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The 4 Pillars To Grow Any Coaching, Speaking Or Expert Business - With Simone Vincenzi

Aug 23, 2021

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Simone Vincenzi.

Simone Vincenzi is a multi-award winning serial entrepreneur and author who had helped people to launch more than 500 profitable businesses before he reached the age of 30.

He writes for Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Huffington Post and regularly features on tv and radio talking about entrepreneurship and the current small business landscape.

He works with coaches, speakers, experts, and entrepreneurs helping them create high-converting launches and build their profile so they can make a bigger impact in their industry and the world.

Why you've got to check out Simone's episode:

- Discover how Simone helps Coaches, Speakers & Entrepreneurs who are community & service driven and want to make a great impact in the world.

- Learn why overwhelm is typically the biggest challenge that business owners face, and how this can lead to confusion and then into a lack of sales and leads.

- What Simone means when he refers to a Frankenstein business, and how you can avoid this happening to you and your business.

- Why you need to find your lane in the very beginning and how important the four pillars of business growth are for your business, which are - Clarity, Conversion, Expansion and Influence.

- Finally, how to get access to Simone's free business assessment tool and Expert Business Checklist.

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Tom Bailey: Hello and welcome to Succeed Through Speaking the place for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost business results.

Hello, I'm Tom Bailey. And in today's episode, I'll be getting to know Simone Vincenzi who is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and author. Who's helped his clients launch more than 500 profitable businesses before he reached the age of 30. So Simone, hello, and a very warm welcome to today's episode.

Simone Vincenzi: Thank you for having me here. And I cannot wait to get started.

Tom Bailey: Fantastic. And just out of interest for me and all of our listeners. Whereabouts are you based right now?

Simone Vincenzi: London? Sunny, sunny, London. I mean, I say sunny because in this moment as we are recording, there is a ray of sun coming from my window.

Tom Bailey: In between all the rain clouds.

Simone Vincenzi: Exactly. But that's why sunny London right now.

Tom Bailey: Incredible. Thank you. And I just want to share a little bit more about you before we do get started. So, Simone writes for Forbes entrepreneur magazine, the Huffington post, and also regularly features on both TV and radio. He works with coaches, speakers, experts, and entrepreneurs to help them create high converting launches, and also build that profile so that they can make a bigger impact in their business. The title for today's episode is The Four Pillars To Grow Any Coaching Speaking Or Expert Business. And so, we're only going to talk about those in just seven minutes. So question number one today is who are your ideal clients?

Simone Vincenzi: Oh, yeah. Clients you said it already coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs that most of the time they're very community driven. So not the kind of people that they are attracted or they're going to this industry because they want the flashy car or, you know, like I'm here, look at them by the beach, but they're more driven by, by serving and they want to have a good living, make a good living and make an impact. And these are the kind of people that we work with. I'm mostly just time they're ready. They're ready. Great. And while they are doing, but like when myself, when I started business is not their main area of expertise, because one thing is to be a great coach or a great speaker. And now the thing is to be a great business owner in this industry. So we bring the business and community element to the table. Excellent.

Tom Bailey: I love the impact driven community. Entrepreneurs experts, coaches and authors. Fantastic. And when you think about all of these people, all of your typical clients, what would you say is the biggest challenge that they typically face

Simone Vincenzi: Overwhelmed by far overwhelmed? Because it's not that they're not even good at selling or marketing. Most of the time they are, but because they are trying too many things at different at the same time, or they don't have a clear strategy in terms of what they're doing, the sense of overwhelm that creates the confusion, which then translates into lack of sales or a lack of leads, or they, the up and downs there are consistently in the business, but that's definitely the biggest one is the, instead of finding their lane and staying in their lane, they try to do 5,000 different things at the same time, hoping that one will work, then it got burned out.

Tom Bailey: Yeah. And, and if the clients can't stick to their lane, then they'll end up juggling lots of different ideas. What impacts would that typically have on them in the, in the short term or longterm?

Simone Vincenzi: Well in, in the short term they created Frankenstein bill. Yeah. That'd be great. A business model that doesn't make sense. And so that impacts did their mental health and their sanity. To be honest, you just arrived to the point where you start questioning yourself. Why am I even doing this? Why am I going to go back and get a job? Or do I want to scale back my business instead of growing it too, because I'm almost reaching breaking point and that's generally the effect that that creates.

Tom Bailey: Yep. And I'm sure there's lots of people listening that can resonate with all of these points that you're bringing up. So, what was, what would be the one piece of advice that you'd give somebody to help them really get started and focused in the right door?

Simone Vincenzi: Well, it is to, first of all, find your lane. That will be the biggest thing that we can say at the beginning. But then it's like, okay, where do I find my lane? And how do I get about it? And that's the way we were thinking. Introducing the four pillars of business growth and the four pillars are clarity, conversion, expansion influencer, and you need all four to make your business work because at some people they might have a great strategy. And that they're clear about what they're doing, but then they might not have a high converting product and services or a great marketing strategy or a great marketing funnel. Right? So, clarity gives you the direction. Conversion is to make sure that you have great products, great services, a client attracting machine that works bending to expansion, just to make sure that also you keep expanding your audience.

You're going to have the best product in the world, the best strategy in the world. But if you don't build your audience consistently, then you arrive at a point where your leads are going to dry up. And so, you might have a spike when you start is like, oh my God, you don't want something new people are joining. And then you arrive at a few months later. It's like, what does everyone, you know, like expansion is the third pillar. And then the fourth pillar is. What is the perception that people have about you? What is the perception that your peers have about you that your potential clients have about you? That's where media publications coming to place? Because no perception in every industry, in every business is everything here. How other people perceive you determines they want to buy from you or not. So, these are the four.

Tom Bailey: Incredible. And also, all very important as, as you mentioned. So, if somebody wants to find out more about the pillars or they want any more advice, guidance, or support, where would you suggest they go to try and find some more help?

Simone Vincenzi: Well, the best place is our website, which is So it's Yeah, one, one more time And you can find that a free assessment that we have created called the expert business checklist and it's to help you find your lane, stay in your lane, see at what stage, what kind of pillar do you need to work more on? Some people need to work more on the strategy. Pillar. Some people are more influenced one or the conversion one or the expansion one. So, let's give you a sense of direction. What to focus your time.

Tom Bailey: Great. Fantastic. And what I'll do is I'll put a link to that website in the show notes, and I'll really ask for a fourth time.

It is, click on that, and you can get access to that free assessment. So, moving on to the next section of questions and this next one's about you Simone. So, what would you say is one of your greatest either mistakes or failures that you've made either in life or business and what did you learn from it?

Simone Vincenzi: Biggest mistake is probably to focus on too many things at the same time. That's probably why I do what I do right now because I think when we are starting a business and you're passionate about your business and you're doing your finger business because of a deeper sense of mission and purpose that you have is easy for that business to consume your life and then make a decisions based on business first. And you second.

Yeah. And the thing has been situations where I just end up really resenting everything that was doing not because at the end they enjoyed it. But because it became soul life consuming that I put always myself second after the business, thinking that you can have it all, but also make sure you take care of yourself because you are the most important person.

Tom Bailey: Absolutely, absolutely. Great advice. Thank you so much. And the last question from me today is what is the one question that I should have asked you though will also bring some great value to our audience.

Simone Vincenzi: Well, how do we make a good identi pasta? That might be again, I get requests now I still get about the business.

One question is how do we piece it all together? And the one element that I found that can bring it like old the business together, that a lot of people don't think about, which I'm going to audit as a bonus. Pillar is a, is a. Is a, when you have a business, which is based on serving a community that you've built, you will never struggle with clients anymore because people will want to buy from you.

You always have people that will engage with you, your content, your services, your product. So if you are focusing on building a community and actually having your business to serve the community, then you will never struggle. And you will always have clients consistently because. Why they should buy from someone else when they already love you and they want to work with you.

And that will be the last piece.

Tom Bailey: I love that piece of advice. Thank you so much for bringing that in. And so the only thanks again for your time today, really appreciate it. And obviously for bringing such great value to our

Simone Vincenzi: audience. That's my pleasure. Thank you for having me here.