find it from a conscious perspective, it was an unconscious level and again, hence the reason why I work on intuitive side of things. And then what I've also identified is to 10 different roles and what I call genius roles and an individual play one of those roles but also there's a shadow side to each role and that's where self sabotage comes about. Yeah, when you know your genius role because that's how you're to deliver on your mission which kicks into the next piece which is the fourth piece which is your genius quest. That's your wash that does the mission that you have to fulfil in this lifetime it's what you pursue your whole life in order to actually fulfil because each one of those elements are unconscious level people don't know that hence reason why they constantly search for what's going to give the meaning and fulfilment point is what what am I here for to do and

Tom Bailey  06:16

what's my purpose? And I guess through having that conversation with you or following your process, you will derive these four pillars out of them. Yeah, exactly what to do yeah, fantastic. Okay, and I guess if anyone is interested or wants to find out more about this Do you have a resource guide or something you can point people to take a look at that 

Paul Davis  06:36

next step? Yeah, there's a few different ways one is okay, they could go to my website which is all in Davis calm. And on that particular website did they find a link to my community which is a very easy that's where we discuss this kind of subject matter to help people second of all there's there are resources on my website for be a masterclass are going to be a an E book that they can download. And again, it will guide them in relation to what they need to do. And then there's also a link to my podcast which again, I talked about, you know, this more personal mastery side of things for when it comes to business. So there's a lot of ways but if, if people go to my website, Olden, they'll find out resources

Tom Bailey  07:17

excellent as Paul William and what I'll do is I'll post a link to the website and a few of those other resources in the show notes below this episode as well. Excellent so I guess you know, he talks about intuition and your journey and from from your childhood so I guess over that time, what would you say is one of the greatest learnings or mistakes or failures that you've made that really helped you and draw some key ideas for your business?

Paul Davis  07:42

I suppose. One thing for me is around like I knew that this to get to this site me as a kid growing up and you're never told how to do it and how to use it and how to work with and so on. Yeah, my that not it's not another huge regret, but I wish I didn't. I wish I had pursued it sooner. But it's my own personal purpose and in what I do, and how I use my talents, my gifts and so on. I am in developing a career. I originally trained as an accountant so hence reason why I'm process driven and so on. And, but I wish I personally, I wish I had pursued my own personal purpose. novela sooner. Yeah 

Tom Bailey  08:25

I said about I guess a lot of your clients resonate with that as well. I wish they'd started you know. Yeah. Fantastic. And the last question for me today then is what is the one question that I should have asked you today? That also brings some great value to our audience?

Paul Davis  08:39

Good question. You're probably not gonna like it like this. What's the secret to success? Okay, and what do you think that is my belief and again from all the clients I've worked with because I've seen the transformation in them and the differences made from them personally but also from the business and my belief is knowing your true life purpose and for remember that your your your own unique life purpose and when you know your life purpose is the single most powerful way to reach your full potential both personally and in business. So once you got that everything drives from that and everything comes into flow from that perspective.

Tom Bailey  09:15

Right perfect, I guess. You know, success may not be an end point for someone but can you put a measure on finding your purpose do you think

Paul Davis  09:23

in terms of business one is it's significant? Yeah. And as in money terms, in terms of personal fulfilment, it's it's it's priceless

Tom Bailey  09:36

feeling? Yeah. feeling you get once you once you get that? Yeah. Okay, Greg, thank you so much for that for again, really appreciate you come along and sharing such great value and insights with our audience.

Paul Davis  09:47

You're welcome.