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How To Flip Your Client Attraction Switch - With Jeanna Gabellini

Mar 25, 2021

Tom Bailey, Founder of Succeed Through Speaking, Interviews Jeanna Gabellini

Jeanna Gabellini is the founder of Master Peace Coaching and has spent the past 25 years as a business coach and knows exactly how to make client attraction easy without doing the stuff you hate. 

Why you've got to check out Jeanna's episode:

- Find out why it's so important to connect with your network in the early days of starting a business

- Discover the More Clients Now Template and the daily actions you need to complete to attract more of your dream clients

- Find out why sticking to your strategy is critical and why you should avoid shiny new objects in business

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Tom Bailey: Hello and welcome to the flow and grow expert interviews. The placed for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost business results.

Hello, I'm Tom Bailey. And today I'll be interviewing Jeanna Gabellini, who is the founder of Master Peace Coaching. So Jeanna, hello and a very warm welcome. Whereabouts in the world are you right now?

Jeanna Gabellina: I am in sunny, Northern California.

Tom Bailey: Amazing. And I can tell just in your window there, the sun's glaring through the window.

Beautiful. Okay, great. So onto the subject then of Jeanna and Jeanna has spent 25 years as a business coach and knows exactly how to make client attraction easy without doing the stuff you hate. So definitely somebody should follow if you're interested in attracting more clients into your business. Now, Jeanna, thanks again for your time today.

And the title today is how to flip your client attraction switch, which Jeanna is going to show us how to do in under seven minutes. So Jeanna, just like a game show, your time starts now. And question number one is who are your ideal clients?
Jeanna Gabellina: My ideal clients are. People who are coachable. People actually want to take the advice and run people who understand entrepreneurs, who understand that while strategy is important, the mindset is just as important because the mindset feels a strategy.
You can't have one without the other, or it's like a house of cards and the whole thing falls down. Yeah.

Tom Bailey: Perfect. Thank you very much. And what's, what's typically the biggest challenge that these entrepreneurs have.

Jeanna Gabellina: I think that everybody makes up that client attraction is hard. I think people make, make up all sorts of stories because either that's what they've experienced in the past, or that's what they've seen.
Other people tell them, you've got to do 20 million things. If you want to attract clients, especially online, you have to do all the things you don't have to do. All the things you have to just do a few things in the few things that you can actually sink your teeth into when you're excited about it.

Cause if you're excited about it, Then you'll be willing to tweak them. You'll be willing to learn. You'll be willing to play the long game instead of, Oh my gosh, it didn't work. I tried for 30 seconds and I didn't get play it so clearly that doesn't work.
Tom Bailey: And, and sometimes it's really difficult to stay focused on that one thing.
Isn't it? When there's so many shiny objects as a new strategy and new social media platform. Yeah.

Jeanna Gabellina: Yeah. It's like clubhouse right now. All my friends are on clubhouse and I'm like, I don't have time. How do these people have time? Do they not have fun in their life? What are they doing? I can't do it right now.

I want to, I just can't, I don't have time. And if I don't have time, then I'm not supposed to be doing it.

Tom Bailey: All these distractions and shiny things. What's typically the biggest challenge that, that, that creates. And what's sorry, what's the biggest impact that has on their business

Jeanna Gabellina: of trying to do all the things they don't do anything.
Well, I think you can't, you can't create a solid client attraction strategy. Without marinating and it, without sculpting it without tweaking it, I don't care if it's online or you're just going to networking meetings, which is how I built my business. But it's like, how can you give it the time it needs to practice to switch things up, to find out what's not working about it.
I think we just throw out we're not doing anything well, and we'd need to do just a few things really. Well. It doesn't mean perfect. It's just, wow.

Tom Bailey: And, and it's great. You mentioned about starting off by networking and sometimes as a startup, we fall into the trap of having to try and build the whole thing before we actually start speaking to people and, and, and, and one of the guys that I follow, it always says the more you connect, the more you collect it's really about, it's about connecting with real people out in the real world.
Isn't it?

Jeanna Gabellina: Yeah, we don't need to have everything in place. You don't need a website. I mean, all the things are great. Don't get me wrong. But I had a six figure business before I had like some cool website website to get clients. Is it helpful? Yes. But it really is about people, you know, people knowing that there's kind of an open sign out there and it's like, here we are, we're open.

Let me show you what we

Tom Bailey: have. Yeah. Perfect. And, and if you could give one single piece of valuable advice to somebody in this position, what, what is that? It's really helped them solve that problem.

Jeanna Gabellina: I think that you have to also look at, it's not just about strategy of getting clients. It's all the things we think about money, all the things we think about pricing our offer, do we believe it's incredibly valuable.
You have to see yourself and what you're doing is so freaking awesome. Then it's like this big surprise party for your potential clients that you were that excited for, what they're going to receive. So you don't have all this head trash in the way. When you're trying to execute a strategy or talk to a human being in front of you, that you can actually help.

Tom Bailey: Got it. Yep. Got it. Makes complete sense. And just on the back of that then, so we spoke before, have you got something of value, like a valuable free resource that you can offer people to really help them with that problem?

Jeanna Gabellina: Yes, it's called more now and more clients now and it's, it's an exercise that you do every day.
It won't work unless you use it and you can't just use it once. It's about getting your head in the right space so that all you have to do sometimes without even changing the strategy without implementing another thing, it's changed, what's going on in your head. And then the whole thing. Changes the impact of what every single strategy you're doing.

You can't tweak the strategy when you got head trash going on.

Tom Bailey: Yeah. And, and that more clients now I'll make sure that I share that link in the, in the notes and also in the, in the links on YouTube as well. So people can grab that straight away. Now, I always like to ask this question a little bit of curve ball, but what would you say is one of the greatest failures that you've ever made either in life or in business?

And what did you learn from it? Okay.

Jeanna Gabellina: We only have one minute, so I got way too many, but I think the biggest thing that I, the biggest failure I ever had, I thought it was a failure. I think I thought I had this big online launch. It went backwards and I thought, Oh my God, I'm June. The rest of my year is just going to be horrible.

I'm not going to make any money. I maybe I'm just not fit to be a coach. This was like after 20 years of business. Yeah. What a bunch of malarkey. It just one thing that happens that sets you back, even if it's a complete foam doesn't mean anything about what's going to happen in the next month. It's like, have you have your little side and silver grieve a moment because you can create something amazing in the next moment.


Tom Bailey: Perfect. Perfect. And that, and that, you know, that, that as entrepreneurs, it's that decision, or just go back and get a job, you know? Was this a bad mistake, but like you say, keep moving forwards and it will work out in the end. Great. And finally, what's one question that I should have asked you that would also give great value to our audience.

Jeanna Gabellina: Oh my I, you probably asked it, I don't remember what the first question is, but I think the biggest mistake that people make is thinking now, I need to ask it. I have a different, I have a different response. I think that one of the big mistakes that people make, especially now in the online world, which wasn't really a thing when I first started my business is I think that we are listening to other people more than we are ourselves.

Like if an expert says, this is the way that you should do it, we don't question it. We should be always running everything through the filter of how does this feel to me? Does this align with my values? Does this align with like my excitement level? And it's like you listen, listen to mentors. Of course, listen to people at Google and YouTube of course, but put it through the filter so that you have your own, like putting your own special spin on it in a way that feels good.

So you can be excited about it. Otherwise you're just blindly following someone. And th that strategy may not work for you because you don't color outside the lines.

Tom Bailey: Yes, exactly. No. And that's a real perfect note to end on. And like you said, if you can apply that through your own filter, that'll make a huge difference.

Cause there's so much advice and information out there, but it's got to be right for you as a, as an expert yourself. Great. Perfect, Jeanna, thank you so much for your time. It was great to meet you and I'm really looking forward to getting this message out there.