Breaking Through The Fear Of Speaking - Dagmar Bryant

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Dagmar Bryant.

“Life is not about sitting on the side-lines. To achieve success, you need to take calculated risks.”

Dagmar Bryant PhD is a UK based, Australian Motivational Speaker and Business Coach who lives this motto.

She encourages women to pursue their dreams and desires. She herself has fought against real-world obstacles:

A super-controlling father who always wanted her to do things his way;

A (ex-) husband who continually held her back.

She has achieved results by breaking free of limitations:

A determined young mother wanting something “better” for herself and her kids;

A resourceful woman who found a novel way to pursue a law degree and successful corporate career;

Someone who uprooted her life in Australia to take a chance on a new one in America and then in the UK;

A woman with an entrepreneurial spirit who built a successful coaching business to help others.

Her powerful blend of world-class intuition AND real-world experience gives her a message that deeply “speaks” to audiences of her events.

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