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How To Generate 100 Leads In The Next 7 Days - With Alex Rodriguez

Sep 22, 2021

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Alex Rodriguez.

Alex Rodriguez helps successful companies raise their visibility, transform their brand, and attract more business. His specializes in attractive launch campaigns for brands, events, products, and ideas.

Throughout two decades, he has developed successful online experiences for renowned brands such as Disney World, Disney Land, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, Herschend Family Entertainment, HSN, Publix Supermarkets, Sony Music Entertainment, AB InBev among others, and many of these have produced millions of dollars in sales in record periods of time.

Alex has produced strategic digital content for clients in 4 different continents and three different languages (English, Spanish, and Mandarin).

Alex is the author of Digital BACON, and Sell You Before You Sell. His books have been Amazon best-sellers in 4 different categories and 2 different languages.

Why you've got to check out Alex's episode:

- Discover how Alex helps small businesses who want to stop wondering where there next customer is going to come from and the challenge of consistency with new leads.

- How his clients are typically stuck, and frustrated with using expensive marketing techniques which don't typically yield results for them.

- Why leads are the lifeblood of the business and how everything comes from your lead generation - and a stream of quality and qualified leads coming into the business.

- Understand why you need to identify and clearly define your entry point for new customers. And then promoting this entry point instead of what you do for business. i.e. promote your free discovery call instead of promoting your services.

- Why you should publish consistent and amazing content. And how to get access to Alex's ideas tree concept so that you never run out of great ideas.

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Tom Bailey: Hello and welcome to Succeed Through Speaking the place for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost business results. 

Tom Bailey: Hello, I'm Tom Bailey. And in today's episode, I'll be getting to know Alex Rodriguez. Who's the best-selling author of Digital Bacon and Sell Before You Sell. And he helps successful companies to raise their visibility, transform their brands and attract more business. So, Alex, hello and a very warm welcome to today's episode. 

Alex Rodriguez: Thankyou, very honored for this invitation.  

Tom Bailey: I really appreciate it and just have interest for me and the listeners, whereabouts are you based right now?  

Alex Rodriguez: I'm in Tampa bay, Florida. Our office is in downtown Tampa.  

Tom Bailey: Oh, incredible. Thank you so much. And I just wanna share a little bit more about you before we do get started. So, Alex specializes in attractive launch campaigns for brands, events, products, and ideas. And over the past two decades, he has developed successful online experiences, for renowned brands such as Disney world Disneyland, SeaWorld, and Sony Music Entertainment, along with many more brands, the title for today's episode is How To Generate 100 Leads In The Next Seven Days. And Alex is going to show us how to do that in just seven minutes. So question number one today is who are your ideal clients? 

Alex Rodriguez: Yeah. So, we work best with small businesses that just want to stop wondering where their next client is going to come from. They want to stop wondering how many new clients they'll get each week. And our standard clients are usually in healthcare, med spa, roofing landscaping, materials, construction, and so on and so forth. But we have clients in many, many different other niches.  

Tom Bailey: Awesome. Thanks for that. And what would you say is typically the biggest challenge that your clients face before they start working with you? 

Alex Rodriguez: Yeah, typically the companies that we get to serve, they are stuck. They are stuck in terms of their marketing. They often spend on marketing actions that are expensive and that yield very low and poor results. And a result of this is deep frustration. Just staring at a Sales pipeline, you know, is often empty and dry, and they're just wondering what they need to do in order to attract more customers. 

Tom Bailey: Yeah. Makes complete sense. I'm sure that a lot of the listeners will resonate with that. No doubt. So, if you're unable to get that consistency with your marketing, then what typically is the biggest impact that that causes for your clients? 

Alex Rodriguez: Yeah, well, simply at the end of the day, leads are the lifeblood of any business, right? Without leads. There are no sales without sales. There's no revenue without revenue. There's no profit. And without profit, there really is no reason to do business. So, at the end of the day, everything starts. Yeah. A stream of quality leads coming into their sales pipeline. When a business is able to dial that in and make sure that their sales staff is consistently contacting, calling, emailing a group of potential customers that actually want to do business with them, it's completely transformed. To the reason that they do business at the end of the day, our clients become happy with their business after all it revives that passion, that they had their vision for founding the business in the first place.  

Tom Bailey: Of course. And again, just to reiterate the title of today's episode is how to generate a hundred leads in the next seven days. So yeah. How would we do that? Can you give us a little bit of advice, how to start working through that?  

Alex Rodriguez: Oh, it's such a short amount of time. There's only so much that I can go into, but I will say that the main reason why small businesses aren't doing this, aren't attracting so many steady leads is that they haven't identified what I like to call their entry point. So, the entry point is essentially that. Toward a potential client becoming a client. What does that first step that that potential client needs to take in order to begin working with them? And many small businesses haven't identified that. So, when they identify it and for example, an entry point can be a discovery call. 

It can be an initial session. It can be an initial evaluation. It can be a, a free quote It should, it should usually be easy, accessible and preferably free, right? Yeah. So when that entry point is identified, the first thing that I recommend doing is promoting that entry point instead of what the company does for business. Because at the end of the day, when potential customers come through the entry point, they'll eventually do business and buy whatever their core product is. But if you don't promote your entry, you're asking customers to take that large leap into whatever you are, selling, whatever service or product you are presenting. So, identifying and promoting the entry point is the first way to begin that spark, that flame of new customers coming into the. Excellent.  

Tom Bailey: And I've just got one extra additional question on the back of that if that's okay with you. So, when I think of entry points, I'm thinking you mentioned strategy sessions or calls, for example, but we've also got things like lead magnets, which is just a one page PDF. So are they both entry points or would you say it needs to be more tactical or tangible. 

Alex Rodriguez: Yeah, no. Well for lead magnets, I call that more of a touch point. So, it's just an opportunity for that customer to engage with the brand, to understand what the value is that they bring. But an entry point should preferably be a contact, something, a two-way piece of communication or session a times reserved so that they can actually engage with somebody in a live session. 

Tom Bailey: Perfect. Yeah. I just wanted to make that distinction because I think that's a really point.  

Alex Rodriguez: Good, very valuable, very valid for sure.  

Tom Bailey: And then the next question for me then is what is one free resource or something that you can share with people to help them solve this?  

Alex Rodriguez: Yeah. So, one of the methods of the many methods that we use to generate leads is by publishing amazing content. This content should be relevant. It should be impactful, and it should be highly valuable at the end. The reason why most small businesses don't get. Consistent content, you know, on a frequent basis is that they run out of ideas. They just so close to their subject matter that they don't see how to generate those ideas. That lack of ideas is usually not due to writer's block or anything like that. It's usually due to lacking a process to generate those ideas. Yeah. So, when have generated a process that we like to call shaking the idea tree, right? So our process takes small business owners from A to Z basically going from whatever they already know. 

To ideas, an endless supply of ideas that they can then produce content through. So I've shared our process. It's free to access at Y M M Y that's Y M M Y So, there you'll find there's no, opt-in, there's no reason to drop your email address or anything like that. We won't harass you or anything. You can just go to that, that site, that link and see it for yourself, and then follow the process with you and your team and start generating content immediately to attract an amazing amount of leads.  

Tom Bailey: That sounds super valuable what I'll do is I'll drop that into the show notes as well. So, people can click that link and they can dive right in and get that idea street. So quick question about yourself then Alex, obviously you've worked in lots of different industries and over the years, what would you say is one of your greatest either learnings, mistakes, or failures that you've made either in life or in business? And what did you learn from it?  

Alex Rodriguez: Yeah. So, we founded the business almost nine years ago. And one of my biggest failures as a business owner was that I started the business without a clear vision in mind. I thought our core service would be more driven around creative production, which we still do in an awesome way to do. I'd like to say, but it wasn't the core product. It was what I liked was what I was passion passionate about, but it wasn't really what the market was clamoring for at that moment, neither right now. So, we wasted a lot of time when we wasted years, it affected our revenue. But as soon as we identified that vulnerability and made that pivot we pivoted more into just marketing services, full marketing services for our clients. That made all the difference. It was night to day for us and it was a failure, but it was a great learning that, not what I'm passionate about. Isn't necessarily what is marketable. Right. We have to promote what people actually want and are willing to pay for.  

Tom Bailey: Fantastic love that. Start with what the client wants, not necessarily what, what you want.  

Alex Rodriguez: Absolutely. 

Tom Bailey: Okay, great. And the last question from me today is what is the one question that I should have asked that will also bring some great value to our audience?  

Alex Rodriguez: Yeah, so. I think we, didn't never got a chance to speak about our books and the publishing process and how important that is. If you want to be a thought leader in your industry, in your niche making sure that you publish what, what is actually your intellectual property and a lot about, I believe a lot in city in just promoting exactly who you are. And I believe that each one of us, we have value to give a particular and distinct perspective that is valuable in the industry. A lot of people that are experts in what they do quite frankly, they're like, well, do, does the world really need another book on marketing? Does a book really need another. There's a world really need another book on speaking or whatever the case may be. But the fact of the matter is that nobody can say that perspective as well as you can. When I put my books in the market, my books has been, have been bestseller in four different categories, two different languages required reading and universities. 

And when I was presented with that idea of writing a book, I had the same doubts. I was like, me, who am I to write a book, but I, I can see how. My, just my thought leadership in my perspective has made a difference in the world and is helping businesses achieve their goals as, as large or as small as wherever they are. And in any case, but just consuming those ideas and putting them into practice has made a difference according to many testimonials that we have been honored to receive.  

Tom Bailey: Absolutely. And what I'll do as well as I'll put links to both of those books in the show notes, people can get hold of those as well. So Alex, I want to thank you again so much for coming along and for sharing such great value in such short time without audience.  

Alex Rodriguez: Yeah. Thank you very much. And always here to help and say hi to your whole audience, and I wish you much success.