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How To Be BOLD In Business - With James Kademan

Jul 15, 2021

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews James Kademan.

James Kademan is the author of The BOLD Business Book, The Awesome Book and You Got This. He owns Calls On Call Extraordinary Answering Service as well as Draw In Customers Business Coaching. He also chats entrepreneurs up on his podcast, Authentic Business Adventures.


Why you've got to check out James's episode:

- Discover how James typically works with service based business owners who are in a struggle in their business.

- Learn the biggest challenge they typically face of either working way too hard for little in return or just not having fun anymore.

- How a struggling business can challenge relationships, balance, health and happiness and how important it is to take a moment to clear your head and think about the prison you have built yourself into.

- The importance of readdressing where you want to get to in your life and take the bold action to get you heading back in that direction.

- How to get access to James free audiobook using the link below:

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Tom Bailey: Hello and welcome to Succeed Through Speaking the place for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost business results.

Hello, I'm Tom Bailey. And in today's episode, I'll be getting to know James Kademan, who's an entrepreneur podcast host and also the author of three books, including the Bold Business book. So, James, hello and a very warm welcome to today's episode.

James Kademan: Hey Tom. Thanks for having me. I'm excited.

Tom Bailey: I really appreciate you being here. And whereabouts are you in the world right now?

James Kademan: I am in the Midwest of the U S so right outside of Madison.

Tom Bailey: Fantastic. Wonderful. Thank you so much. I'm just gonna share a little bit more about you before we do get started. So, James owns call, call extraordinary answering services while his draw in customers' business coaching. And in his spare time, he loves to chat with entrepreneurs on these podcasts calls, authentic business adventures. The title of today's episode is How To Be Bold In Business. And James, is going to show us how to do that in just seven minutes.

James Kademan: I better hurry.

Tom Bailey: Hurry. No struggle, at all. You'll be fine. So, who are your ideal clients?

James Kademan: I typically work with, for all my businesses, service-based business owners that are typically in somewhat of a struggle or a challenge with their business. Maybe they're a good painter electrician, massage therapist, whatever it is that they're doing. They decided to start their business for freedom. And then they find themselves working more than they did when they were an employee and probably making less money. So those are ideal candidates for us to work with and help.

Tom Bailey: Perfect. And what would you say is typically the biggest challenge that they face in their business day to day?

James Kademan: Typically, they're either working way too hard for little in return or, and this is arguably the most important one, they're just not having fun anymore with their business. Kind of part of the reason to do it.

Tom Bailey: Got it. And by not having fun, not earning enough, what impact does that ultimately have on them or their business?

James Kademan: Oh, it can challenge relationships. It can challenge just your, your drive. Your health can go down. There's a whole stress level, depression. We've seen all kinds of problems, but just generally speaking, they're not enjoying life.

Tom Bailey: Yeah. Got it. So, let's think of somebody listening to this episode, they're resonating with this message, what's the one piece of advice you'd want to give to them to help them really get started on this.

James Kademan: Yeah, I would have them just take a moment, even if it's just going to a coffee shop or going for a motorcycle ride, whatever it is they do to clear their head. Just take a second and just think about essentially the prison that they have built themselves into. It's very common. We are very good as humans at building our own prison. Not knowing that there's a door that we created in there. Just think about this prison and say, Hey, where do I want to be with my life? And is this business helping me get there? If it's not. You gotta change something instead of just wishing and hoping that something's going to change, you got to take the action, be bold, so to speak and actually do something.

Tom Bailey: Yeah. Ultimately there may be a difficult decision to be made or, you know, an empowering decision either.

James Kademan: Oh, absolutely. Yeah. Arguably both right. Same thing.

Tom Bailey: Yeah, of course. Great. Thank you. So, what is one valuable resource or guidance you can share with people to help them get started on solving this?

James Kademan: I would say we can start with, oh, we got that link. Let me find the link here. It's game-changer. It's a free audio book version of the bold business book. It's split up by chapter. So very easy to listen to. I'd like to say fun to listen to. And most importantly, it'll, it'll help you with your business. I've not had one person tell me I hated this book. I hope someone would tell me that if they didn't play it

Tom Bailey: Worth a listen or read that that's game-changer. And I'll put that into the show notes as well. So, people can get it.

James Kademan: I appreciate that, Tom.

Tom Bailey: Yeah, no problem. Okay, great. OK so quick question about yourself and that is, what would you say is one of your greatest either mistakes or failures that you've ever made in business? What did you learn from it?

James Kademan: Oh man, it's tough to point to just one, because I've made a lot of mistakes, but I suppose, arguably anybody here. What I used to experience was you experienced a failure and you think that you are the person that failed when in reality, a lot of times you made the decision, which may or may not have been the best decision in the world, but there's a lot of other elements that come into play that can cause us quote, unquote, failure, so to speak. So, my thought process has changed from. I failed to this action or this decision failed. And the rule is you figure out what did you learn from it in the end? Education is expensive and a lot of times failures, that's just education. If you're not failing, you're probably not trying hard enough. And you're standing still fantastic. Yeah. You look for failure as. I don't want to say a goal, but a lot of times that's how I know that you're moving.

Tom Bailey: Yeah. Fantastic. I love that piece of advice. Great. And the last question for me today is what is one question that I should have asked you today that will also bring some great value for our audience?

James Kademan: Oh boy. I like to, I like to think of peoples a quote or a mantra or a mantra. However, you want to say it, or some thing that they say in their head routinely, whether it's daily, hourly, or biweekly. That's just kind of keeps them on task or something. Somebody told me, he just would say it at the most opportune times and every time he'd say it, it had a different meaning. And what he'd say is life is all about choices, and sometimes you'd be looking at a menu and sometimes you'd be in front of a real estate transaction. That would be pretty expensive. It's risky endeavor. And so, it helps you think about what are the, what are the options, but it also says it's not a have to thing, it's a get to thing. You have choices and opportunity. So, the fact that we have the choices is great, incredible.

Tom Bailey: We should be celebrating that. Perfect. Well, great piece of advice to end on. Thank you so much. And thank you so much again for your time today. I really appreciate you coming along.

James Kademan: Yeah Tom,  this was awesome. I appreciate it as well.