The Business Side Of Speaking - Erick Rheam

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Erick Rheam.

Erick Rheam is a speaker and published author. He communicates and educates on topics related to discovering significance and the art of mastering human dynamics to achieve success.

Erick spent the past decade training and educating athletes, entertainers, business leaders, public officials and association executives on how to build value added customer service programs, create culture, and gain organizational buy-in. Erick partnered with The Speaker Lab, a leading coaching program for aspiring professional speakers. As the Director of Student Success, Erick ensured that The Speaker Lab’s curriculum properly trained and equipped leaders and influencers on how to speak professionally as a career.

Prior to partnering with The Speaker Lab, Erick worked for eighteen years in the public power industry for a leading energy efficiency software company and two municipally owned utilities in Indiana and Colorado. He led a customer service division and served business communities to ensure local policy enhanced the business environment so that the business class could thrive, grow, and create jobs.

Erick earned his Key Public Power Account Executive designation through the American Public Power Association (APPA). He also served on several national boards and committees to promote green technology, energy efficiency, and customer service. He was vice-chair for the National Customer Services Section for APPA. He also served as the chair for the National Key Accounts Committee for APPA.

Erick graduated from the United State Military Academy in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering. He served as a Military Police Officer in the United States Army in Bosnia Herzegovina and Europe.

Erick currently resides in Southern Indiana with his wife, three children, his Yellow Labrador Retriever, Stella, and new Doberman, Oynx.

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