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We help your children reach their potential

High quality home tutoring to top up your childrens knowledge and experience outside of school.

One to one support for your children either at home or online from an outstanding teacher with over 8 years experience. Specialises in early maths and literacy skills including phonics. Available in Wolverhampton and South Staffordshire.


“The reason I went into education was to help children grow and develop in confidence throughout their time at school. Anything we can do to speed that up is a bonus.”

Some benefits:

Enhance what is already being taught at school

Provide additional help to less confident children

Bring in new expertise to your school

Enrich experience and introduce role models to support personal and social development

Prepare pupils for life in secondary school / college / university

Help them take to the skies...

Are you ready to help your pupils find their SuperMe? Our engaging half day and full day confidence building workshops for children is the difference that makes the difference.

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Following the workshops, our children had a toolkit of skills they could use the very same day including an understanding of how to demonstrate confident body language, the conviction in their voices and also how to deliver an engaging presentation in front of others.

June 2018

Out of all the extra-curricula activities we had run throughout this year, the SuperMe confidence building workshop was the one that had the biggest impact.

June 2018

Following the three workshops that were delivered, we have already booked in for our next sessions for our next year group.

September 2018

Digital learning solutions for schools coming soon!

As well as delivering an engaging and interactive confidence-building workshop for your students, we are currently hard at work developing a collection of digital learning solutions to further enhance their confidence.

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