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How To Attract More Money, Success & Love into your life - With Joan Mercer

Mar 25, 2021

Tom Bailey, Founder of Succeed Through Speaking, Interviews Joan Mercer

Joan Mercer is a three times author and the incredible creator of trilogy to total transformation. She helps people to discover how powerful they really are, helps them to attract more success into their lives, and also helps them deal with and heal that pain.

Why you've got to check out Joan's episode:

- Joan shares how you can attract money, success and love into your life

- Discover her three systems - Knowledge Is Power, Face Your Pain and Conscious Co-Creation

- Find out how to ensure that you are focusing on the right things in your life and how by doing so you will attract those exact things into your life. 

- Understand what the 'Law Of Attraction' is all about from somebody who has lived and breathed it for over 30 years

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Access a FREE preview of the Trilogy To Total Transformation here - 


Tom Bailey: Hello and welcome to the flow and grow expert interviews. The place for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost business results.

Hello, I'm Tom Bailey the founder of succeed through speaking. And in this episode, I'll be speaking with Joan Mercer, who's a three times author and the incredible creator of trilogy to total transformation. So Joan, hello and a very warm welcome, whereabouts in the world are you right now?

Joan Mercer: I'm in near Manchester in the UK.

Tom Bailey: Perfect. Thank you very much. And let's just get onto the subject of Joan Mercer just for a second then. So Joan helps people to discover how powerful they really are, helps them to attract more success into their lives, and also helps them deal with and heal that pain.

And the title of this episode is how to attract more money, success, and love into your life. And Joan is going to show us how to do that in just seven minutes. So Joan, your time starts now. And question number one is who are your ideal clients?

Joan Mercer: Well, my ideal clients typically knowledge, the people in pain and fans and followers of the law of attraction.

Tom Bailey: Perfect. Very concise. And typically, when we think about these people in your ideal clients, what is the biggest challenge that they face?

Joan Mercer: Well, typically knowledge seekers can be feeling powerless, just like I once felt. Just as I once did, people in pain will be suffering in some way. And just like me in the past, the found some followers of the law of attraction may not know who or what they're attracting into their life.

Tom Bailey: Got it. And I guess with this suffering in silence and not knowing what we're attracting into our lives, I guess it can have a big impact on, on both our lives and our business. In fact. So thinking about that, what typical impacts do you see this having on people's lives or business?

Joan Mercer: Well, as you can imagine, feeling powerless, suffering in some way and not knowing who or what you're attracting into your life is going to have a pretty negative impact on not only yourself, but your relationships, but without any business you attempt to build too.

Tom Bailey: Got it. Not a great place to be I'm sure. And what therefore is one piece of valuable advice that you'd give someone to really help them solve that problem?

Joan Mercer: Well, so the people feeling powerless, I'd say this is a good time to discover how powerful you really are to people's suffering in some way. I'd say this is the best time to come face to face with your pain, deal with it and heal it.

And to the people who don't know who or what they're attracting into their life. I'd say it's about time. You do know.

Tom Bailey: Great. Thank you very much again for that one. And I guess just. Let's think about how we can help these people. So what is one valuable free resource that you can share to help people with?

Joan Mercer: Well, as, as well as writing these three books, knowledge is power transformation road and face your pain. I've recently launched. The knowledge is power tracks, the face your pain top tips, and the conscious co-creation topic. Which I call the trilogy total transformation. And for anyone interested in taking the law, please go to kindly leave your details, click the free preview button, sit back and listen. And can I just say I'm currently building three online courses, but knowledge is power program, the face your pain prescription and the conscious co-creation course. And then when they launched, you can take a free look at those too.

Tom Bailey: Perfect. So we've got here And what I'll do is I'll post that link below this video or audio clips that people can just click on that access, that free preview, and then obviously be welcomed into your world of conscious co-creation. So. Next question. Joan is, what would you say has been your greatest failure you've ever made either in business or in life?

And what did you learn from that?

Joan Mercer: Well, I'm 73 years young and needless to say I've had many, many failure moments throughout my life, but I think the greatest one will be listening to the loud voice or my outer-self, my ego, the parts of me that always gets there first. When I should listen to the not solid voice of my inner self, my heart, the part of me that always knows that.

And yes, it also means you can put your trust in any gut feelings you get. And first impressions you have.

Tom Bailey: Perfect. Thank you again for that one. And what is the one question that I probably should have asked you that would also give great value to our audience?

Joan Mercer: Well, one question you could've asked me, Tom is how does the law of attraction work?

Tom Bailey: Yes. Good question. And can you tell us how it works?

Joan Mercer: And my answer would be the law of attraction is put into action. By your thoughts, the universe then responds by sending you opportunities that are in some way associated with your phone. There's one thing to remember the opportunities the universe sends to you must not be mistaken for me, coincidences, good luck or come about simply by chance.

They're meant for you, they're purposely sent to you to help you fulfill a particular desire, achieve a certain task or reach a certain goal.
Tom Bailey: Great. And the guests can, if anybody wants to find out more, just go to, and you can find out more about this world of the law of attraction and conscious co-creation.

So, Joan, thank you so much again for your time today. It's been really wonderful. Finding out more about you and your business.
Joan Mercer: Thanks for having me, Tom, and I hope to see you again soon.

Tom Bailey: See you soon.