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How to Attract Perfect Clients With the Power of Your Words - With Maggy Sterner

Jun 04, 2021

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Maggy Sterner.

Maggy Sterner is a brand message coach and business coach. She helps small businesses, entrepreneurs, and business professionals clarify what they do, focus their niche, & find clear words to say attract perfect clients.

Maggy believes when you know who you are, the problem you solve, and the results you deliver - and you can articulate it online and out loud - you'll have a fulfilling business and consistent income.

Why you've got to check out Maggy's episode:

- Discover how Maggy helps coaches, consultants, creatives, graphic designers, authors, and what she calls the ‘woo woo’ crowd as well as business professionals who sell services not stuff.

- Find out their number one challenge which is that they struggle to articulate what they do in a simple straightforward manner. And how this goes back to a lack of clarity about what they offer, who their target audience are and what value they deliver.

- Understand the huge impact this has for her clients including having to work with clients they don't like, they don't know how to set boundaries and there is a lack of confidence when they speak about their business.

- How you will start to fall back in love with marketing when you know exactly what to talk about. You need to get clear on what you offer, who you serve and what is the problem that you solve?

- Why you need to be clear on both who your ideal clients are and who are not your ideal clients. And the best way to understand your client needs, by asking your current idea clients, what they need.

- Get access to Maggy's free Pitch Power Worksheet which will help you understand who you are, what you deliver and what value you deliver.

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Tom Bailey: Hello and welcome to the Flow And Grow Expert Interviews. The place for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost business results.

Hello, I'm Tom Bailey. And in today's episode, I'll be getting to know Maggy Sterner. Who's both a brand message coach and also a business coach. So Maggy, hello, and a very warm welcome to stays episode.

Maggy Sterner: Hi Tom. So nice to see you and meet you. Thank you.

Tom Bailey: Thanks for being here. And Maggie, whereabouts are you in the world right now?

Maggy Sterner: I live. I always just tell people I live in Washington, DC, but I'm actually in Maryland, like down the street from Washington. So, the DC area at east coast. 

Tom Bailey: Fantastic. Excellent. Well, let me just share a little bit more than about Maggy before we do get started. So Maggy helps small businesses, entrepreneurs, and business professionals clarify what they do. Focus on their niche and find clear words to say, to attract their perfect clients. The title for today's episode is How To Attract Perfect Clients With The Power Of Your Words. And Maggy's going to show us how to do that in just seven minutes. So, here's hoping here's open no pressure at all. Question number one is who are your ideal clients?

Maggy Sterner: Tom, my ideal clients are coaches, consultants, creatives, graphic designers, photographers, authors, journalists, healers, and what I call the ‘woo woo’ crowd. People who do intuitive medical, they're more spiritual. So on. I really love working astrologers for example, and business professionals who sell services, not stuff. I only work with people who do that.

Tom Bailey:  Fantastic. And what is the biggest challenge that all of those clients typically face?

Maggy Sterner: Number one challenge, and they struggled to articulate what they do in a straightforward, clear way. They don't know how to say it. They straight up lose their minds. When they have to answer the question, what do you do. The source of that inability to say it. Yeah, clearly just goes back to a lack of clarity about what they offer. They're unclear about their target audience. They're afraid to choose a niche, and most importantly, they're disconnected from the value they deliver.

Tom Bailey: Understood. And when you, when you can't articulate your message, what impact does that typically have on yourself or your business?

Maggy Sterner: Oh my God. It's huge. First of all, working with clients, you don't like. Yeah. And they're undercharging. They over-deliver, they don't know how to set boundaries with their business. There's a lack of confidence at the heart of their brand message. And they're always, and they hate marketing. It's like, oh my God, I don't want to market because, but if, once you have this clarity about what you offer seriously, like the real deal, the heart, the, the essence then marketing becomes fun because you know exactly what to talk about.

And it all goes back to what do you offer? Who do you serve? What's the problem you solve, that's your niche?

Tom Bailey: Amazing. I'm sure there's lots of people listening to this that can resonate with that. And if there was anybody listening, what's the one piece of advice that you'd give them to start them off on the journey to ask them clearly defining their niche.

Maggy Sterner: Well, number one, hire me, my workshop. Well, actually, seriously. The number one piece of advice would be, take a minute to sit down and really think who's my ideal client. Yeah, who's not my ideal client. I always think in columns, you have to know those two things and a niche. I describe a niche as the problem you solve for a target audience of know what problem you solve, know what results you deliver when you have those pieces and the way to find out that I'll give you a big secret. Just ask your ideal clients and write down what they say. Then everything you talk about becomes copy paste. Yeah. They will give you words to talk about

Tom Bailey:  Got it. Perfect. Thank you very much. And, and, and again, people listening what is one piece of resource or content or something you can share today to help them get started solving this problem?

Maggy Sterner: Well, I've got my pitch power worksheet, which takes people through the actual process to write in a conversational way. What to say. It's not about memorizing. It's about knowing. And I promise that when you go through this worksheet, you will know more about who you are and what you deliver and the value you deliver by the time you're done with it. And don't worry about not getting it. Perfect. Whatever you write is perfect. If you're telling the truth, that's the number one advice. Just tell the truth.

Tom Bailey:  Be authentic. Tell the truth. Absolutely. And that pitch power work book is available from website and I'll post the direct link in the show notes below this episode.

Fantastic. Okay. So slightly onto a, another topic. Now it's more about yourself. Maggie. What would you say is one of your greatest mistakes or greatest failures that you've made either in life or business and what did you learn from it?

Maggy Sterner: Hmm, let me count the ways. Everything has learning. I think the opera for me was not knowing my purpose and not knowing what my real job is here on earth. Yeah. I thought I was like, why would I bother to take another job? I don't know why. I don't know what my real job is. And I discovered that as a brand and business coach.

Tom Bailey: Perfect. And I guess for the people listening and again, you know, take the time to find out what is your purpose? What is your why? And you know, what is it you're passionate about and what can you help people with?

Maggy Sterner: Rocket fuel.

Tom Bailey: Yeah. Yeah, and that will, that'll get you up early and keep you working late as well. If you need to.

Maggy Sterner: When the going gets tough because it does sometimes

Tom Bailey: It absolutely does. Thank you so much. And the last question from me today is what is the one question that I should have asked you that will also give some great value to our audience today?

Maggy Sterner: Well, how, how, what do you say to people who are afraid to charge for their services, who are afraid to raise the rates? Yes. Yes.

Tom Bailey: Okay. What would you say?

Maggy Sterner: I would say double them right now, money is all made up charge what you want to earn, not what you need to earn. Expand your horizons, expand your mind about money. Money is just a made up construct, double your PR, double your rates. Fear. Just get over your fear. Notice what your mind says to you about it, and then raise your rates anyway.

Tom Bailey: And it it'd be amazing when you do get that first client at that higher rate. And you ask yourself, why did I not do this early?

Maggy Sterner: Yeah, exactly. It's all made up in your head.

Tom Bailey: Great, great piece of advice to end on Maggie. Thank you so much again for your time today. I really appreciate you coming along and sharing your message with our audience.

Maggy Sterner: Oh, and thank you for the invitation, Tom. So nice to meet you.