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How To Generate High-Value Clients Through Publishing Your Own Book - With Vikrant Shaurya

Aug 04, 2021

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Vikrant Shaurya.

Vikrant Shaurya is the CEO and Founder of Helps entrepreneurs, coaches, and experts skyrocket their businesses and build authority in any expertise by writing a best-selling book.

Why you've got to check out Vikrant's episode:

- Discover how Vikrant helps Entrepreneurs, Experts, Thought Leaders, Speakers and professionals who have amazing ideas and an amazing message to share with the world but don't have the time to sit down and write a book.

- Learn how his clients typically want to establish authority, credibility, enhance their positioning, and ultimately attract new clients through their expert branding.

- Understand the impact of not being an authority including not being known, your ideal clients going to your competition, and not being able to secure speaking opportunities.

- The one piece of advice Vikrant gives his thousands of clients which is not to start with chapter one when you are writing your book, and the importance of creating a book outline or plan.

- How to get access to the free Checklist to creating your own bestselling book.

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Tom Bailey: Hello and welcome to Succeed Through Speaking the place for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost business results.

I'm Tom Bailey. And in today's episode, I'll be getting to know Vikrant  Shaurya who's the CEO and founder of best selling So, Vikrant, hello, and a very warm welcome to today's episode.

Vikrant Shaurya:  Hey Tom. Thanks for having me.

Tom Bailey: Absolutely. And whereabouts are you based? 

Vikrant Shaurya: So currently I'm in India. There's a place nearby Mumbai. It's a lovely place, like surrounded by mountains. Right now, as it's raining, it's a really beautiful here.

Tom Bailey:  Incredible. Thank you so much. And I just wanna share a little bit more about you before we do get started. So, Vikrant helps entrepreneurs, coaches, and experts to skyrocket their businesses and build authority in any expertise by writing a best selling book. The title for today's episode is how to generate high value clients through publishing your own book. And Vic is going to show us how to do that in just under seven minutes. So, question of one today is who are your ideal clients?

Vikrant Shaurya: So, I think our audience are going to be completely similar as it mentioned before as well. So, entrepreneurs, experts, speakers, thought leaders professionals. Maybe who have amazing ideas, amazing message to share with the world, but really don't have the time to sit down and write the book or don't have the skillset to write the book. So, these are the people who are my target clients.

Tom Bailey: Perfect. And what would you say is typically the biggest challenge that they face in business?

Vikrant Shaurya: Yeah. Sure. So, as I'd mentioned that they really want to write the book because they want to share their message to the bigger audience and why they want to do that because they want to maybe establish their authority.

They want to build their brand. They want to get more coaching clients or maybe get more customers for their business, whatever their goal is. They want to take their message out, right. And writing a book and really help them do that. So, several years ago, Brian Tracy, said this, that if you have to establish your authority, then you have to become an author because in authority would the first few literal combines it become, it is an author.

So, if you are an author, people see you, people perceive you as an authority on that topic. And writing that book is going to be definitely a kind of a shortcut to what you want to achieve in your business. Right? Whether it is again, building a brand getting more clients. Getting more customers for your business or spreading a message out. So, whatever it is, like writing a book and really become a shortcut to achieving that goal.  

Tom Bailey: Excellent. And I guess if they're a business owner and they don't have the authority or they don't, they're not well known in their industry, what impact does that typically have on them?

Vikrant Shaurya: So, in case if they're not an authority the first of all, like most of their clients, most of these people, like they're going to go to their competition. Right? So, for example, if you're a speaker, right, it really becomes really simple. If you're an author on any certain topic to get on a stage, right. If you're a best-selling author, maybe on any certain topic then and for example, like if any event is going on and maybe three people are reaching out to that even to become a speaker and just one out of them, Oh, one is not, not an author.

The second is a, just a published author. The third one is a best-selling author. Definitely that event organizer is going to go with the bestselling author or the second preference is going to be a published author because they somehow perceive they see those people as a authority on that topic. So, if you are, if you haven't written a book, if you haven't established authority by writing your book, people like opportunity, like I'm going to go to your competition. Got it. Not you. So this is going to happen.

Tom Bailey: Yeah. Makes complete sense. Thank you so much. And what is one valuable piece of advice that you would give to somebody then if they want to start on this journey of creating a book?

Vikrant Shaurya: One of the first step is, and I have seen after helping thousands of clients, that whenever they start writing a book, they start Chapter one. Right? And then they start writing it. And of course, they get lost or they start procrastinating because they don't know where to start, where to stop. And this is a problem. So, as we start a business, we always come with a business plan. Right. We know exactly who's going to be your target clients. Exactly what kind of a features we are, our products are going to be offering. So, everything combines becomes a business. Exactly same in the book writing or publishing process as well. You have to come with a book plan or in this case, the book plan is going to be the book outline, right? And before you start a book, outline what I call, like what I help people is creating an outline quadrant and outline code and consists of four elements.

What's your main book idea? The second is why you are writing the book. Who is going to be the target readers. And the fourth is poke of the book, how the book is different from the other books in the, in the market. And if you know these four elements, then of course, it's going to help you with the Outland quadrant, which is going to help you create the book. And once you have the book outline ready, then it's going to be really simple journey for you to actually write the book. And of course, do the other steps as that affects it.

Tom Bailey: Yeah. In fact, if you're just filling in the blanks once you've got that plan. Exactly. Okay, perfect. So, the next question is what is one valuable resource or where can you point people if they want to get started or if they want any help with writing that book?

Vikrant Shaurya: Sure. I think they're going to be two type of people who are going to be listening to your podcast. The first is going to be people who have the financial resources to invest in a professional service company. So, what we do is we help entrepreneurs, experts, thought leaders, speakers turn their ideas into a best-selling book, even when, even when they don't have the time or skillset. And we do that with our done for you book writing, publishing marketing services. Like the company is based in United States and almost all the writers and editors there's also from states. So, they will take your idea, take your message, take your story and turn it into a best-selling book. Right? This is a speciality.

So, if for those people like who want to hire a professional service company, then they can simply go visit bestselling Hundreds of testimonials and case studies over there, they can check it out, understand that process, and they can book a call with one of our author strategists who is going to understand your book idea, your publishing goals, and then help you to with your publishing journey. Then they are going to be people like who don't have the financial list. They like for them, like I have a checklist for them so they can, they can simply go to bestselling They can download this checklist, printed out, paste it on their wall and then start working on their publishing journey. It's going to make the entire publishing journey very, very easy, because it also comes with a blueprint for disciplines, how to use this checklist. So yeah, these are the two resources.

Tom Bailey: Excellent. The bestselling or bestselling I'll put both of those links into the show notes as well, so people can click on those and get started. Okay. Quick question about yourself then. Obviously, you've had a very interesting journey I'm sure. So, what would you say is one of the greatest either mistakes or failures you've ever made either in life or business and what did you learn from it?

Vikrant Shaurya: So many years ago when I dropped out of the college, I started my first year. And I didn't make only one mistake. I made plenty of mistakes in the, in the short span of six months. I one of the first mistake, which was that I made was of course, when I took some loans from a friends and families was I hired so many employees. I hired seven or eight employees in the first week and I was 18 year old and almost all the employees they were in late thirties or early forties, and it was kind of a very difficult to manage them at the same time. The problem was, I really was not sure. About what's going to be the business. Got it. And I hired all of these people and now they were waiting for me that what they have to do, they were not developers, content writers, graphic designers, and they don't know, they didn't have any clue.

And within six months, of course, I completely ran out of money. I didn't have money to pay them. I had to shut down the company. So, this was one of the biggest mistake. And I'm seeing that nowadays, of course, if I'm going to. Connected to the book industry what people make mistake is of course they start writing the book without knowing exactly what's going to be the book. Got it. Right. As I'd mentioned that they don't start with a book outline or a book plan, they don't start with a book idea why exactly. They want to write a book and who's going to be the target readers, because they are eventually the people who will be getting the benefit out of the book. And what's the hook. They're going to be thousands of books out there, how your book is going to be different from other ones. And if you are going to be coming up with these four elements, if you really have clarity or really specific answers of these four elements, then it's going to be make your entire publishing journey. Very, very easy.

Tom Bailey: Fantastic. And I guess, like you said, there's a clear analogy there of creating a book is like creating a business and you need to have that clarity either way before you get started. Thank you. And the last question from me today is what is the one question that I should have asked you that will also bring some great values our audience today?

Vikrant Shaurya: Sure. So, one question would be of course, like, just because my company's name is best-selling Maybe you could have asked that how, of course, somehow, if people will be able to write the book, then what's the next step and how to make it a bestseller. So, if you talk about a bestseller, a best-selling book, then there are three or four different. Places where you can make a book, a bestseller. The first is going to be of course, the most prestigious one, which is New York time bestseller to hit New York time bestseller. You have to get around 20,000 sales within the first week. And of course, you have to do so many things and still there's no guarantee then comes the wall street journal or USA today, bestseller to hit bestseller on these platforms.

You have to get around 5,000 to 7,000 sales in a week. Luckily like My company provides the services. Like we provide guarantee that your book becomes bestseller on these platforms. And there's also one platform called Amazon bestseller. It is not very complicated. Like of course it's just a simple science. So, you have to figure out. That category, which is not very much competitive. There are some tools out there like publisher rocket through which you can easily find out the categories. For example, if you're writing and publishing book in entrepreneurship category, you can easily find out with the help of publisher rocket, that how many sales, the number one book is getting in entrepreneurship category.

If you're, if the number one book is getting maybe 500 in sales in one day, then your goal is to get more than 500 sales so that, so that you are broken out, crank the number one book, and you can become a bestseller on Amazon. We also offer that services. So, depending on the day requirement, depending on their needs, we have different types of services that you provide. And of course, whether you haven't started writing a book or whether you have completed the book or whether you have already published a book, we had the services to take your book to the next level. So, this is the thing which I just want to do

Tom Bailey: it. Awesome. Sounds incredibly useful. Thank you so much again for sharing all of that with our audience. Really appreciate you being here today.

Vikrant Shaurya: Thank you so much, Tom.