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How To Use Podcasts To Land Clients And Massive Referrals - With Steve Gordon

Jun 01, 2021

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Steve Gordon.

Steve Gordon is a 2-time entrepreneur, and bestselling author of Unstoppable Referrals: 10x Referrals, Half the Effort and The Exponential Network Strategy. He’s the host of The Unstoppable CEO podcast and has published over 400 articles on marketing and sales for professional service firms. His firm, The Unstoppable Agency helps consultants and digital agencies land great clients by hosting their own podcast and using his proprietary Podcast Prospecting Method.

Why you've got to check out Steve's episode:

- Discover how Steve is a hero to service business owners, that are experts at what they do, but have trouble balancing the marketing and selling side of the business as well as the delivery side of the business.

- Understand the challenge of balancing the pipeline and the amount of work you have on. And the problem that this creates for business owners never being able to find the freedom they are looking for.

- Learn how to really move the needle by thinking about system design to help you automate your marketing system which attracts new leads, attracts new strategic partners and nurtures your key prospects. And why you really need a team to help you build and maintain your system.

- Get access to Steve's book 'Podcast Prospecting' to use a podcast as a tool to get all of your marketing done in about an hour a week to get amazing strategic partners, as well as a pipeline of prospects.

- Find out what Steve learned about business and humility after going through a divorce.

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Tom Bailey: Hello and welcome to the Flow And Grow Expert Interviews. The place for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost business results.

Hello, I'm Tom Bailey, and today I'm very honored to be joined by Steve Gordon, who is a two times entrepreneur, best selling author and the founder of the unstoppable agency and unstoppable CEO podcast. So, Steve, hello and a very warm welcome to today's episode.

Steve Gordon: Hey, thanks, Tom. It's exciting to be here.

Tom Bailey: Yeah. Thank you so much. And whereabouts are you in the world right now?

Steve Gordon: I am in a little town called Tallahassee in Florida. The state Capitol and enjoying some warm summer weather.

Tom Bailey:  Amazing. Thank you so much. And just let me for a second, share a little bit more about Steve before we get started. So, Steve's firm The Unstoppable Agency helps consultants and digital agencies land great clients by hosting their own podcast.

And we're using his proprietary podcast prospecting method. The title for today's episode is therefore How To Use Podcasts To Land Clients And Massive Referrals. And Steve's going to show us how to do that in just under seven minutes. So, question number one today, Steve is who are your ideal clients?

Steve Gordon: So, we really exist to be a hero to that that service business owner, that professional, who went to school, they, you know, really are expert at what they do.

They might have had to take a test and get a license to practice their profession. And then they came out and they realized, oh my goodness, now I've got to go sell something. And they, they have trouble. You know, really balancing the, the marketing and the sales side of things and the client delivery, because they're the sales person, they're the CEO. And at the end of the day, they're the product that's being sold to. So, they go through these big swings and, you know, in their business because of it. And so that that's who we work with.

Tom Bailey: Fantastic. And what would you say is the number one challenge that they typically face in their businesses?

Steve Gordon: Well, the biggest challenge usually is, is that balance between, do I have enough in the pipeline or am I overwhelmed with the work that I have? And honestly, most people don't balance that very effectively. And so, you know, so that, that really is, I think that the fundamental challenge and the problem that it creates for them is that they are, they're never really able to get to a point of freedom in the business. You know, they're only making money when they're, they're working. There's only a pipeline when they're, when they're out networking and so it becomes a real struggle.

Tom Bailey:  Got it. Okay. So that, that sounds like the biggest impact for them is, is that, is that pipeline issue, like you said and ultimately, and therefore not enough revenue in the business as well. So, given that, what, what would you say is one valuable piece of advice that you'd give to somebody who's in this position to really help them move past that?

Steve Gordon: Well, the thing that we've seen really moved the needle for people is to really begin thinking in systems when it comes to business development, how do you create a system that can operate with very little input from you, very little time from you and produce results. So even when you're really busy, fulfilling all of those clients that you brought on doing all those engagements that maybe with an hour of your time a week, you know, and probably not much more than that, but you've got a marketing system that is nurturing all the people that, you know, that are our prospects, that's going out and, you know, attracting new leads and attracting new strategic partners and all of that at the same time.

Tom Bailey: Great. And, and is a lot of that automated then in the background.

Steve Gordon: Well, I mean, some of it can be automated. But for, for most businesses, I mean the, the idea of marketing automation is a really, you know, it's a great idea, very few executed very well. And, and for most businesses you need human automation, you know, so you need a team that can kind of support you and do all of the things that you probably shouldn't be doing as it relates to marketing all the technical stuff.

Tom Bailey: Yeah, it makes complete sense. Thank you. And so, for anybody listening to this podcast who resonates with this message, what is one piece of one valuable resource you might want to offer them so they can help start them off on this journey in the right direction?

Steve Gordon: Sure. So, I wrote a book a couple of years ago called Podcast Prospecting and it really describes how we use a podcast as a tool to really get all of your marketing done in about an hour a week. It allows you to connect with you know, with really great strategic partners who can refer you, allows you to go and interview potential clients and kind of jump past the gatekeeper. And so, in that book, I kind of lay out the whole process. So, I'd love to love to offer that to, to your audience and get it for free.

Tom Bailey: Yeah, thank you so much. And I've got a URL here, which we'll drop into the show notes, which is / flowandgrow. And I'll put that into the show notes. If they click that, they'll be able to get access to that book for free.

Fantastic. Okay. Thank you so much. And the next question is slightly off topic you could say. And that is what would you say is your personal greatest failure that you've ever made either in life or business? And what did you learn from it?

Steve Gordon: Wow. There's a long list. I think anybody who's been in business for very long could say the same thing. Yeah. You know, if we want to get real for a second my, my biggest failure is a personal one. I went through a divorce about 10 years ago. Yeah. And I, you know, I think in that process, I learned an awful lot of humility. And, and I got to know myself a whole lot better through that process.

Anybody that's been through it understands you know, but I also learned that, you know, even though you get to the bottom, there's always hope and there's a future. And that has, I think played a, a real valuable role in, in business as well. Always understanding that you know, all you can do is press ahead and make tomorrow better than today.

Tom Bailey: Yeah, love it. Great. Thank you so much for that share. And the last question from me today is what is one question that I should have asked you that will also add some great value to our audience today?

Steve Gordon: Well, I think you know, the, I get asked about podcasts a lot because we're known for that. And, and you know, the thing that, that people ask me all the time as well. How do I make money from the podcast? And don't, I need a really big audience and the, I think that's a big they mistake. And so, what I tell people is no, you really want to focus on the small audience. The way that you make money from a podcast is through the relationships that you make with the guests you bring on. And if you're able to build those relationships into strategic partnerships over time or client relationships over time, you can make millions from your podcast with a very small audience.

Tom Bailey: Fantastic. Thank you so much. Great advice. And I guess they can find out more about that in the book. So, again, I'll post that link into the show notes below and click on that, and then you can go and download that book for free.

So, Steve, thank you so much again for your time today and for sharing such great value with that audience.

Steve Gordon: You're welcome.