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How ‘Imposter Illusion’ Is Stopping You From Working With Higher Fee Clients, And How To Break Free Of It - With Nina Cooke

Mar 27, 2021

Tom Bailey, Founder of Succeed Through Speaking, Interviews Nina Cooke

Nina Cooke is a leading business growth coach. She helps 6 and 7 figure Experts to build authority and boost their profit by up to 800% through creating an unstoppable mindset. She's been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, and also on BBC Radio.

 Why you've got to check out Jill's episode:

- Discover how to become unstuck if you are an Entrepreneur or Business owner what is struggling to break through to the next income or impact level

- Learn how to move past the imposter illusion and limiting beliefs or negative patterns which are preventing you from success

- Embed the strategies that enable you to consistently move forwards towards your goals without distraction 

- Build a strong millionaire mindset to remove your blocks and create new powerful beliefs

Resources / Links

FREEE Millionaire Mindset Scorecard -


Tom Bailey: Hello and welcome to the flow and grow expert interviews. The place for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost business results.

Hello, I'm Tom Bailey. And today I'm joined by the incredible Nina Cooke, who is a leading business growth coach. So Nina, hello, and a very warm welcome. Whereabouts in the world are you right now?

Nina Cooke: Tom, I'm in your neck of the woods, I live in England further South than you near Cambridge.

Tom Bailey: Perfect. So it's an all UK cast today.

Absolutely. And at the time of recording, we're almost out of national lockdown here in the UK, which is something for us to look forward to.

Nina Cooke: I'll wait for the pubs to open

Tom Bailey: Exactly me too, and onto the subject of Nina Cooke so Nina helps six and seven figure experts to build authority and boost their profits by up to eight hundred percent through creating an unstoppable mindset and Nina has been featured in entrepreneur magazine and also on BBC radio, which again is in the UK. So definitely somebody to connect with and follow if you're interested in having more income impact and freedom in your lives. So, Nina, thanks again for your time.

Our title today is how imposter illusion is stopping you from working with high fee clients and how to break free of it. Nina's going to show us how to do that in just seven minutes. So Nina, your time starts now.

Nina, question one is who are your ideal clients?

Nina Cooke: Well, my ideal clients are entrepreneurs who aren't making the progress that they want in their business.

They're not having the impact. They're not making the income that they know deep down they're capable of doing, but something is stopping them. And, they may have tried different strategies. They may try different processes, maybe added a team member on, but they still haven't had that breakthrough when they get to that stage where I think what's getting in my way is me.

When they get to that realization that they want to do some work on themselves and their mindset to get that elusive breakthrough. That's the point where I can speak to them and see whether we're a good fit to work together.

Tom Bailey: Perfect. And, them being stuck in this situation and not making that breakthrough. What typical impact does that have on them or their business?

Nina Cooke: It has a huge impact. It has a huge impact financially, emotionally on their confidence of their self-belief. So they're not working with a type of client they want to work with. They may be working with a lower level client because they don't have the confidence to charge more for their services. So they feel very frustrated. They'll, feel very disappointed in themselves that have lots of limiting beliefs going on about themselves, where they're beating themselves up with their inner talk. And it means that they feel stuck and then not having the they're not generating the income, but they want to generate an order to scale their business.

So they may have plateaued or there may even  feel that they're going backwards.

Tom Bailey: And, and I guess that could be a bit of a downward spiral in, in some cases for them. So given that what's one valuable piece of advice that you'd give someone initially to help them solve that problem.

Nina Cooke: I would say, do the inner work first, because when you do the inner work and you build your self belief in your confidence, when you can start creating a bigger vision of what's possible for you, when you have the confidence to go for it and you start taking consistent action towards those goals, then you'll find that any strategy that you've invested in or any process or system starts working really well for you.

So sort out your mindset first. Okay. Have a great strategy. Take the action. And you'll find that you start seeing success coming to you.

Tom Bailey: Perfect. And, and to help them with that, do you have a valuable free resource or anything that you can give them to help them solve that problem?

Nina Cooke: Yes. Well, I found that with my community, many of them are frustrated because they don't know what they're dealing with. They don't know which limiting beliefs they're dealing with. So they don't know how to start dissolving them and removing them from their subconscious. So I've put together a millionaire mindset scorecard. And this scorecard is where you can rate yourself out of 10. On certain limiting beliefs around success and money, and you can see exactly where you're keeping yourself stuck.

Once you find your limiting beliefs from the scorecard then I get lots of analysis about what that means about you, the impact it's having, and also the next step of how you can start removing these blocks and start creating new, powerful beliefs. So you can start moving steadily towards your goals.

Tom Bailey: Amazing. Perfect. And I've got the link here actually. So it's Nina forward slash scorecard and cook has an E. And, but what I'll do is I'll also post the link to that resource as well below this recording so that people can just get access to that really quickly. Thanks for sharing. And another question, a little bit off topic, maybe, but what would you say is your greatest fail that you've personally ever had either in life or in business? And what impact did that have?

Nina Cooke: I had a big fail in my previous business, which was a personal shopping business. I had a big corporate event, which I put it together with a really, you know, top level accountancy company. And when I got there, I had the opportunity to talk to the managers there and start creating a relationship with them.

Because at that point I had no confidence in myself and I had imposter syndrome. They won't be interested in talking to me, who am I to go and approach them. I hid myself away at the corporate event , found a little corner office where no one was no one was in the office and I spent the entire evening hidden away there.

And I crapped out at the end of the do and I went home on the train and I thought. I cannot carry on like this. I cannot carry on just hiding away and feeling this lack of self-worth. And that's when I made that decision on that train to sort this out once and for all, and start connecting with my inner confidence so I would never ever make that mistake ever again.

Perfect. And that's a classic avoidance tactic that you use when you've got that imposter syndrome. And I guess imposter syndrome and imposter illusion is a topic for this session. So on that note, what's one question that I should have asked you that you'd also think would give great value to our audience.

That's a, that's a good question. Well, I've worked, I've had the pleasure of working with several six figure and seven figure entrepreneurs. And the question would be that does imposter illusion disappear when you get to that level in your business, the answer is the clients that I work with our work with them because they have these limiting beliefs and they still have this syndrome to a certain extent.

It may not be as big as when they were starting out in business. But it still trips them up. And they're still have some level of anxiety about talking with people who they deemed to be much more successful than them. And this can stop them in terms of reaching out and making those creating those relationships.

Tom Bailey: Got it. Thank you. So that's a really poignant note. And obviously, like you said, as you go up that scale and it doesn't necessarily go away, it's just being able to manage it as, as you kind of keep moving forward. So thank you very much and an amazing point to end the interview. Nina I've really enjoyed it.

And I wanted to just thank you again so much for your time today.

Nina Cooke: Thanks Tom.