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Stand Out. Build Credibility. Attract More Customers

We understand that your business is your passion, you know your business well and you are committed to making it a success. You may have spent a lot of time and money on your website, social media strategy and marketing but may not be attracting enough of your dream clients.

For you to take your business to the next level, we believe you need to build your personal brand, presence and credibility through speaking.

Speaking in front of audiences has transformed the way I look at success, confidence and personal branding. Think of the last time you went to a meeting or event that had a speaker there; if that person hadn’t presented, they would have just been another face in the room. But because they spoke in front of the whole group, they instantly stood out, built their credibility and positioned themselves as a leader.


“My business is my passion but it’s a constant battle to find the next client. I could do with improving my pitching and presentation skills.”

Some benefits:

  • Grow your credibility as a business owner positioning yourself as the expert in your field.

  • Build confidence in yourself and your message through developing and delivering a presentation

  • Own a ‘signature talk’ you can deliver anywhere

  • Grow your business and make more money

  • Leverage your time to attract more clients

Stand out from the crowd

Our 5 step signature talk formula can help your business to stand out, build credibility and attract more of your dream customers.

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“Speaking on stages has transformed the way I look at business and marketing. It positions you as an expert, increases your profile and allows you to get out there and share your message.”

Sharon Edwards

Taking the time to focus on polishing our pitch has been a worthwhile investment for our business. The big difference for us was having a proven structure to frame our presentation.

Peter Simmons

I used to say no to networking opportunities as I was worried about not being able to clearly explain what we do as a business. This model and working with a coach has allowed me to build a framework around how I position what we do.

Axel Deloitte

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