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How to Get REAL Results on LinkedIn Without The Boring Salesy BS! - With Sharon Murray

Mar 24, 2021

Tom Bailey, Founder of Succeed Through Speaking, Interviews Sharon Murray

Sharon is a LinkedIn confidence coach and LinkedIn Revolutionary. She coaches, business owners on all things, LinkedIn, but she does this with a twist and is on a mission to challenge the LinkedIn stereotype.

Why you've got to check out Sharon's episode:

- Discover how to stop feeling overwhelmed by LinkedIn

- Learn how to build your confidence on LinkedIn

- Recognise the significance of Clarity & Consistency

- Get access to the FREE 5C System to LinkedIn Success

- Discover why you shouldn't write your profile like a CV

- Find out what one piece of advice Sharon gives to all her clients

- How to make your profile all about your client, and not about you

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Tom Bailey: Hello and welcome to the Flow and Grow Expert Interviews. The place for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost business results.

Hi everyone. And a very warm welcome to another edition of Flow And Grow. I'm Tom Bailey and I'm joined today by the super helpful, effective and fun. Sharon Murray so Sharon. Hello, and a very warm welcome. So whereabouts are you in the world right now?

Sharon Murray: I'm in Northern Ireland.  I couldn't even begin to explain to you where it is, but it's basically about 20 miles outside Belfast if you were heading west.

Tom Bailey: Great. Perfect, beautiful. And obviously beautiful part of the world, but we're all trapped indoors nowadays. Aren't we? Because of COVID. So probably not able to appreciate as much as you'd like.

Sharon Murray:  Cause it is lovely. It was very frosty today. So that was my decision to not go for a walk. I was using another excuse for too frosty. I might fall.

Tom Bailey: So off the subject of Northern Ireland. And COVID interesting though, as they are, let's go to the object of Sharon Murray. Sharon is a LinkedIn competence coach and the host of clarity to client, the LinkedIn competence club. Now, if you've stalked Sharonas much as I have around the internet, you'll know that Sharon coaches, business owners on all things, LinkedIn, but she does this with a twist and is on a mission to challenge the LinkedIn stereotype.

So definitely somebody to follow. If you're interested in achieving success on LinkedIn and Sharon, thanks again for your time today. So our title today is how to get real results on LinkedIn without the boring salesy BS. And Sharon is going to show us how to do that in just seven minutes. So Sharon, your time starts.

Now question number one is who is your ideal client and what is the biggest challenge that they typically face?

Sharon Murray: My niche Tom is essentially working with female service based business owners. If I had to be really specific over 50, like myself. . I know you can't believe that, but I am. And the biggest challenge really is that they just feel so overwhelmed with like the, you know, especially The slightly older generation, we weren't brought up with social media.

So we fatal that we might be judged from the proposed site, special like them. And people think it's very professional and I haven't been to uni, so I couldn't possibly put anything because you know, wouldn't be the right standard. And I try to break all that dine and really build people's confidence, which is where the confidence part of, of my title comes from.

Tom Bailey: Perfect. Thank you

Sharon Murray: That's really the biggest thing that people struggle with.

Tom Bailey: Got it. Makes sense. Thank you. And question number two. What leads on from that is, is what impact does this lack of confidence or overwhelm have on them or the business?

Sharon Murray: For a lot of people, they, will either avoid the platform and they're missing a massive opportunity if that's where their ideal client is and or they try it, they quickly get fed up.

Because they really don't know what they're doing and they're just sort of winging it and then they're not getting results or it's like well this isn't working. So they just step away from it. And as I say, you know, if that's where your idea client hangs out, so you need to be there and you're missing that massive opportunity if you don't sort of learn how to use the platform properly and stick with it.

Tom Bailey: Great. Perfect. So, and just over five minutes left and we're on to question three. So we've got these business owners and the facing overwhelm and that possibly leaving money on the table by missing out on these opportunities.

So given that, what is one piece of valuable advice that you'd give someone and once they implement that it will solve that problem for them?

Sharon Murray: For me, the big thing on the word I always use with LinkedIn is patience it is a slow burner and it's not gonna happen overnight. And so you need to, to stick with it.

 You need to be consistent. And the way,  I tell people to work and how I work with my clients is just to really break it down. And the simple steps don't feel you have to do everything in one, go and stop looking at your competitors. Stop looking at your peers and thinking though they have it all together, and I don't because the likelihood is they're not doing it right. Either only 1% of people on LinkedIn are actually using it properly. So don't be following on what everybody else is doing. So it's just about following a really simple process.

Tom Bailey: Yeah. Yep. So following step by step guidelines being patient and not Trying to compare yourself to other people.

Who've probably been doing it for several years and still aren't doing it. Right? Yeah. So next question. Or I guess this is an ask what is one valuable free resource that you can direct people to that will help them with this problem?

Sharon Murray: Yeah, I have done an ebook Tom. It's my own proven formula that I use with my clients it's called the Five C system to LinkedIn success, which is essentially clarity, confidence, connection, content, and conversion. People can download that as they connect with me on LinkedIn. Put in the code word podcast. So I know that that's how you have gotten to know me is from listening to or watching the podcast and I will simply send the link.

Tom Bailey: Excellent. Perfect. So just to re reconfirm then, so connect with Sharon Murray on LinkedIn, and if you type in Sharon Marie confidence coach, and you will absolutely be able to connect with her, send the connection request and type in the word podcast. And then what will happen is Sharon will send you a a link to a landing page.

Yep. Perfect. And then you can download that ebook. Great. I think I'll, I'll go and download it myself, but we've got just under three minutes left and question five is what is the one question that I should have asked you that would have given great value to this audience?

Sharon Murray: The one question you should've asked me is what is the first step that I should take to create a compelling LinkedIn profile.

Tom Bailey: And what is it and what is it?

Sharon Murray: It is all about making sure your profile is about your client and not about you. I have done numerous posts on rounds and raves about stop writing your profile, like a saving, if it's for lead generation. Nobody is interested. Nobody cares if you went DNA, if you have a degree, if you've awards and everything, if you can do open heart surgery, nobody gives a fuck because all they want to know is I have a problem.

How are you going to solve it? And the story. So please, please, please make your profile all about your client. That should be the word you, you, you not, I, I

Tom Bailey: Fantastic. Perfect. Thank you. Makes sense. And now you've said that I've seen so many profiles, which are, I I I. Yeah, absolutely. Perfect. So we've got loads of time left.

We've got, we've got just two minutes left. And in question six is, what would you say is your greatest failure you've ever made in either life or in business? And what did you learn from it?

Sharon Murray: There's been that many, I couldn't even tell you which one that I'm going to go with. The biggest one, I suppose, is when I started that I started as a virtual assistant.

And in the early days as anybody does you sorta take on anybody and everybody, because you're like, well, I need the money. And I took on a guy, which I knew that was something that didn't sit comfortably with me. I have I had a failing on the bottom line was he never paid me. He still never paid my school with your gut.

You know, yourself, you have a failing. And I, I know what's really hard when you're coming from a place of scarcity, but try your best to stay true to yourself. Say, go with your gut instinct because it will be right.

Tom Bailey: Perfect. Great. Thank you. And in under 40 seconds how important do you think speaking and presenting is as a business owner, especially now and in 2021?

Sharon Murray: Well, this is, as you can probably tell incredibly new to me. But for me, I guess it's a way of, of giving back and showing others that you know, if you put your mind to something you can, you can really achieve it. So. You know, if I can have just sort of one portion as they're looking at me, I'm thinking, well at 52 she can do it I'll give it a go, then that would be great. If somebody was watching and going. Yeah. Just inspired me to do I'll go for it..

Fantastic, Sharon, thank you so much for your time. And looking forward to speaking to you again soon.