Attract More Of Your Best Clients With A Professionally Designed Branded Solution


A professional design service forĀ entrepreneurs, experts, coaches & consultants who want to better positionĀ their product or service toĀ build credibilityĀ and gain new clients.

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You want to make more sales... Only problem is... your product doesn't look as professional as it could!

There are 3 main hurdles that are keeping you from getting the clients and income you want...

Which one is keeping you stuck? 


You are great at what you do, but don't have a tangible product design. You feel like you could help so many more people, but you offer a service and it feels impossible to justify the price without something tangible to show.


You don't feel proud of how your product or service currently looks. You may have a basic design to showcase your product or service but you don't feel confident sharing it with potential clients and it means you are leaving money on the table.


You don't have confidence in your ability to design your own solution. You have 'had a go' at designing something in PowerPoint but you can't help notice that other peoples solutions look better than yours, and now you need some help.

Hey What's Up! I'm Tom!

I'm the founder of Succeed Through Speaking and host of the Succeed Through Speaking podcast, and I am here to help you position yourself as an expert in your industry.

If you're new to me... I'm a leading confidence and speaking coach and LOVE helping entrepreneurs, experts, coaches & consultants to build their credibility through a range of services. 

And while all that sounds magical (which it is!), getting to this point was no walk in the park. In fact, I spent the majority of my early 'entrepreneurship' journey lacking the confidence and credibility to actually attract any clients. 

I used to offer pay-by-the-hour coaching, I didn't have a step by step system to describe what I did and I didn't have a branded solution to display, so I know how it feels to be frustrated with a lack of clients and money.

I then spent the next several years slowly figuring out how to go from the world's best kept secret to finding the best way to position myself and my products to prospective clients. 

I learned how to create a visual representation of my products and services using a branded solution and it meant getting new clients was no longer an issue - and I now help other entrepreneurs to do the same!

Here's the truth: If you want to attract more of your best clients, then you need a professionally designed solution. Just like these people have...


So, if you want to have a successful business where you are positioned as a go-to-expert, and attracting more dream clients, then let me introduce to you...



A design service for the entrepreneur, expert, coach or consultant who is ready to professionally position their products or services so they can build their credibility and attract more of their best clients.


"From rough design on the back of a napkin to professional branded solution design for your products or services"

After discussing your design requirements, understanding your niche, who your ideal clients are and what your solution involves - we will work on creating a professional design for your product or service so that you can be seen as the go-to-expert in your field and actually start landing clients and making all the money you need!

Here's What You'll Get When You Sign Up For Our Professional Branded Design Service:

Step 1: Design Brief Meeting

An opportunity for us to learn more about you

A lot of entrepreneurs out there struggling to get clients, do not have a visual way to represent their products or services. During this inital Zoom meeting we will run through a full design brief capturing your current brand, audience, colour pallets, and we will discuss your product steps and the transformation you offer your clients.

Step 2: Design Phase

We will work in collaboration with you to find the winning design

During the design stage we will research a number of options for how to best represent your product or service. After we have decided on a theme, there will be 2-3 rounds of design versions until you are happy with a final design.

Step 3: Final Animation Build

Building your product animation in PowerPoint

Once we have agreed on a final design, we will get to work on building your design into a functional animation in PowerPoint so that you can add this design into your presentation slide decks. 

Step 4: Creating A Video Version

The final step is for us to create a video of your solution

Now it's time for the finishing touches! Once your product or service design is final, we will build this animation out into a video and add music (just like the examples on this page).

Ready to get your solution designed? Let us do the hard work for you!

Here's what's lined up for you:

  • Step 1: Design Brief Meeting - An opportunity for us to learn more about you (£50 Value)
  • Step 2: Design Phase - We will work in collaboration with you to find the winning design (£195 Value)
  • Step 3: Final Animation Build - Building your product animation in PowerPoint (£195 Value)
  • Step 4: Creating A Video Version - The final step is for us to create a video of your solution (£195 Value)
Total Value: £635

Normally: £497

Yours Today For Just £250


And in case you need an extra (loving) push to believe in your product... here's our guarantee:

We 100% guarentee that you will love this solution design service

If after we have worked together on creating your design, you are not completely happy with it. We will continue working with you on additional versions until you are happy with the final design. And the design is provided to you in PowerPoint format meaning you are able to make future tweaks.

Sound fair?


Still Wondering If You Are Going To Be Happy With Our Design Service?

It's great. But don't just take it from us. Here's what some of our previous clients say:

Have a burining question? Here's what's come up for others:

You've made it here... It's time to decide.

Here's the truth: nothing changes if nothing changes.

So, if you're sick and tired of trying and not getting results...

If you're fed up with a dull looking product or service design, or if you are not happy with how prospective clients react to your offers...

Then let me be straight with you! You're falling behind if you don't have a professionally designed branded solution.

You wouldn’t be here if you already had all of the clients you needed. You wouldn’t be here if you already had a visual representation of your product or service that WORKED and helped you to hit your financial goals. 

Which is exactly why this service is important to you.

You have clients out there waiting for you. Let’s make sure that when they find you, they actually want to work with you.

Cool? Cool.