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Strategies For Putting Money Behind Brand Building Campaigns - With Michael Sanchez

Jun 24, 2021

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Michael Sanchez.

Senior Paid Traffic Manager Michael Sanchez is a wiz at all things marketing from social media to email, text messaging, and Google ads. Throughout his career he has managed millions of dollars in budgets for paid media, SEO, UX, CX, Email marketing, social media, brand partnerships across some well known brands. Here at the Unstoppable Entrepreneur Michael has helped to expand the channel we're marketing to; including google, Youtube and many more in the near future.He looks forward to learning more about each client's program and market to continue effectively expanding their horizons and helping them achieve their goals.

Why you've got to check out Michael's episode:

- Discover how Michael and their company helps entrepreneurs who are trying to gain more exposure, become the industry leader and enable them to explode and get to that next level.

- Understand some of the typical challenges entrepreneurs face, including spending too much time on the tasks and activities they are not skilled at i.e. coaches having to run their own FB Ads. Instead you should focus on your area of genius and outsource the tasks that are not in your area of expertise.

- Why you should focus the majority of your time on what you do best and allow your team or virtual assistants to handle what they are best at.

- How to get access to the unstoppable entrepreneur Facebook group, learn strategy based principles and unlock free weekly training.

- Finally, learn from Michaels own mistake when it comes to running paid ads and why you need to know when to pull the campaign, pause, pivot and implement the early changes to take your campaign in a new direction.

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Tom Bailey: Hello and welcome to Succeed Through Speaking the place for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost business results.

Hello? I'm Tom Bailey. And in today's episode, I'll be getting to know Michael. Who's a senior at paid traffic manager, been stoppable entrepreneur. So, Michael, hello, and a very warm welcome to today's episode.

Michael Sanchez:  Thank you. Thank you so much for having me. I appreciate it.

Tom Bailey: I appreciate you being here and out of interest, whereabouts are you in the world right now?

Michael Sanchez: So. I'm in the U.S. I'm actually in Florida, Southwest Florida area. So very, very hot. And we're starting to rain every single day around two o'clock. So, you know, I always know when, when it's two o'clock, because it'll be pouring for about five minutes.

Tom Bailey: Excellent. Who needs a watch anyway? So, incredible. Thank you so much. And just to share a little bit more about Michael before we get started then. So, Michael is a Wiz at all things marketing from social media to email, text messaging and Google ads. And throughout his career, he's managed millions of dollars in budget for both paid marketing and brands across some well-known organization. The title for today's episode is Strategies For Putting Money Behind Brand Building Campaigns. And Michael's going to show us how to do that in just seven minutes. So, question number one today is who are your ideal clients?

Michael Sanchez: Absolutely. Yeah, so our ideal clients are really just people, entrepreneurs specifically. So, people that are really looking to. They have some sort of traction in their business, but they're really trying to gain, gain more exposure, you know, become that industry leader and they're in there marketing. And so that's our real ideal client. People are really just trying to, you know, have some success in their business, but they really want to explode and get to that next level. So that already been fine.

Tom Bailey: Fantastic. And what would you say is typically the biggest challenge that these people face in in their business?

Michael Sanchez: So, I say, I mean, there's a myriad of things, right? People, everyone has their own kind of thing. A lot of the typical things that I'm seeing as just focusing on things that they're not specifically good at. Right. So, if you're an entrepreneur, you probably have a real specific area of genius, right? Like, you know, a specific thing back and forth. You're the expert in it. But a lot of times what I see is people just like for ads, for example, basic fads, you're an entrepreneur. You're amazing. I'm probably not good at Facebook ads, especially now with, you know, all the different changes that they're doing.

You know, being able to verify your domain and aggregate for events and all this other stuff. Like you should be really focusing on connections, having conversations with your, you know, with new clients, right. And it really just outsourcing your Facebook ads or whatever, the, whatever the other tasks are. So, people that are specific experts in that, in that specific field. I think that that's you know, like I said, you're an amazing coach and you're seeing results. You're getting clients, there were really, I mean, you should really be focusing on that, bringing in revenue and letting the experts do their job. Right. And so that's, that's, that's my I'm kind of seeing a lot.

Tom Bailey: Yeah. Perfect. And I guess we get distracted by all these different things that we need to try to learn and then implement. So, with these distractions happening.  

Michael Sanchez: Yeah. I mean, like they're also just wait, like maybe they're, they're trying to save money, but at the end of the day, how did we get more money bringing in on that brain Denton client? Right. We're talking to like starting a conversation like, hey, you know, we just got through some results. What's three friends that, you know, you guys that could get you, you know, they're looking for the same results, right. And then just maybe having a, not an intern per se, because obviously Facebook and ads in general, isn't really at a, you know, something to experience. But at the end of the day, you're really losing money because you're diverting your time to where you really should be, you know?

Tom Bailey: Yep. Perfect. Great. You answered my next question perfectly, so that that's spot on. Thank you. And so, the next question for me is what is one piece of advice that you might give to somebody to really help them solve that problem?

Michael Sanchez: Yep. I kind of touched on it on it there a little bit, but I'll kind of extrapolate on that. Like I said, especially now with everything going on, I mean, before I felt like Facebook, you can kind of maneuver, you can YouTube it, right. You can Google it. You know, how to, how to set up a Facebook campaign or how to. Set up your conversion pixel or whatever it is, right. You can Google it, you can fumble your way around it. You can use it. Right. That's how I kind of learned at the beginning as well. Now it's a different ball game, right? It's a different ball game. I feel like it's making it a little bit harder to entry.

The barrier of entry is a little bit higher at this point. You need like, I said before you need to aggregate your events. You need to set up your pixels. You need to like, it's, even for me, I'm like still going, I'm putting a phase with blueprint and like, okay, like where's all this stuff at. Right. And so, like really just let the experts handle it, handle what they need to handle, they're experts for a reason. And you can really be bringing in revenue, bringing in new clients, focusing on your area of genius, sending up that million dollar you know, of. I'm sorry. Schedule CEO schedule is kind of what we'd like to say in the unstoppable entrepreneur universe. Let's set up that schedule for you because that's really gonna help you out, you know, focusing on what you need to do.

Tom Bailey: Amazing. Fantastic. So, let's think of these entrepreneurs listening to this episode right now who want to get started? What, what resource or guide, or what could you share with them to help them get started on that journey?

Michael Sanchez: I would, it depends on where you are in your business, for sure. If you're a kind of a newer, newer business owner, entrepreneur, I'd say Google and YouTube where your friends are your best friends. Honestly. Also, you know, inside of us, top of entrepreneur, we are starting up with a marketing club, right? And this, for those business entrepreneurs that are really looking to gain exposure really looking to a strategy based principles. Right. A lot of times what happens right now is that people are getting you know, the shiny object syndrome.

Right. So, they see like this new thing and now they want to start dancing and points and stuff like that. That's fine. If you want to do that, for sure. But there's also a strategic strategic approach partnering. Right? And so that's what we're really helping you out with. You can go to unstoppable that they'll tell you all the information on that. We've got a free Facebook group on there where we go live and then our directors of marketing and myself and other people where we're just going live weekly, providing value.

Tom Bailey: Excellent. That's unstoppable I'll also put the link in the show notes below, so you can just click on that and dive right in. Next question is really about yourself, Michael. So, what would you say is one of your greatest mistakes or failures you've made either in life or business and what did you learn from it?

Michael Sanchez: I mean these questions are so funny, right? And you really got to think back of my, all the different things and stuff like that. We can be here for hours talking about that. Yeah. But I think one thing, if we want to keep the ad specific or, you know, campaign specific, I think really just seeing that what you're doing, isn't working and not making any changes. The, the, the amazing thing about this, or I'm sorry, just as a general rule is that you're paying to be shown, right. There's pestle, there's SCM, right. And so, you're paying or Patriot. And just organic traffic Europeans would be junk. And so, if you are paying to be shown what you're running, what you're spending money on, isn't working as a converting, whatever your objectives are. If you're bringing in revenue, if it's bringing leads, conversions, all that sort of stuff.

If it's not working, make that change, they don't need to wait till the end of the, until the end of the campaign. If you know, midway through, we spent, let's say your budget is a hundred thousand dollars, you spent $30,000. You're not getting the results pivot. You know, you're paying for it. You’re paying to be shown to be in front of people. So, you have that opportunity in real time, pause button, pause campaign, make some tweets and be nimble real time. From what I've seen before, in my previous, you know, in previous roles and previous on campaigns, we saw either the quality of leads wasn't right. We weren't getting the revenue that we, that we needed. Right. So, we were underpaid sin as far as like our revenue objectives. Really being you know, we, we saw it and we didn't do anything about it. We were just hoping, you know, like maybe it was going to turn around. Maybe it was gonna change. No, you see that, you know, you see it and you can see your protection. You can forecast it if it's not where it needs to be. Pause, pivot, make some little tweaks and then go from there. I think that that's.

Tom Bailey: Yeah. And it can become really expensive really quickly if you do, just let that run. Yeah. Got it. Final question from me today then is what is one question that I should have asked you that will also get some great value to our audience?

Michael Sanchez: This is another good question. I would say one question that you should've asked me, it's kind of a, now I feel like I'm kind of contradicting myself, but at the same time, you also need to be patient. You've got, you need to be, you know, you need to be situ situationally aware of what's going on. Yeah. If you're in a time crunch, if you have a two day sale, then obviously you need to be super nimble. Right. But unless if you're running a campaign for consults You spend a couple of thousand dollars. If you're, if you're a price points, let's say $30,000, you spend a couple thousand dollars. You don't need to freak out. You know, you can wait it out a little bit and you can spend it to five, $10,000 and really learn. Get some data, if you make one sale off of that, off of that budget, then you're good. And so just be situation. You know be patient if need be. But if you have limits, like I said, if you have a short window to day sale, be nimble.

Tom Bailey: Yeah. Perfect. Thank you so much for that advice. Really appreciate it. And Michael, thank you so much again for your time and for being here

Michael Sanchez: today. Awesome. Appreciate it.