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How Inmates And Former Inmates Can Overcome Some Of Life’s Big Challenges - With Joseph Lombaye

Mar 29, 2021

Tom Bailey, Founder of Succeed Through Speaking, Interviews Joseph Lombaye

Joseph Lombaye is a mindset coach and keynote speaker who has helped prison inmates and former inmates across Europe and has a passion to help those faced with challenges and obstacles associated with life in and after prison.

Why you've got to check out Joseph’s episode:

- Hear how Joseph helps prison inmates and former inmates across Europe to move past some of their obstacles and limitations

- Learn why a prison sentence will typically lead to further negative impacts even years after their sentence has ended

- Discover how to move past the feeling of isolation and how to create new opportunities in your life

- Understand the importance of changing your own story and not being locked down by your past story

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Tom Bailey: Hello and welcome to the flow and grow expert interviews. The place for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost business results.

Hello, I'm Tom Bailey and joining me today is Joseph Lombaye who's a mindset coach and a keynote speaker to Joseph. Hello, and a very warm welcome. Whereabouts are you in the world right now?

Joseph Lombaye: Hello, Tom. First of all, thank you for having me on your show. Right now. I'm in the UK and in the city of Leicester specifically.

Tom Bailey: Perfect. I know it very well and onto the subject actually of Joseph Lombaye so Joseph is a motivational speaker and he helps prison inmates and former inmates across Europe and has a passion to help those facing these challenges and obstacles associated with life in and after prison. So Joseph. Thank you again for your time today.

Joseph Lombaye: Thank you, Tom.

Tom Bailey: And our title today is how inmates and former inmates can overcome some of life's big challenges. And Joseph is going to show us how to do that in just seven minutes. So Joseph, your time starts now. And question number one is who are your ideal clients?

Joseph Lombaye: So my ideal clients, are prison  inmates and former  prison inmates typically in the UK, but I have spent time help ing prison inmates and former inmates across Europe, because this is an audience that I can really relate to.

Tom Bailey: And then given that you can relate to them, you probably know some of the challenges that they typically face. So what do you, what would you say is the biggest challenge that an inmate or former inmate will face?

Joseph Lombaye:  One of the biggest challenges that faces employment people are typically labeled them differently. Whenever you have been in prison, you are a labelled differently. So it's one of the challenges that they face and without knowing what they have been behind bars or serving times for, they are judged in that way.

Typically challenges with typical challenges might be family relationships, for example, which makes them to feel like reoffending.

Tom Bailey: Got it. Yeah, of course. And, and obviously being tarred with the same brush or being labeled or not being able to get the job because people don't really understand what you've been through or while you were in prison this can have really negative impacts on your life.

So what are the typical impacts or negative consequences that you see from people going through this situation?

Joseph Lombaye: Well the impacts that it has on their, on their lives is, for example opportunities. And the worst part is  isolation and they  isolation like I said  previously isolation leads to making them want to recommit because they feel there is no one with them.

Nobody wants to be a friend, nobody wants to  befriend a former inmate. So because of that, it become isolated.

Tom Bailey: Yeah, it's probably a downward spiral as well. You obviously isolation and people don't be friends. You can't get a job. You're losing relationships with your family. So somebody going through this situation, what is one piece of valuable advice that you'd give them to help them solve that problem?

Joseph Lombaye: One piece of advice that I usually give is change a story around, forget about what has happened. It's already gone. Thinking about what next you can do with your life, because do not allow your past story to deter you from what you want to achieve in the future is one that advice always gave that there is a future ahead of you currently.

Currently the reality doesn't have to be what has impacted your life in the past. Look up to the future and turn your story  around.

Tom Bailey: Great. And I know you do a lot of training resources, videos, you'd help a lot of these people in this situation. So given that you've got so many free resources, how can people get access to them?


Joseph Lombaye: One of the ways in which people can get access to my resources will be visiting my page on LinkedIn and just type in Joseph Lombaye and after you come to my page type in the word podcast and send me an email, I've got loads of free resources or emails. And from my emails, I can help you shift your focus and transform your lives.

Tom Bailey: Perfect. So I'll post the link to your LinkedIn profile below this audio or video. And obviously if people click that click on connect and then typing the message to the word podcast, they'll be able to get access to all of your videos and training resources too. So another question just slightly off topic is what would you say is your greatest failure that you've ever made either in life or business?

And what did you learn from it?

Joseph Lombaye: There are lots but the one that stands out to me most is procrastination. Yep. Tom, I should have been with this a long time ago, but I kept all the, myself. I should have been doing this a long time ago. And when I looked at it now and it was like, I was, I was hurting more.

Those are needed to hear my story where the prison inmates and former inmates. Yeah. So I was doing them myself harm because I was afraid to tell my story.

Tom Bailey: Yeah. And, and, you know, you've got such a great story. So it's time that we get it out there into the world and hopefully this podcast will help. Now the last question from me, question seven is what is one question that I should have asked you that would also add great value for this audience?

Joseph Lombaye: I believe the question will be how has being in a prison changed me?

Tom Bailey: Yeah. And, and what would your answer be to that question

Joseph Lombaye: An answer will be prison changes people in many different ways.

And one of the ways for me that it changed me in for the better, and sometimes it changes people for the worst, but for my, for me, for the better that is, I personally appreciate the freedom of walking down the streets without any restrictions placed on me without any prison security guard watching my activities. I can call my mom when I want to which I know I had an opportunity to do when I was behind bars so these are the, these are, these are a few reasons, just the freedom of being out and doing what you want to do. Traveling. You want to travel, eat what you want to eat.

Tom Bailey: And that, and that's a really amazing change of perspective. Cause I guess a lot of people who've never been through that don't necessarily value what they have and the freedom that they have as much as you can who've been through that. Well, thank you so much for sharing and again, Joseph thank you so much for your time today.

And I'm really looking forward to getting this message out there into the world.

Joseph Lombaye: Thank you so much for having me once again, Tom.