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How To Make Yourself Irresistible To Money - With Morgana Rae

succeed through speaking tom bailey Nov 15, 2021

 Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Morgana Rae.

Morgana Rae is an international bestselling author, award-winning entrepreneur, and 7-figure mentor coach for 27 years. A favourite guest on television, radio and print, Morgana has guided tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, innovators, healers and humanitarians to heal the rift between heart, spirit and money… to save the world as only they can.

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Tom Bailey  00:07

Hello and welcome to succeed through speaking the place for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost business results Hello, I'm Tom Bailey and in today's episode, I'll be getting to know Morgana Rae  who is an international best selling author, award winning entrepreneur, and has been a seven figure mentor coach for 27 years now, as well as a favorite guest on television, radio and print. So Morgana, hello and a very warm welcome to today's episode.

Morgana Rae  00:45

Hello from over the pond. Nice to be here.

Tom Bailey  00:48

Absolutely over the pond indeed. Whereabouts are you in the world right now,

Morgana Rae  00:52

Southern California where it never rains.

Tom Bailey  00:55

It never rains quite the opposite to here in the UK where it always seems to be raining. Well, thank you very much for sharing that. And I just want to share a little bit more about you before we do get started. So Morgana has guided 10s of 1000s of entrepreneurs, innovators, healers, and humanitarians to heal the rift between heart spirit and money to save the world as only they can. The title for today's episode is how to make yourself irresistible to money and Morgan is gonna show us how to do it in just seven minutes. Yeah, no pressure whatsoever. Question one today is who are your ideal clients?

Morgana Rae  01:36

My ideal clients are the Hermione Granger's like the smartest person in the room. Well, that guy in the corner is getting all the credit. Sometimes I call them my Athena women, because they're super smart. They get stuff done. But sometimes they're so far ahead, that they feel like space aliens and people don't understand them. But they are world changers. And I love to play with them.

Tom Bailey  02:01

I love that Hermione Granger's of the world never heard that one before. And what would you say typically the biggest challenge that these people face when they start to work with

Morgana Rae  02:09

you, what they think the biggest challenges is that they're hitting their money, their money ceiling, and I'm some of them are like on public assistance. And some of them are already making six and seven figures, but it's too hard. Or they're it's getting in the way of relationship or lifestyle, or they hate what they're doing. And they're exhausted. So that's why they think they come to me, but what we really change when we change the relationship with money and life gets easier because our relationships get easier. They value themselves more, and they have a better relationship with life. And they have more impact.

Tom Bailey  02:45

Got it? Yeah, fantastic. And money is such a powerful energy so late, and it can be used for negative or positive. So what impact does this challenge they have have on them or their business?

Morgana Rae  03:00

Well, in my experience, all of our money challenges, and I've coached clients with hundreds of millions and billions of dollars, who are stressed out to almost have more to lose. But what I found on any end of the spectrum, is it's never really about the money. It's always what's behind the money, what money represents, which is always issues of am I lovable? Am I worthy? Am I safe? And when we dive into those, it changes your money experience where you can make it and keep it with less drama, but also all your relationships get better. And sometimes physical ailments go away too, because it's our relationship with ourselves in life.

Tom Bailey  03:43

So I guess Yeah, one thing I just reflect on, then what you're saying is, it's almost like money is linked to the human needs. He said, safety, love warmth, you know, even the Maslow's hierarchy of needs maybe is in there somewhere. Wow. It's very,

Morgana Rae  03:57

it's like a metaphor for life because it has its fingers in everything. Like, you know, where we live, who we have access to our freedom to like practice our spirituality and philanthropy. Yeah, yeah. I

Tom Bailey  04:11

love that. And yeah, great, great topic and to dive into so what would you say is for somebody listening? Who is possibly starting to feel like they're resonating with this message? What's the one piece of advice that you would give them to really help them start to solve this in their

Morgana Rae  04:24

life? Well, I call this process alchemy. So it's the transmutation of lead in human experience into gold, spiritual and material. So the first step is to take off your law of attraction positive thinking positive vibration hat, because we want a polarity leverage, like a slingshot. We need to create that tension. Do you want to go into everything that isn't working first, because that be the motivation to like rewire your psyche and make a change that sticks and when we get enough of what makes me feel unlovable unworthy enough They we personified as the monster. And it's like a person who has it in for you and has been torturing you your whole life. Not just money, but things like parents and friends and lovers and business and anything that is just made life not good. We pin it all on the monsters so you can get rid of it. The first step to being irresistible to money is slaying the monster that's in the way.

Tom Bailey  05:25

Love that fantastic and characterizing it creates that divide, I guess from what's new, and what's the thing that's holding you back. So for anyone listening in that wants to find out more they want to learn more, watch some of your videos, let's say what's the one resource that you can share with people to help them start to dive into this in more detail,

Morgana Rae  05:45

I would start going to my website at Morgana I have loads of free material, hundreds of articles and videos on my blog. But get started with the free four part money magnetic video series, it'll go not only into the Money Monster, but the money honey, the opposite of the monster who loves you and wants to stay with you. So I start with the video series. Also, there's a really great quiz on the homepage to kind of curate my recommendations on your next step based on your current circumstances in relationship with money. So just go to Morgana Ray comm you will find everything there, including me.

Tom Bailey  06:29

Amazing. So my next question is I always like to ask this one because it finds out about some of the reasons why you do what you do. And that question is what would you say is one of your greatest either mistakes you've made in this space or key learnings? And what did you learn from it?

Morgana Rae  06:44

Well, first of all, I failed spectacularly at money. I had the great education, I had half a dozen certifications, I had movie star clients mountains of testimonials, the tagline the website, the brochures, way back decades ago, when we had paper brochures, I had all of it. And I was struggling to make $100 a month in Los Angeles, which is like one crazy. And I kept taking classes getting more certifications, and I wasn't moving the dial until I accidentally changed my relationship with money. I had a coach who said if your money was a person who would your money be when I was in the pits of despair. And I suddenly saw this terrifying guy who repulsed me who I needed to keep distance from. And that's the moment that I that my relationship with money became real, and I could do something about it. So I failed at everybody else's stuff. And I had to come up with my own. And the next day, I got four clients double what I'd ever charged before. And it was like the universe just picked me up like a cat from the scruff of my neck and said, This is what we're going to do. And I said, Okay,

Tom Bailey  07:55

I love it. Huge. And I love these stories. Because you know, a lot of coaches, they were their first clients, you know, they took themselves on this journey now. That's why they're so passionate about sharing this with the world. So yeah, that that shines through. And and the last question for me today is what is the one question that I should have asked, but clearly didn't that would also bring some great value to our audience today?

Morgana Rae  08:17

What is the connection between money and love? Yeah,

Tom Bailey  08:20

I'd love to find out. What is that?

Morgana Rae  08:22

I think you can't separate the two when we don't have money. We feel unloved by the universe, the way people treat us is totally different. So I think that is always the deepest, deepest level. And when we are feeling unloved and abused, it's so painful that it's like we build up walls to protect ourselves. That's why we unconsciously push money away. By the way, we could say the same for love. If we've had our heart broken, we push away what we're consciously pursuing, unconsciously to protect ourselves. And then it's like all this money all this love that wants to come in, is being held off, which is why results can happen so quickly and so dramatically. By the way, I did the same process on my relationship with love. I was 45 years old, never ever ever married, met my husband two months later, and we are 25 deep into getting married 100 times in 100 countries. Oh that I've had been building up. Yeah,

Tom Bailey  09:21

amazing. What a journey you've been on and like you said, you know, this is what's helped you now really reinforce it for your clients as well. So, Medina, thank you so much again for your time today for coming along and sharing such great value in such a short amount of time with our audience. I loved it. Amen on time. I doubt it.