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How To Be A Profitable Podcast Guest - With Kristin Molenaar

May 17, 2021

Tom Bailey, Founder Of Succeed Through Speaking, Interviews Kristin Molenaar

Kristin Molenaar is an entrepreneur-enthusiast who lives by the mantra "work less + make more". She enjoys helping entrepreneurs ditch vanity metrics for true, profitable connections. She's the CEO of YesBoss, an agency that helps entrepreneurs elevate their visibility + influence as a podcast guest, so they can scale their business without becoming a full time marketer.

Why you've got to check out Kristin's episode:

- Discover how Kristin helps entrepreneurs that typically serve an entrepreneurial audience including service providers, agency owners, coaches and consultants.

- Understand the challenge of constantly working in the background to become a credible authority, creating a tonne of content and the frustrations that comes from trying too hard to brag about yourself to get people to listen.

- How the constant churn of content with minimum engagement can be demoralising as a business owner or entrepreneur.

- The importance of not being a silo and how to get out there and facilitate ways to meet other entrepreneurs so that you can be a valuable asset to one another. The sooner you can get out there and forge better business relationships, the sooner you can grow your business.

- Get access to Kristin's 10 minute masterclass which covers the three steps to increasing your visibility and credibility as a podcast guest.

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Tom Bailey: Hello and welcome to the Flow And Grow Expert Interviews. The place for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost business results.

Hello, I'm Tom Bailey. And in today's episode, I'm honored to be joined by Kristin Molenaar, who is an entrepreneur enthusiast and the CEO of Yes Boss who lives by the mantra, work less and make more. So, Kristin, hello, and a very warm welcome to today's episode.

Kristin Molenaar: Thankyou for having me, Tom. I'm excited to be here.

Tom Bailey: Thank you so much. And whereabouts are you in the world right now?

Kristin Molenaar: I am in Scottsdale, Arizona. So, I'm in the States.

Tom Bailey: Fantastic. Thank you so much. And let me just get into the subject off Kristin a little bit more then. So, Kristin enjoys helping entrepreneurs, ditch vanity metrics for true profitable connections.

She helps her clients to elevate their visibility and influence as podcast guests so that they can scale their business without becoming a full-time marketer. The title for today's episode is How To Become A Profitable Podcast Guest. And Kristin is going to show us how to do that in just the seven minutes.

Question number one today is who are your ideal clients?

Kristin Molenaar: My ideal clients are entrepreneurs that typically serve an entrepreneurial audience. So, there's a lot of us. For me it looks like service providers could also be agency owners, coaches, and consultants, but specifically serving the entrepreneur audience.

Tom Bailey: Fantastic. And when you think that this specific audience, what is the biggest challenge that they typically face?

Kristin Molenaar: The challenge that they face is they are constantly working in the background to try to establish themselves as a credible expert. So, you know, this usually looks like pushing out a ton of content, really feeling like they're battling with the algorithms, trying to meet people and attract their ideal client.

And so, at the core of that, it's really that the struggle is a lack of visibility and. Credibility. So, they're trying to do it all themselves and it can be really frustrating to be the only one that's trying to brag about yourself and get people to listen. 

Tom Bailey: Got it. Perfect. And, and what impact does that typically have on their business?

Kristin Molenaar: Well, it can be demoralizing, I think, to feel like you're doing all the things to try to get your name out there and feeling like you're trying to tell people, ‘Hey, I'm good at what I do. You should work with me or you should listen to me.’ That can be kind of demoralizing. And for me, you know, I feel like when I was struggling with that, it really gave me a lack of confidence.

And you know, that ripples into finances, like financially our businesses aren't doing as well as we would like them to do, because we're not gaining that traction that we need in order to, you know, add to the bottom line.

Tom Bailey: Yeah. Got it. And ultimately the impact may be that you have to give up on your entrepreneurial dream and go back to get a job.

Kristin Molenaar: Let's not say that

Tom Bailey: You don't want to do that. And so, so given that, and that's what we try and avoid here, what is one piece of valuable advice that you might give to somebody to really help them solve that problem?

Kristin Molenaar: I would say that I, it took me a long time to learn this, but in hindsight, if I were to go back, like the lesson that I have to pass forward is don't be a silo. Don't do your business all by yourself. You need to facilitate ways to get out there and meet other entrepreneurs. This doesn't necessarily mean go out and meet potential clients all the time. Sometimes it just means meeting other people that are other entrepreneurs so that you can be a valuable asset to one another.

I'm a firm believer that business has built really well on genuine relationships. So, the sooner you can get out there and get, you know, forge relationships with people, the better off your business is going to be. And your, you know, your mental game is going to be improved as well.

Tom Bailey: Amazing. Thanks so much. And what is one valuable free resource that you can share to help people with that problem?

Kristin Molenaar: Yeah. So, I have a very quick 10 minute masterclass that covers the three steps to increasing your visibility and credibility as a podcast guest. This is the strategy that I use to meet people.

So, you know, I'm able to get in front of a new audience. I'm able to meet another entrepreneur and it increases my visibility because I've been featured on a podcast. So, that's what I teach. That's what I do.

Tom Bailey: Amazing. Where can people get hold of that resource?

Kristin Molenaar:  It's at

Tom Bailey:

I'll post that link below this episode, so you can click that and go and download that guide. Okay. So, moving on to a slightly separate topic. And the next question is, what would you say is the greatest failure that you've ever made in life or business? And what did you learn from it?

Kristin Molenaar:  I think I already kind of alluded to this.

When I started my business, I spent 14 months being an utter failure as an entrepreneur. I thought that I had a lot of transferable skills because I was a great employee. So, I thought I would be a great entrepreneur. I thought it was all about put your head down and get the work done. And in hindsight, I really realized that putting my head down and getting the work done was actually counterproductive to what I needed to do as a business owner. I needed to get out and I needed to meet new people. I needed to talk to people that were in my space. I needed to create relationships so that my business could grow. And so that's my biggest piece of advice.

That's what I would change about my journey. I would meet others more quickly.

Tom Bailey: Amazing. Thank you so much. And a great way to do that is through getting on podcasts as a guest. I'm sure

Kristin Molenaar: It is, yes!

Tom Bailey:  And the last question from me today is what is one question that I should have asked you that will also add great value to our audience today?

Kristin Molenaar: Yeah, I guess you could have asked me, you know, why I'm so passionate about being a podcast guest. I think that that is something, I guess I haven't really touched on. Okay. Yeah. So, you know, I realized that I am a relationship person at my core. So, once I started meeting people, you know, things, things started growing in my business.

But when I started becoming a podcast guest, I realized it was really like network networking on steroids. So rather than just like meeting something and feeling like I really quickly needed to tell them, you know, why I was great at what I did and why they needed to hire me. I was able to get in a room with somebody who was asking me questions about what I do. And I could share in a way that was, you know, in service. And so being of service in on a podcast platform means that you're getting visibility. It's like this inherent like. Environment where you get to be of service, but at the same time, your visibility is increased. And then the credibility of being a podcast guest is just like another layer.

So, for me, it's all about seeing this as networking on steroids. And that's why I love it. Like I love meeting people and this is a, just even better way to do that.

Tom Bailey: Fantastic. Look was that little strapline networking on steroids. And I think that might change the podcast title to that. So, love it, Kristin, thank you so much again for your time today and for sharing such great value with our audience.

Kristin Molenaar: Oh, my pleasure. Thank you for having me.