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How To Boost Your Brand Without Breaking The Bank - With Maureen McCabe

Sep 20, 2021

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Maureen McCabe.

Maureen McCabe is a high-performance marketing consultant and business growth expert with over 20-years’ experience developing and executing powerful marketing strategies and programs that activate sales growth and expand market penetration.

In strategic marketing leadership roles with IBM Canada and Gallup Canada, Maureen built a track record for defining brand distinctiveness and aggressive marketing strategies in the toughest and most competitive markets. She has brought this expertise to bear as Founder and Principal of her own marketing consultancy, McCabe Marketing.

With a proven track record in the small business market and as an entrepreneur herself, Maureen has a profound appreciation for the challenges that her clients face.

Maureen is an award-winning expert in both business-to-consumer and business-to-business markets, and has built a career track record for helping companies achieve massive growth.

“McCabe Marketing is the first marketing company that really understood our business and requirements. Experience, connections and insights are top notch.” Sheila Lindner, President, Octacom Canada

Why you've got to check out Maureen's episode:

- Learn how Maureen works with established business owners who typically have between 5-50 employees

- The biggest problem they have is time and expertise and the challenge to attract enough customers and leapfrog their competitors.

- Why it is so important to attract qualified leads, put the right marketing strategies in place and therefore increase revenue.

- She provides advice on how to find the best expertise to help you grow your business.

- Gain access to free resources on Maureen's website which covers common errors that business owners make.

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Tom Bailey: Hello and welcome to Succeed Through Speaking the place for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost business results. 

Hello, I'm Tom Bailey. And in today's episode, I'll be getting to know Maureen McCabe, who's the founder and principal of her own marketing consultancy, McCabe Marketing, and has built a career track record of helping companies to achieve massive growth. So, Maureen, hello and a very warm welcome to today's session. 

Maureen McCabe: Thank you very much, Tom.  

Tom Bailey: And can you just share with me and the audience whereabouts you are based? 

Maureen McCabe: I'm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  

Tom Bailey: Fantastic. Thanks for sharing. And I just want to share a little bit more about you before we do get started. So, Maureen is an award-winning high-performance marketing consultant and business growth expert with over 20 years experience developing and executing powerful marketing strategies for her. The title for today's episode is How to Boost Your Brand Without Breaking The Bank. And Maureen is going to show us how to do that in just seven minutes. Okay. So, your first question today then is who are your ideal clients?  

Maureen McCabe: Established business owners? Typically, they have anywhere from five to 50 employees. Right.  

Tom Bailey: And what would you say is the biggest challenge that they typically face?  

Maureen McCabe: They don't have the time or expertise. Sorry, they tend to outsource their marketing and they don't get to that point until they feel that they're not attracting enough new customers and they want to leap over their competition.  

Tom Bailey: Understood. Then I guess this is a big challenge for lots of businesses not been able to attract enough customers. So, if that happens, what's the biggest impact that will occur for them?  

Maureen McCabe: There'll be getting a lot more leads and hopefully they're qualified leads so they can help boost the revenue.  

Tom Bailey: Okay, perfect. So, if they put the right marketing strategies in place, they'll be able to increase the leads and therefore increase revenue makes complete sense. So, if somebody wants to fix this in their business and get started, what's the one piece of valuable advice that you might give somebody to help them solve this problem?  

Maureen McCabe: Engage your professional and experienced professional and doing your home. Look at the internet, how are they positioning on Google? Look at their social media, their LinkedIn, and of course study their website.  

Tom Bailey: Yeah, absolutely. So, it's all about really understanding their message, their market and how they fit into the industry as well. So, do you have a valuable free resource or is there anywhere that you can point people to help them get started? 

Maureen McCabe: Yes. Here's an example of how you can boost your brand. The free book on my website is called ‘Errors That Business Owners Make’. So basically marketing mistakes.  

Tom Bailey: Got it. It's common errors that business professionals make, and they can find that on your website, which is And what I'll do for you Maureen is I'll post the link to your website and that free resource in the show notes. Okay. So quick question for yourself then obviously been in business for a long time. Now, what would you say is one of your greatest either learnings mistakes or failures you've made either in life or in business? And what did you learn from it?  

Maureen McCabe: Well, I can tell you that what I said in 2012, when I was interviewed on Canada's national TV show called CTV. Yeah. I got talked out by my graphic designer when I created my first website. By not putting my phone number in the top right-hand corner, the website. So, if you want people to call you, you got to make it easy. Don't make them do an extra clicker too.  

Tom Bailey: Excellent. So, putting that front of mind always works in this case. Fantastic. Okay, brilliant. And the last question I've got for you today is what is the one question that I should have asked you that also brings some great value to your audience?  

Maureen McCabe: What do I do that's different? That stands out different from others. So, here's two things on the back of my invoice. I have a bio and what's unique about that is I've actually got two clients from accountants who were looking after the books. One of them had not even checked with the client. He said, I saw two invoices in three weeks. So obviously you were good. Yeah. The other thing is, is being able to say. And a lot of people aren't comfortable doing that. And so, I came up with this now we're in Canada, a okay. It says, I'm sorry. It's a speech bubble. Oh, there it is. And on the back it says you won't be sorry when you hire McCabe, mark. And then a lot of people are kind of flipped with their spouse or their partner. And so, what I've found is coming up with little humorous cards like this, it's an icebreaker, because quite often when I'm meeting with the business owner, they're a little bit uncomfortable. And so I have this one and it says. Yes, dear. And so, in the back, I have no ruling eyeballs here. We'll listen to your needs and exceed your expectations. McCabe I don't even have my name, my number, my email address. It's a teaser and it really works well. Excellent point that have done things similar to that for icebreakers, when they've had prospect of clients come to their location. 

Tom Bailey: Excellent. That's your unique take on the business card and the guests, just for those podcast listeners, Maureen's just held up a couple of cards, which said some unique and humorous grips on there. So, Maureen, thank you so much again for your time. Stay for those bits of value that you shared with us and also for coming along and sharing your expertise. 

Maureen McCabe: Thanks very much, Tom. I really appreciate being chosen on your show today.