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How To Make It Happen! - With Holly Grahn

Jun 04, 2021

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Holly Grahn.

Holly Grahn is a high performance coach who helps people find their edge so they can achieve all of their goals and lead their best lives! She says - Why not have it all?

Why you've got to check out Holly's episode:

- Discover how Holly helps people that want to make it happen, who have a big goal that they want to achieve and those who are not living to their full potential. Holly helps people achieve the success that they want to have in their lives.

- Learn the biggest challenge of limiting belief systems whereby her clients are typically standing in their own way due to fears and self-sabotage.

- Understand the huge impact this can have on people when it disempowers us to take the action we know that we need to take. These fears can prevent us from reaching the goals that we want to reach.

- Learn the biggest piece of advice which is to really understand yourself, your beliefs and your mindset. Once you know what the limiting beliefs are that you have and are holding you back - you can start to find ways to shift out of these belief systems.

- Get access to Holly's new Make It Happen program which is a free workshop taking a deep dive into those road blocks that people have and how to move past them. Find out more on Holly's website or via Facebook using the links below.

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Tom Bailey: Hello and welcome to the Flow And Grow Expert Interviews. The place for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost business results.

Hello. I'm Tom Bailey. And in today's episode, I'll be getting to know Holly Grahn. Who's a leading edge, high performance coach. So, Holly, hello, and a very warm welcome to today’s episode.

Holly Grahn:  Thank you. Thank you for having me.

Tom Bailey:  I really appreciate you being here. And whereabouts are you in the world right now?

Holly Grahn: I'm in beautiful Colona, BC.

Tom Bailey: Amazing. Thank you so much. And let me now just share a little bit more about Holly and before we get started, so, Holly helps people find their edge so that they can achieve all their goals and lead their best lives. And so, like I say, why not have it all the title for today's episode is How To Make It Happen. And Holly is going to show us how to do that in just under seven minutes. So, question number one is who are your ideal clients?

Holly Grahn: My ideal clients are anybody who wants to make it happen who has a goal that they really want to achieve a big goal. Some dreams that they want to achieve, and maybe they're not quite living up to their full potential.

They know they could do a little bit more. So, anybody who wants to level up their life and get there and just live their best life. I really help people achieve the success that they want to have in their lives. Why not have it all?

Tom Bailey: Why not exactly. And when you work with your clients, what's typically the biggest challenge that they face before they start working with you.

Holly Grahn:  The biggest challenge often is a limiting belief system that they have from perhaps their past or what have you. So, a limiting belief system, usually they're standing in their own way. For some reason, procrastination, self-sabotage, fear. Fear is a big one. I find that. And then you had a lot of that does relate to limiting beliefs that, that we have, or like the mindset that maybe just needs to be tweaked or shift shifted.

Tom Bailey: Yeah. Got it. Thank you so much. And when you put these limiting beliefs, these fears, what impact does that typically have on someone's business.

Holly Grahn: Has a huge impact? Has a huge impact. It's, it's very disempowering. Because we know that we are capable of more yet. We're holding ourselves back. And sometimes we don't know why, like a lot of people feel really stuck and really frustrated. They say, I'm just not motivated or I'm lazy, but that's not true. What it is they're usually afraid of something. And there it's, the fear is so big that it's almost paralyzing, so it can really stop them from reaching where they want to be. And financially like financial stress is huge, especially right now. People would just get kind of stuck, get kind of complacent and maybe even their health starts to deteriorate as a, as a result as well.

Tom Bailey: Yeah, and we definitely don't want that. So, if anybody's listening to this podcast and they resonate with this message, what is one piece of advice that you might give to them to help them start on this journey of overcoming these fears or limiting beliefs?

Holly Grahn: Absolutely. The biggest piece of advice I can give is to really understand yourself and really understand your beliefs and your mindset. Really journal it, write it down, take the time to really dive into what your fears are. What are maybe some of the limiting beliefs that you have that maybe holding you back out of the time? A lot of people feel like they're not good enough. I find that's really, really common. So, what is it or I'll never make it. So, what is it that's holding you back and find a way to shift out of that.

Tom Bailey:  Yeah. Yeah, of course it makes complete sense. And thinking of that then. So, I know you've got obviously a lot of experience in this area. So, what is one resource or piece of content that you could offer people to really help them start on this journey?

Holly Grahn: Absolutely. Well, I'm super excited. I just launched a Make It Happen program. It's a free workshop. I'll be hosting a few of these, and it's basically going to take a dive into those roadblocks that we tend to have, which are self-sabotage procrastination fear, and then how to be as productive as we can. So, I'll be taking a deep dive into the common ones that I tend to see and the workshop is going to be fairly soon in the next month or so. So, you can, you can contact me on my website or you can find me on Facebook the events on Facebook as well. So, I'm super excited about that. I'm actually gonna be launching a group coaching program after that to kind of help people strategize. And we're going to build a community where we can help each other achieve those goals. And I also offer a free breakthrough session as well. So that's free, it's on the house and we can kind of explore what's going on. Just have a little chat.

Tom Bailey:  Yeah. Excellent. Thank you so much. And what I'll do is I'll post the links to the, the session, your website, your Facebook page in the show notes below the podcast. So, people can just click on that and they can dive in and book that. Excellent. Awesome. And just for reference, we're recording this episode in June 21. So, the web class or the workshop will be going live in July and end of June, early July 21. Okay. Okay. So, the next question is really a personal question about yourself, and I want to know what a greatest failure or mistakes that you've made either in life or business and what you learned from it.

Holly Grahn: Absolutely. It's not holding myself capable and really believing those naysayers. So, as I was building my business, not really fully diving into it or not really going after it because. I wasn't holding myself capable and not necessarily valuing myself as a coach, especially being a new coach. I've been doing it six years now. So obviously I've managed to overcome that. But especially when I started, it was sort of like working part-time jobs and working part-time in the business because I wasn't believing it and kind of accepting sort of not really making it. So, I had one foot in the sand, one foot in the water. I couldn't run, I couldn't swim. And I guess it really narrows down to those beliefs about ourselves. That's huge.

Tom Bailey: Yeah. Brilliant. What, what key lesson that you've learned over those years? And the last question from me today is what is one question that I should have asked you that will also bring some great value to our audience today?

Holly Grahn: Excellent. So, what my client's blind spots would be a lot of times there's a theme in the blind spot, and I would say the biggest blind spot that I commonly see is that people sort of. We're taught to we have a business, or we have a dream that we have to just go for it and go full speed ahead, which is good. It's good to have that passion and that drive. But I think what we miss is that we don't take care of ourselves. So, we put ourselves last, we let our sleep suffer. And when we let our sleep suffer, our productive time actually suffers. So, we're not actually any more productive. It's like we're putting the quantity time in, but the quality time is gone. And so, the biggest blind spot that I see is that that self-care needs to happen. So, the proper sleep and the proper exercise, and even taking time for the people to spend time with the people that you love. Right. And that you care about because that'll actually give you the energy you put into your business or whatever goal that

Tom Bailey: Yeah. Great tip for entrepreneurs that are working late into the evenings. Busy busy, busy. Don't do it. Don't do it. Get that right balance. Awesome. So, Holly, thank you so much again for your time today and for sharing such great expertise with our audience.

Holly Grahn: Thank you for your time. Really appreciate it.