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Attracting Your Soul Tribe Online - With Julia D. Stege

Mar 31, 2021

Tom Bailey, Founder of Succeed Through Speaking, Interviews Julia Stege

Julia Stege, the Magical Marketer, helps spiritual entrepreneurs and renaissance business owners to clarify and express their purpose through marketing that attracts their Soul Tribe online.

Why you've got to check out Julia's episode:

- Find out how Julie helps entrepreneurs and business owners to attract their authentic 'soul tribe' online

- Discover how highly creative, cutting edge and talented entrepreneurs can figure out how to express their uniqueness and brilliance with the world

- Learn the difference between attracting the right and the wrong clients, and the impact this can have on your business

- Get access to a FREE book from Julia which will provide you with a step-by-step process to enable you to share your purpose with the world

- Stick around to the end for a little magic from Julia to you.


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Tom Bailey: Hello and welcome to the flow and grow expert interviews. The place for experts and entrepreneurs who want high value ideas to boost results.

Hello I'm Tom Bailey. And today I have the pleasure of being joined by Julia Stege, who is the author of 'Branding from the heart' and the incredible founder of Magical Marketing Company. So Julia, hello and a very warm welcome. Where are you in the world right now?

Julia Stege: I'm in Sebastopol, California, which is about 60 miles Northwest of San Francisco in the beautiful line country.

Tom Bailey: Beautiful. And have you got the weather already?

Julia Stege: Oh, it's beautiful. Yeah, that's pretty much pretty perfect.

Tom Bailey: Quite stereotypical of someone from the UK talking about the weather, but we don't quite have it yet.

Julia Stege: Yeah, no. It's pretty much beautiful all year round here. And so,

Tom Bailey: Yeah, very jealous obviously.

And thank you  very much, and I'm sure people want to get straight into the subjects of Julia. So, Julia is the magical marketer and helps spiritual, spiritual entrepreneurs and Renaissance business owners to clarify and express the purpose of marketing that attracts their soul tribe online and clearly a fascinating subject.

And our title for today's episode is how to attract your soul tribe online. And Julia's gonna show us how to do that in just under seven minutes woo. So, question one for you today. Julia who are your ideal clients?

Julia Stege: Typically, highly creative, cutting edge, entrepreneurs I'm calling them Renaissance entrepreneurs, who have a variety of talents that they combine in order to come up with new solutions.

But typically, they haven't figured out how to express the uniqueness and brilliance of what they're doing to the greater audience of the world. Yeah, especially not online. So, I help them with that for sure.

Tom Bailey:  And, and I guess this this challenge they have that, that they weren't able to express themselves in, in the way that they want. And what, what typical knock on effects or challenges does this have for them?

Julia Stege: Well, do you mean like what kind of results does that create in their lives? Like not attracting the right clients would be their real, gently, not attracting people who get them. Yeah, and get their value and not being able to express that value in a way that people are like, ah, this is who I've been looking for my whole life.

Tom Bailey: Yes. Not, not having that instant connection, maybe not on the same wavelength as these people. And I guess if the, if that attracting the wrong people, what impact does this typically have on, on their business or their results?

Julia Stege:  It's terrible. Because often they find that they have to explain themselves.

That people are saying, I don't get what you do. And then they start doubting themselves or that they're supposed to be doing something different when really, they have a cutting edge path it's important for them to bring it out now. And they can't, they can't go to people that don't understand them and then change their whole thing.

That's the terrible, terrible results. Or they could succeed financially, but just inside, just know this is just not it.

Tom Bailey:  Yeah. Yeah. I never feel fulfilled or satisfied or that they've finally reached their potential. Yeah. Okay. So, I guess when people are stuck in this place and what is one piece of valuable advice that you might give to somebody to really help them solve that problem?

Julia Stege: So when I start working with people. I tell them to forget everything they ever learned about marketing or business, or even what their parents told them they could or couldn't do, or their teachers … just forget everything. In fact, forget all thoughts and come into a place of complete silence and then allow the greater part of yourself i.e. your soul to guide you into determining what are you doing here?

Yeah. Who are you born to serve? What are you meant to say to them? And what can you offer them? That's going to transform their lives and transform the world. And your soul knows the answer to all of this. It just becomes very confusing. When we go to experts who then tell us we have to niche it down and we have to do this thing.

And this marketing thing that feels very alienating and. And then possibly untrue that we have to like engage in trickery or something like that. I got it. It's so far away from where we are, where we really want to be. So, our soul won't guide us there. I promise.

Tom Bailey: Excellent. And for those people that are really interested in taking that next step, do you have a valuable free resource that you can share to really help people solve that problem?

Julia Stege: Well, I have a book and it's called Branding from the heart’. How to share your purpose through marketing that attracts your tribe and inspires a revolution. And this is obviously a love revolution. And you can get that at They'll get the ebook version of this. And what this does is this guides you through steps to tapping inside of you and try not to be too practical, be more in like, what is your, what is your heart center?

What is your soul say? And who are you born to serve? What do you want? What what's connecting you, like kind of exploring those questions and actually coming up with some branded messages and titles and stuff like that. I'll guide you in how to do that in, in this book, that's pretty much what I've been taking my clients through for the past 15 years.


Tom Bailey:  And, and having that branded message that's in congruence with yourself and your own passions. That's, that's so important.

Julia Stege: Well then, then what happens is that when you speak, your people recognize you. Yeah. Yeah. And there's a bit about the visual aesthetic too, is how do you reveal yourself visually, especially when it's online?

How do you express yourself visually? Vibrational visuals.

Tom Bailey: Perfect. And I guess back then, yeah. For people to follow that step-by-step ebook. Just go to brandingfromtheheart I'll also post the link to that below either this video or audio, whichever one you're listening to, and then people can dive right in and get involved with that.

So, a couple more questions, and then this one's a little bit off topic. It's more about yourself. So, what would you say is your greatest failure that you've made either in life or business and what did you learn from that failure?

Julia Stege: I would say I would, I would combine my failures into not pursuing the arts.

So, while I've been an artist and for hire for 40 years, I have, I didn't until recently in the past few years, paint very often. Though I had this desire to do so I thought I wasn't good enough. I didn't sing, I didn't act in plays. I didn't do musicals. I didn't do concerts. You know, I didn't even garden, you know, I didn't do things that there was a part of me that like, I wish I could do that.

But something was stopping me, which was just this thought I'm not good enough. And so, the mistake is in believing that you have to be perfect before you can do anything creative. And that, that I wish I could go back in time and just tell my younger self. It doesn't matter if you're not perfect, you can be inspiring not only to yourself, but to other people, even in your imperfection, your imperfect expression.

Tom Bailey: Yeah. And it's so difficult when we're at an early stage to compare ourselves to people that have already made it

Julia Stege: or who are naturally brilliant. Yeah, exactly. You know, hanging out at class with some Picasso and you're like, I'm not that good. Yeah, they can be not that good and still inspire people.

Yeah. Hmm. Very linked.

Tom Bailey: Yes. Thank you very much for sharing that. And the last question from me is what is one question that I should have asked you that will give great value to our audience today?

Julia Stege: How can being your authentic self, transform the world and how can it. I believe that in bringing our full self to on what we're doing, let's say in our business, which is the place where we're really going out there and sharing that when we bring our full creative self and we do things that are, are even vulnerable, but that are pure expression of who we are, that that actually can create a whole new Renaissance revolution.

Where we're solving the problems of the world together creatively.

Tom Bailey: Awesome. Final point. Thank you very much for that. And again, thanks for your time today. I've really enjoyed meeting you and finding out all about you and what you do.

Julia Stege: A little magic for your people,

Tom Bailey: Ah, look at that. And for those people listening on the podcast, we've just had a little wand waved over us.

So thanks again, Julia. Great to meet you. And hopefully I'll speak to you again very soon.

Julia Stege: Thank you so much Tom. What a pleasure.