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How To Simply Set Up Your Tech From Start Up To Scale - With Michelle Nedelec

Aug 06, 2021

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Michelle Nedelec.

International bestselling author, Michelle Nedelec is an expert in Entrepreneurialism and the founder of Awareness Strategies.  She’s run her own series of companies for over 22 years and for over 15 years has been helping Sales reps, Entrepreneurs, and Executives to continually double their profits and revenues. She not only has what it takes to help her clients build a million-dollar business, but she does it time and time again.  Michelle particularly loves to talk about Marketing Automation, Systems Integration, and support both on and off of the stage. She teaches the key components of scaling a business: Strategy, Systems, Support, and State of Mind so you know how to continually elevate all four components to build a healthy thriving business.  For the past 6 years, she’s been focusing on helping entrepreneurs bring their businesses online from conceptualization to Done For You IT automation.

Why you've got to check out Michelle's episode:

- Discover how Michelle works with business owners who have established software and systems which are no longer seamlessly talking to each other.

- How frustrating it can be when your IT tech stops operating correctly, especially when you are unable to locate the source of the issue.

- Why business can come to a halt when the tech stops working and how it can ultimately lead to business or project failure.

- Learn the importance of system integrations and how critical Infusionsoft can be for small business owners to help drive your business forward.

- How you can get access to Michelle's free website audit tool.

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Tom Bailey: Hello and welcome to Succeed Through Speaking the place for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost business results.

Hello, I'm Tom Bailey. And today I'll be getting to know Michelle Nedelec, who is an international best-selling author and expert in entrepreneurial-ism and the founder of awareness strategies. So Michelle, hello, and a very warm welcome to today's. Yeah.

Michelle Nedelec: Thank you, Tom. I appreciate you inviting me and having me here.

This is awesome.

Tom Bailey: Thanks so much for being here and out of interest. Whereabouts are you in the world? Right?

Michelle Nedelec: I am in Canada, in Calgary, on the west side.

Tom Bailey: Thank you so much. And we'll share a little bit more about you before we do get started. So, Michelle has run her companies for over 22 years and for the past 15 years has been helping sales rep entrepreneurs. And other people to continue to double that profits and revenues. The title for today's episode is How To Simply Set Up Your Tech From Startup To Scale-up. And Michelle is going to show us how to do that in just seven minutes. So question number one today is who are your ideal clients?

Michelle Nedelec: Thanks. Our ideal clients are people that have been around for a while and they establish what we'd like to call Frank Anwar. So, it's basically, they've got a piece of software that does this, a piece of software that goes out a piece of software that does this, and they're trying to get it all working together. And as soon as somebody updates, one part of it, the other parts start to break and they get super frustrated with it, but they're excited to build their business and they just want somebody to do the tech for them and they appreciate how much effort it is and how much can go wrong so easily, but that they don't have to deal with the headaches. Right.

Tom Bailey: Fantastic. So, lots of challenges when it comes to setting up tech, but what would you say is the one biggest challenge that they typically face?

Michelle Nedelec: The biggest challenge? I think most people face is if I can bring them down to anything, it would be, they're trying to find that one button it's like something happened. They don't know what happened. And they're just trying to find that stupid button that will fix everything. And they know it's an easy fix. They just don't know how or why. And it's being able to. Get somebody that knows where that button is to go, thank God.  

Tom Bailey: Got it. And I guess if they're not able to find that button or fix that problem, what impact does that typically have for them in there?

Michelle Nedelec: Typically, it means that everything comes to a halt. So, if it's, you know, if a website's broken, well, we're just not using that page anymore. If it's inside their business. Okay. We're just not using that anymore. And they just quit on it and sometimes it means quitting an entire project and it's actually really good.

Tom Bailey:  Got it. Yeah, of course it is. Yeah. And like I said, come into a hole. It's never a good thing in, in business. And so what would you say is one valuable piece of advice that you might offer to somebody listening then that can really help them get started on solving this problem?

Michelle Nedelec: Our big thing is software integration. So, if you have software that actually integrates with each other, there are miraculous things that you can do and you can do almost any. I think again, what we find is people have all of these things. They're trying to get this one little piece that does this little piece, and then they got hundreds of things, try and mush together. So, what we do is we specialize in software called infusion soft, which most people know as Confusionsoft. And we're okay with that. It is, but it's kind of like, I know how to drive a car, but I don't know how to drive a. I don't know, I don't have my class one license and it's like, yeah, it's fundamentally the same, but it's a complicated piece of equipment and you need to know how to drive it in order to drive it well and for it to function and to be able to drive your business forward.

So we do that aspect for people because typically if they have a WordPress site and we need a WordPress site because of the functionality, sorry, Wix and they don't cut it. You need to be able to have pretty links and redirects and all that kind of fun stuff that you've never been more impressed site, but we also have, what's called the Wiziwig. What you see is what you get kind of software. We use thrive architect, and it's super easy to click a picture. You drag and drop you, get what you want. And so, people can use it, but in the backend has got the functionality. And with that alone, with the WordPress site, with thrive architect and infusion soft, we can grow a business in multiple.

Tom Bailey: Awesome. Yep. Perfect. So that'll start having those integration seamlessly working together can really help the business grow immensely. Perfect. So, what, what is one resource or something you can offer to the audience to help them with this?

Michelle Nedelec: Well, one of the biggest things we've got to look at first is your website and what's going on with it. Is it broken? What's working, what's not working. What's an emergency that needs to be fixed. Is Google repelling your site or is it just ignoring your site or is it attractive to your site? So, what we offering people is a free website audit. It's normally a $500 product. It's a, depending on the size of your website can be a 30, 40 page report.

It shows you, but kind of the red lights, the yellow lights and the green lights, green lights are awesome. You're going, you're rocking. This is good. Give yourself thumbs up. The yellow ones. It's like, oh, you probably want to work on this, but the red ones, you need to work on this because something has gone. Right. And if it's really going to rise, sometimes Google will kind of shut down your site and won't show it to anybody. So, you gotta look at those kinds of things and make sure that that's rocking and rolling.

Tom Bailey: Awesome. Thanks. And I've got the URL here for that website audit, which is awarenessstrategies. com that's website, hyphen audit. And what I'll do is I'll post that link into the show notes. People can straight away. Thanks. So, question about yourself, Michelle, what would you say is one of the greatest either mistakes or failures you've made in life or in business and what did you learn from it?

Michelle Nedelec: Well, and that is a breadth and width conversation there because I have screwed up a lot, but then we've also been able to do a lot, right. Because of it. But I would say that the one thing that I probably shot myself in the foot with more than once was quitting before I should have quit. And it's getting frustrated to the point of, okay, I'm not doing this anymore. When I was that close. To being finished. So, a good example of this is we went and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. We're almost at the top. It's like four o'clock in the morning and I'm like, I'm sick of this. I'm done. I'm going back. Brad goes, you didn't drag me halfway around the world to point now I'm like, oh yeah, you got a point. And what am I going to do? Go back to base and just sit there and wait for you to come back and it's going to become choice, but I did that in business all the time. And it made me realize, Hey, when, when they go and get it. You got to keep going. And sometimes you just need that little nudge from somebody that's willing to take you the rest of the way to get the successes that you need. And when you do awesome.

Tom Bailey: Fantastic. I guess it's surrounding yourself with good people as well who can help push you along the journey?

Michelle Nedelec: Exactly. We're bad people. I just don't. Don't quit. Don't quit.

Tom Bailey: Those kind of people always useful to have in your network as well. So, the last question for me today is what is one question that I should have asked today that will also bring some great value to our audience.

Michelle Nedelec: Oh, nice. Well, I think one of the things that you probably should have asked me is what breadth and width of clients can we help? And we help people from startups that are just going, like, I, I have a very thin little button first that I can work with here. And we also work with multimillion dollar clients that need a whole ton of stuff. And so don't think that resources are beyond your abilities to be able to access. We can get those.

Tom Bailey: Awesome. Thank you so much. Michelle sounds like a great opportunity to people to get started. So, thanks again for your time. Thanks for coming and for sharing such great value with that audience.

Michelle Nedelec: Thanks for having me.