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How Parent Bosses Can Get Sustained Work Life Flexibility And Balance - With Leigh And Ted Matheson

succeed through speaking tom bailey Nov 05, 2021

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Leigh & Ted Matheson

Leigh & Teriann Matheson are the Founders of Parent Boss Life, a coaching company that teaches business owners how to train their teams to run the day to day in their business, so the owners can have a lucrative business AND plenty of time for their families.

As serial entrepreneurs, Leigh & Teriann have built 5 successful businesses in 2 countries and trained hundreds of employees and their bosses. They are the creators of the Work Life Pendulum System, which they have used to train 50 of their own employees so effectively, they were able to take a 5-week honeymoon without checking in once.

Over the last 20 years, Leigh & Teriann have worked with many business owners to give them the skills they need to be hands off leaders, leaving them more time to be present, both physically and mentally, with their loved ones.

Equipping Parent Bosses to value relationships and time as much as money, they work with business owners to blend parenthood and business ownership in a way that feels amazing to them and their family, and is sustained long term.

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Tom Bailey  00:07

Hello and welcome to succeed throught speaking the place for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost business results Hello, I'm Tom Bailey. And in today's episode, I'll be getting to know Lee and Ted Matheson who are the founders of parent Boss Life that teaches business owners how to train their teams to run the data and the business. So the owners can have a lucrative business and plenty of time for their families. So Leah and Ted Hello and a very warm welcome to today's episode. 

Ted Matherson  00:46

Hey how you going Tom? Yeah, 

Tom Bailey  00:48

yeah, very good. Thanks. I can detect some accents their whereabouts in the world are you right now. 

Leigh Matherson  00:53

We're in Geelong in Victoria, Australia. 

Tom Bailey  00:56

Awesome, amazing. So you're the other side of the clock face, then then I assume in the UK. Fantastic. So I want to share a little bit more about you before we do get started. So as serial entrepreneurs, Lee and Ted have built five successful businesses in two different countries, and have trained hundreds of employees and their bosses. They are the creators of the work life pendulum system, which they've used to train 50 of their own employees. So effectively, they were able to take a five week honeymoon without checking in once. Sounds good to me. The title for today's episode is how parent bosses can get sustained work life, flexibility and balance. And lanterra gonna show us how they can do that in just seven minutes. So question number one for both of you, I guess is who is the ideal client that you work with. 

Ted Matherson  01:49

So we generally work with parents who have kids still living at home and they own a business, they still work in their business, they employ staff. And it is generally the main income for it one or both of the parent bosses. 

Tom Bailey  02:06

Yeah, complete sensor. I suppose when they when they come to you initially, what do you think is the biggest challenge that they normally face? 

Leigh Matherson  02:12

I guess they realising that their, their stress their time, or they feel like they're not doing a lot, you know, perfectly juggling between mixing the time between their business and home, and then taking care of themselves mentally, physically, and just, you know, not catching up with friends. And they just feel like this, they're doing a bad job of every part of their life, really. So they really stress like that. 

Tom Bailey  02:39

Got it. And I guess this stress can put a lot of pressure on them. What impact to share all of this does have on either them personally, or their business. 

Ted Matherson  02:49

Or in their business, they're not giving 100% of their business, most of the time, they're not focused, they take longer to do things, they might not be doing their best work, they can tend to be bogged down in the day to day, and even sometimes missing out on sales and profits, even customers, because they don't have the time to develop new products, and bring out new offers that are going to add to the bottom line. Perfect, excellent. 

Tom Bailey  03:12

So those people listening to this, who are starting to connect with this message and feel like they may be your ideal clients, what would you say is one valuable piece of advice that you might give to somebody to help them solve the problem. 

Leigh Matherson  03:23

Just stop trying to do it all. Like, I think everyone has it in their mind that they have to do it absolutely every single job, that they're the only ones who can do it. You know, they need to realise that they have so many resources out there and so many ways that they can, you know, train their staff to do you know, some day to day jobs in their business. That means they're not bogged down in some of those little jobs. You know, there's there's resources out there, you know, make sure using a bookkeeper, we use a grocery service. So we're not doing the supermarket every week and tying us all up for an hour. You know, there's all these sort of services and things that you can do. And that just frees up their time. And they can focus on what's important to them. And they can progress their business as well. Yeah, 

Ted Matherson  04:08

we've got the mindset, you know, I get the benefit of getting this done. But I don't have to do it myself. And as soon as you start to think in those things, it's amazing how much extra time you can get.


Tom Bailey  04:18

And I guess you made a good point that it's outweighing the cost versus your time, isn't it? So you might think I'll save money by going to the supermarket but how much does an hour of my time costs as perfect? Yeah, great, great insight. And I do love the thought of outsourcing grocery deliveries. And you know, maybe you guys want to mow the lawn, which those little kind of things. Yep, yep. All right. So you mentioned resources that are out there as well. What's one valuable resource that you can share with people to help them solve this problem? 

Leigh Matherson  04:49

I guess we've got on our website, we've got a stop doing it all yourself guide and they've just stepped through. It explains that the pendulum system you're talking about and just gives you five have easy things you can do to just free up your time. And then you can refocus on what's important to you. Yeah, and the end of the day you do. You live in life, just, you know, to do things you want to do, and to spend time with your family and friends and that sort of thing. So that resources, just quick and easy, quick raid, and just give you some ideas of what you can do. 

Tom Bailey  05:18

Amazing. And where can people find that? Better just parent Boss Life, calm? Great. So go to parents, boss, what I'll do is I'll put that link in the show notes as well. So people can click on that, and then go and download that guide. So not sure who this questions am that maybe both of you, but what would you say is one of your greatest either mistakes or values or learnings that you've made either in life or in business? And what did you learn from it?


Ted Matherson  05:44

Well, it's like you said before, we personally regret not valuing our time but not prioritising better, and taking so long to understand the difference between low value tasks and quality time. Now, like you said before, low value tasks, cleaning your own house, mowing your own lawn, physically going and spending the hour at the grocery store and doing your weekly shop, even in your business, doing every single piece of the bookkeeping yourself, doing all the ordering and stuff yourself, these are things that need to be done to make things still work. But it just doesn't mean that you have to be the person that is doing it. And as soon as you understand that, you get some help with that, that's where you get your quality time. And the quality time, you know, we're spending one on one date nights with our kids now, so that we can really get to know them better. We drive them to school in the morning, we have like a dance party in the car, because we're bopping on the way to school. You know, they're the things that we now understand, we're all going to remember not who cleaned the bathroom, not who went and got the shopping. 

Leigh Matherson  06:49

I mean, that it also means, you know, we don't take a step back from the business at all. It's, you know, because it's less stress, there's less focus on the day to day, you know, we're more engaged in a way that we can focus on customers, we can focus on, you know, Rasna bakery, developing new products and, you know, ways to create more offers for people and all that sort of stuff that, you know, encourages people to come in and try us. So that's what we focus on as well. 

Tom Bailey  07:15

I love it. And yeah, lots of great advice. And yeah, me as a new parent, it's given me some great ideas where I need to focus my time as well. 

Ted Matherson  07:23

Comes in a way. 

Tom Bailey  07:25

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I'm more than happy to become selfish with that. Absolutely. And the last question for me today is what is the one question that I should have asked you, that also brings some great value to our audience, 

Ted Matherson  07:39

we think we should have asked is, who are the team members that you consider vital in this parent Boss Life. So when it comes to the business, we wouldn't go into business. Now, if we didn't have a bookkeeper, if we didn't have a social media manager. And we didn't have staff, team leaders who helped us, you know, in the areas of the business with the day to day things. And then when it comes to home, you know, now that we've had them, we wouldn't do without a house cleaner, someone to mow the lawns, a meal delivery service, and a grocery delivery service, they've become a central. 

Tom Bailey  08:10

Fantastic, I love it. And just one quick last question on that point is, would people start with virtual assistants? Or would they start with actually hiring full time staff? What are the recommendations?


Ted Matherson  08:20

Depends, I mean, with the business that most parent bosses, they've already got staff. So but a lot of people will buy business and they they generally won't know how to train them. So we can help with that. Because we have been trainers for so many years now. It's really quite easy to train people. So you know, it might be just a matter of you don't need to hire anyone else. You might just need to utilise the people that you've got better. Right. Have the answer? Yeah. 

Tom Bailey  08:47

Yeah. Perfect. So yeah, thanks again, so much, and Lee and Ted for your time today. I really appreciate you coming along and doing such great insights and value with that audience.