The Awesomely Tangible Benefits of Public Speaking

By August 8, 2017 December 13th, 2018 Communication, Speaking

Public speaking is a valuable skill, but just how can it help you personally and professionally? We look at 5 areas where speaker coaching can help you.

At SucceedUK, we believe that public speaking is a truly valuable practice to master, simply because it provides a number of worthwhile benefits to your personal and professional life. Good oral communication is a highly useful skill regardless of the line of work you’re in, and provides a unique avenue for promotion and persuasion, giving your marketing efforts a unique shot in the arm. Let’s take a look at 5 areas of influence that public speaking can help improve.

Personal Development
One of the most compelling advantages of learning to speak publicly is that the whole process will leave you with a number of transferrable skills that come in handy in many areas of your life – not just professionally. Writing, explaining complex issues, non-verbal communication and speaking clearly are all useful things to be proficient in wherever you are and whatever the occasion.

However the greatest transferable skill that public speaking can provide is confidence. If you see public speaking as something big and scary, then overcoming that fear is an amazing feeling. The road to confidence is a hard one but one that’s in no means impossible.

If you’ve struggled with confidence your whole life, remember that confidence isn’t some big, scary barrier to break through – it’s more like a muscle that needs to be exercised, and one that gets stronger with practice.

Being The Boffin
By simply being the person at the front of the room, you immediately display your credibility. Whether you’ve been doing what you do for a week or a decade; when you’re addressing a crowd, you’re immediately considered the expert. I mean, why else would you be there? You obviously have something worthwhile to say. These are assumptions that your audience are likely to make, perhaps without even knowing it.

Think back to some of the less polished talks you’ve seen in your time – chances are you still learned something or understood the concept a little more clearly, simply because you were present.

Additionally, most people aren’t brave enough to get up there and give a presentation, so just the fact that you’re the one presenting is likely to impress some people!

Efficient Networking
If getting your message out to as many people as possible is important to you, public speaking is a crucial craft to learn. Think back to the last networking event where you’d have liked to introduce yourself to everyone in the room. When you’re the person presenting to an event’s delegates, you get to do exactly that.

Normal marketing efforts often get ignored or discarded, but when you’re presenting in-person to a group of people, you get to make a more convincing case. Following any talk you present, you are likely to be the topic of conversation amongst the delegates too. You may even convince the audience that you’re the solution to a problem they didn’t even know they had!

Being Visible & Credible
Being present and confidently sharing your experience with the world provides a real, credible, human connection which is far more tangible than any video or digital marketing. Having the skills to give a coherent presentation is invaluable to people seeking out a new and effective way to get their name out there.

Technology is all very good, but unfortunately people have a habit of hiding behind their devices. We are naturally social creatures, and will always react far more strongly to genuine human interaction. People who network face to face and speak publicly provide a tangible element to their memorability.

If you think back to all of the networking events or seminars you’ve been to, on the whole you probably remember the speakers and their topics more clearly than the fellow delegates you met and the topics you discussed with them. That level of memorability is obviously very valuable form a marketing perspective.

A Skill for All
Public speaking is a skill that’s beneficial to people in all kinds of professional circles.

● Small business owners stand to gain from public speaking because you get to introduce yourself and your business to everyone in the room at once – an efficient use of your time and skills. You also get to make your case, present yourself as a credible source, and enjoy a higher level of memorability than other networking opportunities.
● Charity and non-profit spokespeople get to showcase the tangible difference that they make in people’s lives, and position themselves as a worthwhile cause for potential volunteers and financial backing, far more tacitly than more “hands-off” advertising channels.
● Employees within a team can also greatly benefit from learning public speaking skills. Being able to present to a group positions you as a leader; this may instil confidence in your abilities from those in charge. However if you aren’t chasing the career ladder, public speaking does equip you with fundamental transferable skills in communicating to people up and down the chain of command.

The Million-Dollar Question
One frequently asked question around public speaking concerns the return on investment that it provides, but this is a tricky topic to address. An investment in public speaking doesn’t fully come down to training fees; you have to put in the time to create and practice your presentation, as well as the time you spend working under the tutelage of a speaking consultant.

However, the benefits that you reap aren’t always monetary either; they include the transferable skills we’ve discussed, the potential networking connections you open yourself up to, and the new-found confidence that you can build. Public speaking can provide valuable skills that money simply can’t buy.

Whatever your reason for looking into public speaker training, learning to address a room full of people helps in a number of professional situations, builds your communication skills, and gives you a great reason to pat yourself on the back. At the risk of sounding cringeworthily aspirational – an empowered you is your best you.

If you’re interested in growing your public speaking skills, SucceedUK would love to hear from you. Our unique programme helps you to put together a useful signature talk, builds your speaking confidence and helps identify the most appropriate speaking opportunities; taking you through the process from start to finish. Simply drop us a line at to find out more about how SucceedUK can help you.