Creating Experiences For Your Audience - Rob Ferre

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Rob Ferre.

ROB FERRE Speaker - Event Host - Engagement Expert An experience you'll always remember, a message you'll never forget. Helping you build leaders that get your teams on the dance floor. The ability to retain your key talent matters more now than ever before. As leaders we crave having teams that are excited about the brand, and willing to "dance" into our vision. Rob Ferre has spent most of his life and career getting people engaged in an experience. From Disney to DJ, from Des Moines to Dubai, his work has been built around studying the habits of effective teams, and how leaders can make work fun again. Clients like Amazon, Dell, and LinkedIn, are just a few of the groups who have had raved about Rob's custom host experiences. Not only does he bring the energy, the humor, the fun, and, yes, the music, Rob also brings his four-step system that leaders can implement immediately to create stronger more engaged teams. His interactive events are designed to get your people moving, inspire them to seek change,

and leave them with a method of putting it into action for years of positive results. It truly is an experience you'll always remember, and a message you'll never forget.


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