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How To Leverage Your Warm Network To Meet More Qualified People for Your Business - With Bill Dooer

May 28, 2021

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Bill Dooer.

Bill helps his clients build, implement and maintain a proven SYSTEM that helps them: get more clients, and earn more money by design.

His coaching program helps his clients to see more people than they are now, see more profitable people and follow up to grow revenues.

He’s an ATD-certified coach who built his career in sales and marketing positions that reflect his passion for helping people generate referrals and grow revenues.

He likes to say, “Thanks to the internet and a headset, I can work with clients anywhere, anytime to help them grow their business by design, not accident!”

Why you've got to check out Bill's episode:

- Learn how Bill helps clients who earn a living by solving problems for other people.

- Understand the number one challenge that entrepreneurs have which is not seeing enough of the types of people that they can and want to support.

- How this will create a significant impact on the lifestyle you want to live if you are not able to help the volume of people you know that you can help.

- Why building systems to build by design, instead of accident, you can consistently create a pipeline of your ideal clients coming towards you.

- Get access to an introduction module from Bill on how you can Get More Preferals Now for free.

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Tom Bailey: Hello and welcome to the Flow And Grow Expert Interviews. The place for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost business results.

Hello. I'm Tom Bailey. And in today's episode, I'm joined by Bill Dooer, who is an ATD certified coach with a background in sales and marketing. So, Bill hello, and a very warm welcome to today's episode.

Bill Dooer: Thank you, Tom good to be here.

Tom Bailey: Thanks so much. And Bill, where whereabouts are you in the world right now?

Bill Dooer: I'm in the states right in between New York city and Boston. So, in New England,  near enough to Canada, but not quite in it.

Tom Bailey: Yeah. Excellent. Thanks so much. And let me just quickly dive into the subject of Bill then for a second. So, Bill helps his clients build, implement and maintain a proven system that helps them get more clients and earn more money by design. His coaching program helps his clients to see more people and more profits for people and follow up to grow revenues.

The title for today's episode is How To Leverage Your Warm Network To Meet More Qualified People and Bill's going to show us how to do that in just under seven minutes. No pressure now, right. Your first question is who are your ideal clients?

Bill Dooer: All right. Well, the ideal client for me is somebody who's earning a living by solving problems for other people. Typically, people, they’re called clients rather than customers and who are doing so by applying their problem solving expertise.

Tom Bailey: Perfect. And thinking of these clients that you talk about, what's the biggest problem or challenge that they typically face?

Bill Dooer: Probably a lot of the entrepreneurial, small business consulting types have, and that is seeing enough of the right kind of people to make the numbers they want by the end of the year.

Tom Bailey: Yeah. Got it. Nice and concise. Thank you so much. And by not seeing enough people, what impact does this typically have on them or their business?

Bill Dooer:  I'm going to say in a word lifestyle. You know, we, we live the way we can afford to live well, unless you're not sure in America, in which case you might go a little nuts and the other way, but no, seriously, you have to be able to afford the lifestyle you want.

And if you don't have enough of the right kind of people in your pipeline on a regular basis you're going to have a problem making the decline numbers you want and living the style of life you wish.

Tom Bailey: Yeah. Excellent. Thank you so much. And so, would you say that a lot of your clients are those lifestyle type businesses whereby they are, you know, making that income to help them live the lifestyle that they want?

Bill Dooer: Yeah, like I say, think of anybody who's, you know, biggest asset lies between the ears and above the shoulder blades. And that's what they're bringing in to work every day. And that's what they used to make money every day. Yes. So those expert type businesses.

Tom Bailey: Okay, great. So just thinking of those people, then what's one valuable piece of advice that you might give them to help them solve the problem that they currently face.

Bill Dooer: Well, I think that, it's the thing that I, I work with a great company out of Australia named Systemology and the whole concept of building systems to do things by design instead of by accident. It's important in my system that I use primarily with my clients is a system for getting introduced to people.

Who look like their best clients who can best understand desire and afford their services and do those introductions through people who know love and trust you. If you do that more by design than by accident consistently, rather than erratically and sporadically, you'll have a pretty good lifestyle.

Tom Bailey: Fantastic love that advice, systemize and do things by design rather than accident. So. What is one valuable free resource that you might be able to share with this audience today to really help them move in the right direction.

Bill Dooer: A good resource would be complimentary take the first section of a program we offer, which is I'll get more referrals now on a referral is a preferred introduction, not a referral, but an introduction to somebody who fits a certain profile that would look like the kind of person see who can best understand value, desire for your services. And that's something we've offered them.

Wouldn't have to have you go to one. I think you've got the link to that. 12. Ready?

Tom Bailey: Yes. Excellent. Yeah, I've got that. So it's And I'll put that link in the show notes below so people can click that dive right in.

Bill Dooer: Good man.

Tom Bailey: Excellent. So much and moving slightly onto another topic. Now, the next question is what would you say is your personal greatest failure that you've ever made either in life or what did you learn from it?

Bill Dooer: Wow. Oh, I'm going to say two things. Okay. One is. Partnering with the wrong person and partnering for the wrong reasons.

Tom Bailey: Okay. Great.

Bill Dooer: I'll give you a quick insight to that. Sometimes we, we think that need partners and I usually say now if you feel that way, I just lay down like a feeling probably don't. If you do get people who have very diverse and complimentary skills to you, but who share as common a vision as you possibly can.

A lot of times, if you get two guys want to ride around in the truck and fix pipes all day, nobody wants to do the books or do the marketing. They're not going to have a very successful plumbing though. Right? So, it's the same thing. Make sure you get the right people for the right reasons. You're going to pay a price.

Tom Bailey: Fantastic. And I'm assuming you've learned that through experience.

Bill Dooer: Yes, I have, unfortunately. So, I'm sharing that and hopefully nobody will have to go through what I did. Thank you so much.

Tom Bailey: And the last question from me today then is what is one question that I should have asked you that will also get some great value for our audience today?

Bill Dooer: Hmm. Well, I would have asked what’s the story of the busy bee and the busy bee is a story of my mom shared with me when I was younger. I used to ask her, she was in real estate, sold a lot of listings. And I said to her, you know, mom, how do you, how do you get clients? And she said, well, you know, I go out and I, I do things for people and I'm kind of cause, well, here's what it is, Billy.

She was 91, you know, you're still Billy. Right? She said, I I feel like everybody in my life is like a flower, my garden. And I'm the busy bee who flies amongst all the flowers and keeps them all happy. Right. And I want you to remember something Billy and I said, yeah, well, what's that mom? She said, deal with the Mo the bee with the most pollen on her, but usually has the most.

Put in the bank. Yeah. And I, and I thought, I hadn't, that's a very good lesson that you said and don't you ever forget? So, I haven't, but that's a good lesson for all of us to keep in mind being of service and providing value. Generally, generates value that comes back to your tenfold. And I found that to be true in my life.

Tom Bailey: Amazing I saying, love it. I might even change the title of this episode to you know, the story of the busy bee. I love that.

Bill Dooer: Whatever you wish you go for it.

Tom Bailey: Great. So, bill, thank you so much again for your time today. I've really enjoyed finding out about both you and your business.

Bill Dooer: You've been a gracious host and I appreciate the opportunity. Anytime, anytime.