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How To Make More Impact With Purpose Led Marketing - With Sophie Turton

succeed through speaking tom bailey Jan 25, 2022

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Sophie Turton. 

Sophie Turton is a communications expert and the co-founder of The Joyful, a brand and marketing agency for movers, shakers and change makers. She’s passionate about the power of business to make the world a better place and believes in purpose-led marketing. 

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Tom Bailey  00:07

Hello and welcome to succeed through speaking the place for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost business results. Hello, I'm Tom Bailey. And in today's episode, I'll be getting to know Sophie Turton, who is a communications expert, and the co founder of the joyful who are a brand marketing agency for movers, shakers, and of course, change makers. So, Sophie Hello, and a very warm welcome to today's episode.

Sophie Turton  00:44

Hi, Tom, thank you for having me.

Tom Bailey  00:46

Absolutely no problem at all, just out of interest for some of our global listeners, especially whereabouts in the world are you right now.

Sophie Turton  00:53

Right now I am in the beautiful city of New York.

Tom Bailey  00:56

I incredible. I love that city. And I wish I could get up there a little bit more often. It's gorgeous. But thanks for sharing that. And I want to just share one last thing about you before we do get started. So Sophie is extremely passionate about the power of business, to make the world a better place, and believes in purpose led marketing, which is what we are going to be talking about today. The title for today's episode is how to make more impact with purpose led marketing. And Sophie is going to show us how to do that in just seven minutes. So question one, no pressure at all question. And one today is who are your ideal clients?

Sophie Turton  01:36

So you've summed it up pretty well, Tom, and our ideal clients are purpose driven, conscious businesses, who are doing more than just selling a product or service. And they really want to leave a legacy and make a real difference. Whether that's a micro difference, or a macro difference in the world in some way.

Tom Bailey  01:57

Absolutely makes complete sense. And it's when you think about all of these different clients that you work with, is there one thing that normally comes up as the biggest challenge that they're all facing right now?

Sophie Turton  02:09

Well, there's quite a lot of different challenges that businesses we work with face. And I think one of the real key ones is balancing that drive that got them to start the business in the first place, which is usually in response to a challenge that they see in the world that they really passionately want to support, you know, be the change for Yeah, and so balancing that with being a profitable business, because we don't just work with charities and nonprofits, and also really being an integrity as they grow to that core value in that core vision, while at the same time, again, creating a business, which, as I'm sure you, as the audience know, is really challenging. And so we work with businesses to really support them to look at the big picture and to take a really holistic approach to their marketing brand and growth strategy

Tom Bailey  03:04

in a completely different growth perspective, because I guess, you know, as your business grows, the costs are increasing constantly, and then you have to bring in more and more revenue. And at what point does that greed start to come in? And how do you try and keep your core in place it yeah, very challenging.

Sophie Turton  03:21

I know, we've only got seven minutes. I'm just gonna catch you on that. Because it's not usually it's not greed, it's fear. Yeah. And I think probably that you've just calculated it that one of the biggest challenges that my audience face is fear, the fear of getting it wrong, or the fear of their idea not being good enough, or, you know, whatever the fear of not being able to pay the bill was whatever.

Tom Bailey  03:43

Understand. Yeah, completely, completely makes sense. And, yeah, I get that. And so I guess, when you think about this, this fear, and this balancing act between keeping true to the original purpose and the business growth, what impact can that have on them or their business

Sophie Turton  04:00

keeps them small. It's so incredible how many amazing business leaders and amazing entrepreneurs keep themselves small because of this fear. And because I think also because we still exist in I would call it an old paradigm way of doing business, which tells us to be super cutthroat and super, just success orientated that a lot of the time that doesn't always feel like there's a clear way through for someone who's leading and growing a business from their heart. So as a result of that, you can really become quite trapped in in this fear or in this not knowing how to move through, not knowing how to get your vision and your mission in front of the right people and enrolling them in growing your business and and at the same time, your vision.

Tom Bailey  04:48

Yeah, I understand that. And I guess there's a lot of external pressure from companies that are trying to talk about, you know, double your income and, you know, make more money implement these funnel strategies so that you You can get more customers through the door. And there's a lot of external pressure. And sometimes you can fall into that shiny object syndrome of marketing strategies.

Sophie Turton  05:09

Yes, yes. And that is something that we very much advise against it the joyful,

Tom Bailey  05:14

absolutely. So what would you say is that one valuable piece of advice that you might give somebody that really helped them solve this problem?

Sophie Turton  05:22

This particular problem, I would say, Trust yourself, trust that you know, your market that you know, your area of expertise, and that your voice matters. And we obviously work in in brand and marketing. So we're all about supporting businesses and their leaders to become more visible within this space. And the first and most important part of that is the mindset of visibility. And the mindset of, I deserve to be heard, and I've got something to say. And when you can unlock that, then you can really access a really authentic part of yourself that pulls people in like a magnet in a way that you just couldn't believe. So it really is, for me that the kind of key thing really is just find a way to move past that fear so that you can show up as your most expansive self with that really important message that you have that got you to start this business in the first place.

Tom Bailey  06:24

And there's something authentic as well isn't showing up and speaking your true purpose, even if that's part of you thinks people may not believe this, or people may not buy into this. But I'm going to show up anyway. Yeah, and

Sophie Turton  06:37

I mean, as you said, and I loved how you put the inflection on it, change makers, change doesn't happen from people just following the status quo. Like it's impossible for it to happen from people following the status quo. So in doing that, in being that change maker, we're gonna naturally ruffle some feathers, because humans generally don't love change. So it's kind of that that balance between being comfortable and confident enough in your conviction that you just go for any way, and keep coming back to that really important why?

Tom Bailey  07:11

Absolutely. And I'm gonna just add one question to throw this in there. Just the topic of the podcast, and a lot of the listeners of this podcast, have in the back of their mind public speaking, and how do I have the competence to go out and speak and present if I'm not very confident speaker? So do you have any tips or advice for these business owners that may have a fear of public speaking as well?

Sophie Turton  07:34

Yes, I am a really big believer that confidence is not a personality trait. It's a skill. So the more that we tell ourselves that we're not confident, the more we're preventing ourselves from learning that skill. And it sounds so trite, because it's just like what everyone says, but it's so true. Find ways to do it anyway, even when you're terrified. And it can start with something really, really, really small, like, just had an even just bringing people that you trust into a room and talking to them about the thing that you that matters most to you. And then bit by bit, you'll learn that, actually that the fear that you're experiencing is completely natural, but isn't going to turn into something catastrophic. And you can build on that until the point that you are scared. I'm scared. I was scared before I came on this podcast. Yeah, you feel it. You listen, you listen to it, and you go, you know, you can do this, that you you are passionate and being there out there in the world is so important to realizing your mission.

Tom Bailey  08:35

Great. And if you make a little mistake, it's okay. You'll learn from it in your survive.

Sophie Turton  08:40

Sure, people don't like perfectionists. Like I've never ever looked at someone who's positioning themselves as perfect and flawless. I relate to you. Because none of us are perfect.

Tom Bailey  08:51

Exactly. Exactly. Fantastic. Thanks for that. And the next question I've got for you is, what would you say is one valuable resource or somewhere that you can point people who want to find out more about this and get involved,

Sophie Turton  09:04

about more about moving through the fear, I I actually really, really, really, really rate Brene Brown, and there is an incredible, she's got incredible resources and incredible TED Talk, which is all around the power of vulnerability and the importance of vulnerability. And so I would, I would start there. And I would also look for as many opportunities to join groups of like minded people. We have one, which I'll send you the link to, and or you can find it through our website. There's loads and loads of different resources out there where you can find people and build this confidence with people who are also doing what you're doing.

Tom Bailey  09:52

I love that and you mentioned the website you should let us all know that web address and I'll make sure that shared in the show notes as well.

Sophie Turton  09:57

Sure it Sam we are the joy dot com.

Tom Bailey  10:01

Perfect, we are the I'll put that in the show notes, you can find out about all of those resources and the academy that you offer as well. So next question is what would you say is one of your greatest key learnings or mistakes or failures that you've made either in life or business? And what did you learn from

Sophie Turton  10:18

it? I have I've made so many mistakes. I would say probably again, in on on this theme, it was around not believing in myself and not believing that I was worthy. And that has really stopped me from going for my big bold vision from pushing myself out of my comfort zone for fear of what other people might think about me. And it's also created because of insecurity, it's created some inauthentic ways of communicating with with people that I have worked with in different contexts, that has left both myself and that person feeling very disempowered. So this is why I'm so passionate about the importance of working with our own sense of self as a business leader. And that being the first and most important part of being a leader. And the mindset comes in at every stage of your growth as well.

Tom Bailey  11:20

Perfect. So authenticity mindset, so important in this in this space. And last question for me today is what is the one question that I should have asked you that will also bring some great value to our audience? How can

Sophie Turton  11:33

businesses change the world? Okay, I'd

Tom Bailey  11:35

love to know how can

Sophie Turton  11:38

Wow, business, I really believe that business is an A one key capitalism is the reason that we're in the state that we're in at the moment, where money has become more important than people and planet and community and collaboration and connection. So if businesses have caused the problem, then they must also be the solution. And for me, that looks like thinking and being really honest with yourself about how integrity, integrity you are in every single part of your business functioning. So marketing and branding is just the tip of the iceberg. It's just the talking of the talk, are you walking it to? Is every person who's working with you, or for you, or in your periphery, experiencing joy when they're coming into contact with you? And if they're not, that's okay. We're not perfect. We've already established that. But how can we be accountable for that? And how can we use our authenticity to build better connections and grow business in a more joyful way, which is really what we stand for as a business too.

Tom Bailey  12:44

Incredible what a powerful note to end on. And Sophie, thank you so much again for your time today. I really appreciate that answering such great value with that audience.

Sophie Turton  12:52

Thank you, Tom. And thank you for watching as well.