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How To Become A Wealthy Course Creator - With Jill Stanton

succeed through speaking tom bailey Oct 20, 2021

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Jill Stanton.

Jill Stanton is creator of Millionaire Girls Club and the co-founder of the brands Wealthy Course Creator and Screw The Nine To Five — her and her husband Josh’s slices of the internet where they help Digital Course Creators and Coaches change more lives, create a bigger impact and make more money than they know what to do with.

When she’s not CEO’ing she can be found hangin’ with her husband Josh and their little guy, Kai at their home in the Cayman Islands.

Here are some of the key takeaways from Jill's episode:

- Jill typically works with experienced course creators and coaches or anyone in the information / transformation space who typically have an offer or programme.

- Jill helps them to have bigger launches with way less stress.

- Most entrepreneurs in this space think they are struggling due to external things like a sales strategy or ads or a funnel or growing their audience but mostly it actually comes down to fear of failure, fear of judgement, fear of success.

- Jill says she is a true believer that a strong inner awareness and a strong inner game is always going to take you way further than any kind of in the moment strategy.

- Learn how to get access to Jill's course creator funnel and launch mastermind on the below links.

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Tom Bailey  00:07

Hello and welcome to Succeed Through Speaking. The place for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost business results. Hello, I'm Tom Bailey and in today's episode I'll be welcoming back Jill Stanton to the succeed through speaking podcast. Now, for those of you that don't know Jill already, first of all, have you been, but she's the creator of the millionaire Girls Club and the co founder of the brand's wealthy course creator and screw the nine to five. Both her and her husband Josh help digital course creators and coaches change more lives create a bigger impact and make more money than they know what to do with. So Jill Hello and a very warm welcome back to today's episode.

Jill Stanton  00:57

Thanks for having me know Episode 100 such a big milestone for you man.

Tom Bailey  01:01

In fact Episode 100 and Jill if you don't know already was episode number one as well. So it's great to have a back and yeah. So just out of interest then Jill whereabouts are you hanging out in the world right now?

Jill Stanton  01:15

I'm currently in the Cayman Islands. Awesome. Making it in the tropics.

Tom Bailey  01:20

Just just recently moved. I understand. Yeah, we

Jill Stanton  01:22

moved about four months ago.

Tom Bailey  01:24

Wow, amazing. Well I like and let's get straight into it then. So the title for today's episode is how to become a wealthy course creator and Jill is gonna show us how to do that in just seven minutes. So no pressure

Jill Stanton  01:39

Wouldn't that be amazing if that was a thing you could do?

Tom Bailey  01:44

Yeah. So first question for you today is Who are your ideal clients?

Jill Stanton  01:48

Yeah, so for us it's typically experienced course creators and coaches so someone who is in the information space in the transformation space they typically have an offer that is either proven or they have an audience who's just waiting for them to launch their for their first programme so we really work with those people to have bigger live lunches with way less stress

Tom Bailey  02:12

I've been fantastic in such a big need as well I know very well myself

Jill Stanton  02:16

I wish we had had it when we were coming out of the ranks because probably would have saved a lot of day drinking and a whole lot of crying so

Tom Bailey  02:24

one day drinking all the rest of it and when you first meet your clients what would you say is typically the biggest challenge that they face?

Jill Stanton  02:31

I would say typically what they think it's external things like a sales strategy or ads or a funnel or growing their audience but mostly it's typically typically comes down to like a fear of rejection a fear of failure, fear of judgement, fear of success. And so there's a lot of things that internally hang us up that we project as like external circumstances or things that aren't going well for us but always boils down to really when you get to it always the thoughts we think about the things we're experiencing on my

Tom Bailey  03:04

Sunday tend to focus there first to get the foundations built internally before the rest of it.

Jill Stanton  03:10

Well I do the beauty of Josh and I teaming up is he's very outer game and I'm all inner games so we are a beautiful balance and harmony for our clients so I do mindset sessions where I do a lot of hot seats with them and then Josh right now is doing sales coaching with them so we really try to hit both inner and outer but I'm a true believer that you know a strong inner awareness and a strong inner game is always going to take you way further than any kind of you know of the moment strategy um, but I don't think you always start there right like a lot of people I myself and Josh included like came into being like okay, how can we make as much money as possible and as fast of a turnaround as possible and I think a lot of people start there and they kind of overlook the mindset piece but yeah, you know, it only takes you burning out or hitting your first road bump to make you realise that that inner game piece is absolutely paramount to your success.

Tom Bailey  04:10

So let's dive into the in the game police a little bit more so I guess if you don't get in the game, right? What impact might that have on either them or their business?

Jill Stanton  04:19

Well, typically what I see is it causes people to either play small to self sabotage to cut themselves out before they even get started to give up earlier than they should not that they should ever give up. But you know what I mean? And just really like not enjoy themselves their business and their life. And so and so often it's it's almost like a noticeable like, it's noticeable because it's painful and you can't understand why you keep repeating the same patterns. But it typically stems down to beliefs you believe so hard, you don't even really realise their beliefs or their what is keeping you stuck. And so typically, that happens as you kind of drill down and you start asking like why do you think that are Where does that come from? Or where did you learn that, and then from there a whole, like new world opens up where you can start to build awareness around, you know, some of these annoying little habits or patterns or beliefs that no longer support you. They need to kind of peel away and upgrade.

Tom Bailey  05:14

That's nice. Thank you completely agrees on that question. That for me is question number four. One that is, what is one piece of valuable advice that you might give to somebody to really help them move forward and solve this problem?

Jill Stanton  05:25

for, like, from mindset, specifically,

Tom Bailey  05:29

mindset, especially when it comes to wealthy course creation?

Jill Stanton  05:32

Okay, yeah. So it's always like starting with what do I currently believe about, you know, insert any topic here, wealth, money, success, freedom, my own abilities, my own self worth, like, whatever it is, asking yourself what you currently believe, and getting clear on that. And the reason that's so important is because as those beliefs in those thoughts come up again, and they will until you're really like consciously working on them, you can start to spot them or catch them, as I call them. So as you get clear on what you currently believe, when those disempowering, or non supportive beliefs come up again, and again, they will, you can catch them in the moment and then consciously choose to I say, cancel them, like I say, cancel out loud, like a giant weirdo, because I'm so committed to this process, and then kind of replace them or correct them with the new belief, you want to believe that is in support of where you want to go, what you want to do, what you want to create, what you want to experience and who you want to be.

Tom Bailey  06:29

Right. Love it such valuable stuff. And the next question then, following on from this is, if someone's listening to this message, and they want to create a course, or they've been putting it off for a few years, let's say, what's one valuable resource that you can share with people to really help them get started in course creation.

Jill Stanton  06:47

I mean, there's so many, so it depends, like if you want to take a course or whatnot. There's so many out there, but we have a just like a quick $37 workshop series, called course creators funnel, which will help people create like a mini course that they can start to sell 24. Seven to get customers, we're big believers in really customer acquisition over just free lead acquisition. And so I believe this is one of the easiest ways to do that is to have like this starter course, or a mini course that you can sell on evergreen, 24, seven, and really build an audience of customers. So I would always, always say start there, but also if you listen to our podcasts while the course creator, before we rebranded the name, it used to be called screw them, screw the nine to five, and we have a tonne of episodes around creating programmes, creating courses, what you need to do before you even think about that, how to get clear on your niche, your target customer what problem you solve the transformation. Like, there's so many things that obviously go into it that is so hard to break down in a seven minute episode. But if I, if I could distil it down to one thing, like the most important thing for you to get clear on is like, who do you serve? And how do you serve them? Yep. Like, what problem do you solve? What transformation do you provide? Who is that for? And how can you get in front of them? Absolutely.

Tom Bailey  08:04

And just because you mentioned the podcast and the mini course what I'll do is I'll post links to both of those in the show notes. And I believe you've also got a new mastermind to talk about today if you can just mention that as well.

Jill Stanton  08:16

Yeah, so launch mastermind is for course creators and coaches who run live launches or want to want to run a live launch and want to what we call it pay to play launches so it's very much paid on the front end, the back end style of launching so a lot of people teach you know, just have a freebie or a webinar or video series or a free challenge or whatever it is. And you know, hopefully if you do it right three to 5% of those people will convert into your signature offer. Yeah, Josh and I are just so over that outdated device. So we teach how to create pay to play launches, which is low entry cost, virtual events essentially whether that's a challenge a bootcamp a mastermind, a workshop, whatever that is for you a clinic, you charge a small amount on the front end so you're working with customers inside of your launch. So you know, the goal is to get your launch self liquidating or even into profit before you even open up enrollment for your signature offer. That way you can just go bigger, go bigger, get more in the ring like serve more people figure out the you know, there will always be road bumps and things that come up obstacles, better ways you could do something but the best way you do that is by working with customers and figuring out what they need and always upping your game and so that's why we always just never shut up about these beta play launches so that you can start working with customers versus freebie seekers who you know don't show up or really participate or engage or therefore convert 

Tom Bailey  09:42

love it so it's you know, it's validation people are willing to invest it's also self liquidating and you've got higher quality of people inside the group which is always a big benefit to you as a course creator. So just click on the link to that is wealthy cost forward slash mastermind and what I'll do again is I'll post that link into the show notes.

Jill Stanton  10:00

Yeah, perfect that goes live this week that we're talking so perfectly.

Tom Bailey  10:05

early October 2021 been fantastic. And the next question from me today is over your journey, Joe, what would you say is one of your greatest either learnings or mistakes or failures that you've made personally? And what did you learn from it? 

Jill Stanton  10:17

Well, there's a lot. But um, best, quote unquote mistake we ever made, which was the best thing that ever happened to us was in 2013, we tried to launch our first course, and no one bought it. And I'm not even exaggerating, or being dramatic, literally, no one bought it. And we had like this beautiful learning moment where we based our course around what we thought people wanted, instead of asking them directly what they wanted, or even just paying attention to what they were asking us about. And so the lesson there was create something people actually want. Better lesson is pre sell it so that you don't spend most of your time and money like we did, creating something no one wants. So that was one of the most beautiful lessons we've learned so early on, like within the first year of our business, thank God. And then second, I would say, one of the best moments I think we've ever had is, and again, this might sound weird to some people, but was when we chose to shut down every offer that was no longer serving us or in alignment with who we wanted to be. And the business we wanted to have, and we hit this giant reset button, this is back at the beginning of 2019. And it was honestly like, a breakthrough year for us to kind of like take control back in our business, not just be, you know, at the mercy of something we had created that no longer aligned with us and really consciously created the next chapter of our business, which is where we find ourselves now.

Tom Bailey  11:46

Awesome. Love it very, very, very fascinating. And also, you know, being able to switch things off, which could potentially generate revenue, even though, you know, you just know you want that fresh break. And yeah, change the game boys are fantastic. And the last question for me today is what is one question that you think I should have asked you today that will also bring some great value to our audience? 

Jill Stanton  12:07

How the heck did you move to the Cayman Islands?


Tom Bailey  12:11

It was a great story.

Jill Stanton  12:13

I'm kidding. I say that because you're British, and it's a British territory, and therefore you could get here really quick. as well. Pardon?

Tom Bailey  12:21

How did you do? It was a three year old as well.

Jill Stanton  12:23

Yeah. I mean, they This is an amazing place for young families. So the schools here are, there's so many activities for kids here, but truly like it is, if, if we could jam on one thing, or if I wish you had asked me one thing, it would be like, how do you really consciously design a life that you just can't get enough of, and I think, consciously choosing where you want to live in the environment you want to be around, or be in I think environment is such a determinant factor of our success and more. So just like our overall vibe, who we're surrounded by, the just general consensus or vibe of, you know, the population you're around, will have a direct impact in your business and in your life. And so if you're not happy or lit up or excited or enthusiastic about where you currently are, the best thing you could do is to change your environment. And when we found ourselves in that kind of loop, last year, we were living in Canada, and it just was getting really weird. In Canada, and so we decided to consciously change our location. We went to Puerto Rico and Mexico and then we found ourselves in the Cayman Islands and just kind of very much reinvigorated ourselves. reinspired our business, reimagined everything completely, and have started creating a new life here.


Tom Bailey  13:43

Love it. What a great story. Jill, thank you so much again, for your time today. I really appreciate you coming along and sharing such great value with our audience.

Jill Stanton  13:51

Thank you so much, Tom. Huge, huge, huge props to you my friend for hitting Episode 100

Tom Bailey  13:55

Thanks again.