How Public Speaking Can Change Lives - The Taz Thornton Story

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Taz Thornton.

In this episode we hear about our guests journey with confidence, public speaking and presentation skills and how it has helped them succeed in life and in business - in other words, how to succeed through speaking.

Taz Thornton is an award-winning business and personal empowerment coach, best-selling author and international speaker. She has spoken across the world, at some of the biggest stages and for household name brands.

She has coached two BBC Dragons, actors (Game Of Thrones, Last Tango In Halifax and more), politicians and military tacticians from the Royal Navy, Army, Airforce and Special Forces.

Featured on ITV, BBC, Sky and in media outlets including The Daily Mail, Huff Post, Metro, Yahoo! News, Kindred Spirit, Soul & Spirit, The Stylist, OutNews Global and America Out Loud, Taz regularly impacts thousands of people around the world with her positive messaging.

Taz is the living proof that it is entirely possible to turn our lives around and create the future we want to live, having escaped abuse, broken her back in a suicide attempt and climbed her way back through depression and breakdown. That breakDOWN was Taz’s breakTHROUGH, and ‘The Pink Powerhouse’ now uses her skills and experiences to inspire and motivate people the world over.

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