Speaking opportunities and where to find them

By March 13, 2017 Communication, Speaking

If you have spent at least a few minutes on this website, you will have realised by now that we believe public speaking is a sure-fire way to sky rocket your business to new heights.

Whether it is delivering a 30 minute talk at a local trade show, being part of a panel discussion or running your own webinars, speaking takes you from being relatively unknown to the go to expert in your industry.

Convinced yet? Well you should be. All that is left now is to know where to find speaking opportunities and how to land them. Here are a few to get you started.

Local clubs and societies

Every night of the week in your local area there will be people meeting up either weekly or fortnightly with likeminded individuals. These could be diet clubs, photography fanatics, wine societies and everything in between. If you can speak on a topic suitable to them or slightly tweak your talk to be aligned with their interests then they would love to have you come speak at one of their meetings.

Business networking groups

We’ve all seen them, heard of them and even attended them at some point in our lives. Now don’t get me wrong, I am personally not interested in going there to hand out business cards and be offered a new website of social media package from other salespeople. Where you get real value from attending networking clubs is when you are invited as a guest speaker. Deliver a great talk and suddenly they all want whatever you are offering.

Business event organisers

Every town and city in the country has either a chamber of commerce, rotary club, business forum or some other local business event, typically run monthly. The organisers are constantly looking for fresh, relevant and value packed content to bring to their members. Next time they are looking for a speaker, make sure that your name is the first one that comes to mind.


You may be thinking that students aren’t exactly your target audience but this is all about positioning and credibility. Get friendly with a department head and soon you will be speaking in front of hundreds of interested students. Inspire them with your great talk and watch your social media followers double. And who knows, they may become long term clients in the future.

Current customers

Your clients are a great source to look for speaking opportunities as they are already fans of yours. If you ask for a recommendation, they are more likely to promote you as a speaker if they already love working with you themselves.

Other speakers

I know what you are thinking, these are your competition. But that doesn’t have to be the case. The smartest move is to communicate and collaborate with other speakers, share opportunities and refer each other to organisers. This will get you in the right circles with other speakers and position you as an authority alongside your network.


A lot of you may be thinking that all of this sounds great but you quite simply don’t have the time to be speaking with universities, chamber of commerce members and attending networking events. I understand this and there are also plenty of ways you can find speaking gigs without even leaving your house. I have provided a short list below for your reference.

  • Facebook events
  • Google search for local opportunities
  • Meetup.com
  • Eventbrite.com
  • Industry magazines
  • Suppliers and providers
  • TED talks
  • Trade show listings


So, you now have a list of speaking opportunities available to you. From experience, I am confident that at least half of these will have speaking opportunities available to you in your local area.

All you need to do now is go after them. Make initial contact with the event organiser and let them know that you are a speaker. Prove your topic is suitable and that your talk will provide lots of value to their members, and they will be booking you in for their next event.

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