How to deliver a memorable presentation

By March 12, 2017 October 6th, 2020 Speaking

How do you deliver a memorable presentation?

Well, it’s very, very simple – when you position yourself as a speaker and you are out delivering talks on stage, there are 2 types of presentations you need:

Number One is you need a keynote presentation and number 2 you want an enrolling presentation.

This is when speakers speak on stage and they make an offer at the end of the presentation.

So both your presentations are very, very similar – the only difference is that one has a call to action and one doesn’t.

So whenever you are designing a presentation, the first thing you need to think about is what is the message; for example, when I deliver and speak about confidence in my presentations, one of the things I will always talk about as my main message is that you do have a choice, and you can choose to have confidence.

So whatever presentation you are giving, in your whole presentation there has to be one big message and again, the message that you deliver in your presentation is also dependant on how long your presentation is.

A typical presentation as an enrolment speaker is 90 minutes. But if you have a talk to give or a workshop or a boot-camp which is say 3 days, then in those workshops each day will have a different message.

And so when you come to designing your presentation, always start with the end in mind – so what is the message?

If you’re an accountant and your message is you need to do your taxes or if you are a speaker and the message is that you need to deliver a powerful presentation or if you are forex trader and your message is to create a job or a business where you can work from anywhere around the world – No matter what it is, always start with the end in mind.

And the easiest way to do this is to write – what is the end result that I would want for people? So for me the end result is that I want people to master public speaking and find success through developing these skills from an early age.

So there are lots of different things you can do throughout your presentation, but when it comes to designing your presentation initially you always need to start with –what is the overall message and every single thing that you talk about in your presentation has to deliver back to the end message.

And you can use things like metaphors, stories and even personal experiences.

Once again, I will talk about this in a lot more detail in our workshops that we run but I just want to say that the power of the presentation comes from the delivery of the overall message and so when people walk away they understand and they get it.