Why You Should Speak From The Heart - Harriet Turk

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Harriet Turk.

In this episode we hear about our guests journey with confidence, public speaking and presentation skills and how it has helped them succeed in life and in business - in other words, how to succeed through speaking.

Harriet Turk’s experience over the last two decades in the worlds of education and business are incredibly unique. In the education sector, Harriet developed and implemented multi-million-dollar programs for local, state, and national level education systems while also building a speaking career for youth and adults seeking to find or improve their leadership skills and become involved in community action incentives. In the pharmaceutical industry, as Rookie of the Year and Top Sales Performer multiple times, Harriet developed and solidified her expertise in sales, customer service, and developing programs with long lasting impact.

Presently Harriet is a speaker and consultant for audiences looking for direction with developing successful teams, building a culture of collaboration, and strengthening any organization through authentic conversations.

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