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How To Take the Icky & Scary Out of Sales - With Hugh Liddle

Aug 11, 2021

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Hugh Liddle.

Hugh Liddle is THE Sales Wizard at Red Cap Sales Coaching and Elite Sales Academy, where you can learn to make selling easy, fun and profitable. He specializes in helping service-oriented businesses, especially chiropractors, dramatically increase their conversion ratios, sales and revenues. Hugh’s sales training and coaching comes from over 51 years of in-the-field sales and sales management experience, so you get real life experience from his teaching, not just something out of a textbook.

Hugh is the author of Take the Icky and Scary Out of Sales, which is available in paperback or Kindle versions at He’s also a radio talk show host. His show, Sales Chalk Talk, is available on iTunes.

When Hugh isn’t teaching business owners and their teams, he’s home in Sebring, Florida with his wife, Priscilla, Jasmine the dog and Mooch and Minnie the cats. He has 6 children, 12 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren! He plays guitar and bass, sings, writes music and records it.

Why you've got to check out Hugh's episode:

- Discover how Hugh helps service based businesses, mostly chiropractors to enhance their selling capability or learn to outsource it.

- Understand the importance of hiring the right people to take care of the marketing and sales side of the business, so that they can get hands on with their clients.

- Hear what impact it can have on entrepreneurs and business owners who are trying to wear all of the hats in their business and how important it is to get a good balance between working and living.

- Why you should delegate and outsource and how this can actually help you earn more money, even if you are having to invest in the right people.

- How you can get access to a free sales strategy session with Hugh.

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Tom Bailey: Hello and welcome to Succeed Through speaking the place for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost business results.

Hello, I'm Tom Bailey. And in today's episode, I'll be getting to know Hugh Liddle, who is the sales wizard at red cap sales coaching, and also the elite sales academy is also the author of the ‘take, the icky and scary out of sales’. And he's the host of the stuff Chalk talk radio show. It's a huge hello and a very warm welcome to today's episode.

Hugh Liddle: My pleasure. Good to be here, Tom.

Tom Bailey: Fantastic. Thank you so much. And out of interest, whereabouts are you in the world? Right now?

Hugh Liddle: I am in Sebring.

Tom Bailey: Fantastic. Amazing. And I just wanna share a little bit more about you before we do you get started. So, cue sales training and coaching comes from over 51 years of in the field sales and sales management experience. So today you're getting real life experience from his teaching, not just something out of a textbook. The title for today's episode is How To Take The Icky And Scary Out Of Sales. And he is going to show us how to do that in just seven minutes. So, question number one for you today is who are your ideal clients?

Hugh Liddle: My ideal clients are really any service based business and I've kind of specialized in chiropractors actually. So it could be, it could be anybody, but chiropractors are the folks that I really love working with and they give such a, such a gift to the world and they're really fun. Good people.

Tom Bailey: Absolutely. And you may or may not get a free session out of it as well, but that's not the main point. So, the question I've got then is thinking of these chiropractors or any other business like that. What's the biggest session that they face?

Hugh Liddle: Well, most doctors and a lot of business owners. Don't really want to do the selling themselves and they don't really enjoy it. And they really would rather spend their time doing other things that are more important to them than the sales aspect of things. And so, one of the things that I try to encourage chiropractors, especially to do is hire a team of people who can take care of their marketing and their sales and other aspects of their business so that they can spend time hands on. Literally with their where their practice members and it works the same way for any service business that the CEOs of companies or business owners just really need to spend their time working on their business instead of just in their business.

Tom Bailey: Okay. Completely understanding. Let's say, for example, if a business owner was trying to do the sales and marketing, as well as everything else, what, what impact does that normally have?

Hugh Liddle: Well for one thing I, in my business for a long time, I wore all of the hats. All of them were red, but I did it so on. I worked five days a week, usually 12, 15 hours a day. And on the weekends and stuff, hanging out with my family and enjoying the time. I was sitting there with the computer on my lap, if you want to work Saturday and Sunday. And it just got, it really got to be too much. And fortunately, I hired a time task management coach. She had it's me to the point. I still work 12 hour days, but I only do it four days a week, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I am off I'm off the grid. I don't do anything business. On those three days.

Tom Bailey: Incredible. Fantastic. So yeah, it makes complete sense to get that that life, but work-life balance for them. So, anybody listening to this who hasn't quite got that yet, what's the one piece of valuable advice that you'd give them to really help them solve this problem,

Hugh Liddle: Delegate and outsource. And I have I have a wonderful marketing company that does all of my marketing. I do some writing and some video work and they take care of getting it up on the internet and they helped me. They send me a calendar every month of things that they need from me in order to do my marketing. They do it. I don't, I don't spend a whole lot of time doing my work. I have a gentleman in the Philippines who manages my LinkedIn page for me and does all of the connection requests and follow up messaging and posts, videos. And I don't have to do any of those kinds of things. And it has saved me just a ton of time that I can use working in other aspects of my business that are really more involved in revenue producing. Activity.

Tom Bailey: Yeah. Fantastic. Great advice for anybody listening to this episode. And then that's a question I've got then is what is something that you can offer or what's a valuable resource that you can give out to people to really help them get started with this challenge?

Hugh Liddle: Well, one of the, one of the challenges that I've had, just in addition to trying to do everything myself has been. Focusing on one thing. And in my past, I've sometimes tried to do more than one business at a time that out that I didn't do either one of them. Well, and the same thing with, with tasks, if I don't really stay focused, then yeah. I can spread myself very, very thin and try to do more than one thing at a time. And so, my definition nowadays of multitasking is doing more than one thing at a time, very badly. Yeah. So, so one of the best resources that I can recommend is a great book by Gary Keller, the CEO of Keller Williams, real estate, it's called the one thing. And it's about focusing on one thing at a time and, and figuring out what the most important thing is for you to be doing at any moment in time, and then focus a hundred percent on doing that until it's done and then move on next thing.

Tom Bailey: Yeah. That's some great advice. Thanks very much. And then in terms of contacting yourself or getting anything out, out or support from you, what, how would people find.

Hugh Liddle: is one place and place. If you'd like to have an hour up to one hour of my time and have a sales strategy session, talk about your business and your sales, and get some tips and strategies and that you can use right away and find out whether red cap sales coaching is a good fit. Doing coaching. You can go to bit.lywizard-strategy. And that's my calendar. And you can just book yourself down on the calendar and listen. It is a fun, friendly conversation. There's no charge for it. There's no, there's no obligation. There's no pressure at all. And by the way, we titled this episode, take the icky and scary out of sale. And that's exactly the kind of conversations you need to be having with people. If you want to take the icky and scary out of sale.

Tom Bailey: Yeah. I love it. Thanks so much for sharing those with us. What I'll do is I'll put those into the show notes below this episode, so people can just click on those and dive right in. So quick question for yourself then what would you say is one of your greatest either mistakes or failures that you've made either in life or business and what did you learn from it?

Hugh Liddle: Unfortunately, I think that the biggest mistake that I made early on in my life when my kids were growing up is that I was spending too much time working and not enough time with my kids. And that's if I have one regret in my life that is, yeah. Looking back on it is that I just didn't take the time that I really needed to take, to spend time with them. And if you've got kids. Be sure that you're, that you're really spending time with them and valuable time, not just that you're in the same room together, but really time can be communicating with them because it's going to be like that. And they're going to be growing up with families of their own. And so, take the time, make the time when you do have time.

Tom Bailey: Absolutely. That's great advice for any young entrepreneurs who are looking to start a family soon as well. So, the last question for me today is what is one question that I should have asked you that will also bring some great value to our audience today?

Hugh Liddle: All right. Well, the again, the title of this episode is taking the Vicky and scary out of sale. And so I just won't share with you my sales philosophy, and it goes a long way toward taking the icky and scary out of the process. And that is that it is not your job as a salesperson. To get other people to do what you want them to do, what you think they should do, or what you even know they should do. It's your job to help them do what they want to do and what your prospect wants is really the whole important thing in the sales conversation, ask good questions, find out what they want, and if you can give it to them, explain to them how they can have it. And you're a long way towards that. A positive buying decision without the icky and scary trying to twist people's arms and argue with them and shame them and you know, all the stuff from the old time sales from years ago.

Tom Bailey: Yeah. Yeah. And, and it's a much more enjoyable experience for both the person selling and the person buying as well.

Hugh Liddle: Absolutely.

Tom Bailey: Fantastic. Great, great advice to end on. I really appreciate that. So can you thanks again for coming along today and sharing such great value with that.

Hugh Liddle: Tom, thank you for having me on the show. This was a lot of fun.