The Benefits of Mastering Public Speaking

By March 12, 2017 Speaking

If you manage a business it is fairly certain you will need to get involved in public speaking at one point or another. This could be something as simple as addressing your workforce or something more involved such as being asked to speak at a convention related to your business.

Public speaking frightens a lot of people, but it is a skill that is well worth developing and mastering. Indeed there are lots of advantages to doing so, as you will see below.

If you are good at public speaking, it sets you apart as a good communicator

Managers need good communication skills if they want to excel in their role. As you gain confidence in public speaking and become better at it, you will also find those same skills help you in other areas of your job.

Being a good communicator is a skill potential employers would look for if you changed jobs too. Indeed if you could not display these skills as part of the job interview, it is unlikely you would get any further.

Mastering this skill gives you more confidence in your abilities

Since public speaking is a demanding and nerve wracking skill to master, it makes you feel good when you do finally get the better of it. Imagine how much more confident you would feel if you were able to get up in front of an audience of a hundred people or more and express yourself effectively. This confidence would then spread into other areas of your work, providing the ability to improve your performance as a manager in other ways as well.

You’ll find it easier to convey new ideas and suggestions

This could mean anything from suggesting ideas to your higher bosses if you have any, or to your workforce if you are the one in charge. In either case if people have seen your skills at public speaking they will be more prepared and open to hear your ideas than they would be if you were not a good public speaker.

Imagine these two scenarios:

“I, um, I have an idea that I think might be… well I think it could save us money in the long term. I mean I haven’t worked out the figures yet but…”

“I have an idea that could save us an additional 10% on overheads and increase productivity by 15%. It would take a week to train everyone in this new method, and then we can enjoy the savings and improved productivity straightaway.”

It doesn’t take an expert to see which of these two scenarios would make people sit up and take notice. The first one comes across as inexperienced. Anyone listening to this person giving a speech would squirm in their seat. The second example almost begs a ‘yes’ before the person has even finished speaking. They have done their homework and presented the idea in a confident educated way.

This is the power of mastering the techniques involved in public speaking.

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