How To Build A Better Elevator Pitch - With Heather H. Bennett

Episode #75

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Heather H. Bennett. Heather H. Bennett is an author, marketing strategist and personal brand coach with over 20 years of experience marketing products and people. Drawing from a background in Research and Development, an MBA, and digital marketing expertise, she coaches clients to create strong, authentic, and unique brands. Why you've got to check out Heather's episode: - Learn how Heather helps executives and entrepreneurs who want to improve their personal brand. - How her clients don't typically have the time to work on their elevator pitch and don't necessarily know which clients to target with their pitch. - Why it is important for an Executive to be known as a key influencer in their industry and the importance of building a personal brand. - How you can communicate clearly what you need, what you are looking for and how / who you can help, as well as giving a clear call to action in your elevator pitch. - Get access to Heather's new book and free resources on her blog. Resources / Links ( (